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I’ve been using this app every day and truly appreciate it. I rate the app 4 because of functionality. My assumption is that many people use this app the same way I do. It seems a modification to all the default be the current day’s reading. In addition, a simple way to search rather than scroll. Small things that won’t prevent me from using the app and will certainly recommend it, they would just enhance the experience. Thanks. Dave
I appreciate being able to listen to the readings. However, I find it annoying to have to scroll through several months to get the reading for today. Why not reverse the order?
Are used to only have one month of episodes at a time, now I have a whole year and it is way too many to store
Can’t find today’s. 12/31 is the first podcast listed


By 18kj
Your podcast have stopped working!!! Please fix!!! Why can’t I get one month at a time? I can’t store all those episodes!!!!!
Thank you so much! I hope this will carry on. I’m really trying to practice my Catholic faith and listening to daily readings would be of great help. Reading the bible is my weakness.
I appreciate all who make the Daily Readings available on this Podcast. I find the varied voices to be very helpful in keeping my attention to the various readings of the day: I can easily be distracted. It would be very helpful if the ‘next month’ to be available sooner, i.e., Sunday, August 31 is not yet available and it is Friday night, August 28; I’m guessing that even though it is a date in August it isn’t available as maybe it’s updated by not only the month by the Sunday: a minimum of one week in advance would be wonderful. Thank you and God bless!
As soon as I updated iTunes, I got readings until August 30th, 2020 I pushed the link to USCCB, then a pop up window showed up that asked me to update or restore iTunes, and after I did it, automatically I got the readings for July and August.
Why did you stop in June??? There are no more podcasts after June 30!
Please produce more.
As the above reviewer states, it appear only readings from a month ago are available...? Today is August 3rd and the latest episode listed is June 30th...
This used to be my go to source to listen to the daily readings, but since July; it won't download properly with iTunes. Please go back to the old simple file naming method to get it working again.
last june, 2020 and nothing...... here we are again! if only the "mitres" would spend lest time kneeling for blm and instead kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament, we might even have readings to pray with..... best that one can expect from the USCCB.........
Oh my goodness. I want to hear today’s readings. Not the ones 2 weeks from now. Goofiest app.
Today is 4/25, why do you only show podcasts for March and February? Have you stopped the daily mass readings?
I am so very thankful for this work that others have given themselves to. These daily readings are so professionally and caringly put together. The variety of voices reminds us that we humans are all one family under under one Creator. Having the Readings in audio form means I can engage in routine daily activities while contemplating the lessons of scripture and turning my mind and heart towards God. And I confess to ‘binge listening’ too when needed. 😉
Love having these queued up in my daily podcast. Would love the daily reflections also in podcast form instead of having to go to YouTube for them.
It sounds like you go around the USCCB office and ask random people to record the day’s reading. What if instead you had someone with a powerful voice and a deep understanding of scripture perform the daily reading? This would make the experience much more engaging for your listeners, and help to rebuild faith in the Church which your bishops have been so busy destroying in recent years.
Please add audio of reflections


By vu2h
I need the Words of the Lord along with foods daily, 'cause my faith in God still weak and so much limitted.I really feel that combination make me happier, safer, easier, and more courrageous to deal with the complexities and difficulties in practical daily life, specially with people. Thanks to usccb.
Thank you so much for putting the daily readings on a podcast. This is so helpful for ill people. Would you please add the daily reflections from the USCCB website as well? God bless you!
This is the best way for me to get the daily readings. I subscribe so they are waiting for me every morning. I get in the car and the reading comes on.
With my lifestyle and work hours I needed a flexible way to get the daily readings. This works perfectly. Highly recommended!
I appreciate this app very much. It has been a part of my daily worship for years. Thanks!


Thank you for your excellent support getting the word out serving our Lord Jesus Christ!
I love to listen to the readings, including the Resoinsorial Psalm! Also appreciate the different voices who proclaim the Word so clearly. However, it would be even better if they made the next month’s readings available sooner. I’m a deacon with a full time job, and I like to start reflecting on my homilies and lessons for the Sunday several weeks in advance by listening in the car and during walks. Sometimes updates aren’t made until a week before the new month begins.
The latest upgrade f Daily Readings RUINED THE APP for daily reading! Today I cannot even find today’s reading. What happened to simply presenting the readings IN ORDER OF TIME, so you could download a month of readings, find them easily day by day, listen to any one of them as often as you like and then delete them one by one when you bare thru with it? I read for the Mass at times, so want to listen more than once, sometimes days ahead,to get pronunciations, meanings, tune for the psLm, etc. I DO NOT WANT THE READINGS TO DISAPPEAR BEFORE I DO THAT MYSELF! I do not want to have to search thru a scrambled list with missing readings before I find a button I can use to get to something I previewed last week but need again TODAY. SORT THIS OUT PLEASE!
I really appreciate being able to listen to the daily readings while I’m doing other things and especially appreciate all the different voices that read.
This is a great project, but unfortunately they allow this SJW "inculsivity" doctrine to interfere with the production quality by deliberately featuring people with harsh accents as well as marked, notable speech impediments to do readings--especially gospel readings. Very unfortunate. Interestingly this does not carry through to the music: They seem here to make the natural aesthetic decision to use competent singers with well developped voices. Why not carry it through with the whole production? We don't all have to be good at the same thing. Use the people with the speech impediments and so on in editing, production, support work etc. When you put them all in the readings and each reading is given what's analogous to a new "Marxist identity" to be represented, it's totally distracting from the import of the readings themselves. You use good voices in professional production: Whether it's radio announcers, audio book readers, etc, precisely SO THAT the voice itself doesn't distract but so that the content can become the focus of the listener. Please, fix this problem. Completely unnecessary, and the product of an obnoxious, destructive political doctrine that's really completely unconnected to Christianity, which has the effect of simply making you look foolish and noncredible.
This is a great show, very well done, my only suggestion is to read a bit more slowly.
Can’t ever delete past episodes, and it drives me crazy. If I miss a day’s reading, it brings me there the next day and I have time listen to it before I can read the current day’s readings. That, too, drives me crazy. Used to be able to delete past readings. If these changes were perceived to be enhancements, they certainly haven’t been at all. Very upsetting, to lack the abilities we used to have. Please reconsider!
Simple, brief, easy to listen to, and includes real people with a variety of vocal qualities. So much better than voice actors. The Church is for everyone :)
A great way to keep up with the day’s readings! Thank you USCCB!
Beautiful reading of the scriptures and very convenient for my busy days when it's easy to listen while doing the dishes and be spiritually nourished.
¡Dios les bendiga! Por tan encomiable labor. Sólo Dios puede recompensarlos
They are great pieces to either be surprised by in your queue or to start the day with.
Great service and well produced. But the readings are provided a month in advance. It would be nice if it was provided daily, thus I would automatically receive the correct reading in my iPod.
Very convenient in keeping up with daily readings. But where are the late June/early July 2015 readings for download??
Fantastic. Thank you ITunes. A great help to in pronouncing difficult biblical names.
This is so great for me as I can listen to the daily readings and further my religion while on a busy schedule. Whereas I always made excuses up as to why I couldn't stay up to read my bible at night. This is great!!
Begin your day walking/jogging while listening to the day's reading. This strengthens your body AND soul. Let's make this 2013 great!
Whether I listen in the morning or before I shut my eyes at night (or both) this podcast is the perfect bookend of my day. Purpose and peace in less than five minutes. Thank you.
Thank you for providing such a great routine for my 5:30 am daily walk for almost 2 years. It used to arrange itself in sequential order regardless of how it was downloaded...the last couple of months have been random. Can this be fixed?
I enjoy listening to the daily readings. However, recently when I download them they do not appear in sequential order. It would be great if this could be corrected.
This is very helpful
Goooooooood, God bless your,.
It's wonderful having this tool. I am a lector and at first thought it would be just a written form, but having it read is great. Thank you
This, plus a daily meditation from "The Word Among Us". It doesn't get much better.