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Your classes are amazing. The world needs your teaching and your voice!
I love following Hillary Rubin's yoga podcast-her classes are very inspiring and enjoyable. I really appreciate that she includes a theme with most sessions, as this helps me to go deeper into my practice and helped me to be more compassionate and mindful. My physical practice has improved greatly under her instruction and I always look forward to following her classes. I would definitely recommend this podcast to all yogis who would like to practice meaningful yoga at home. Thank you Hillary.
Hillary you are absolutely wonderful! I stumbled onto your podcast and Elsie's as well and I can finally say after 11 years of practicing I have the most fun I've ever had and feel the best from your gals classes. You sense of body mechanics and tender approach to life and yogic philosophy…I learn so much. I love the more advanced classes and the hour long ones are just perfect with a busy schedule. I just wanted to tell you how much these classes mean to me! Thank you very very much!!
very nice classes to practice at home. thoughtful teacher. unique perspective. I always enjoy the hour or so I spend practicing with these classes.
Just awful. Way too much talking and pseudo inspirational nonsense. Teaching yoga does not make you the dalai lama. A waste of 48 minutes. And how dare you compare yourself to Martin Luther king jr. Instead of feeling better afterwards, I felt angry and cheated.
I am so very grateful for this podcast! I can only go to my yoga studio one day a week, so when I found this podcast to supplement my practice, I was elated. Hillary is very descriptive so I can follow without video. I love #68 & #33. For a challenge with handstand, I go with #31 & #47. #1 is a great starter. Also #21 is a great 30 minute practice. Great variety, you just need to try them all!!!
I was beyond disappointed with this podcast. The practice didn't flow well and I felt it was disjointed. I would not try another podcast of hers after trying one.
I love hillary's variety and thoughtfulness when planning these podcasts. they are so wonderful to do at home when I can't get to the studio! Namaste.
Hillary brings extraordinary presence and substance to this practice. I appreciated the clear and quiet place she brought me to. However, this was not a flowing practice and I really felt that it was more a series of distinct poses that weren't physically related or challenging.
Hillary, thank you so much for your dedication to these podcasts. They help me continually discover how deep the teachings of yoga take us. Having an injury is such a challenge, but your reminders of alignment and your poetic words offer support and grace where we need it most. Thank you for speaking from the heart. We listen intently and with great openness to your words!
This could be personal preference, but I found this podcast very frustrating. I feel like Hillary is probably a wonderful yogi, however the 1st 10 mins of the podcast is all chatter, and she tend to talk through the entire practice, but not through the moves. Her comments are very inspirational and spiritual but not helpful in moving smoothly through an effective and accurate practice. The moves felt very disjointed from one another, and there was no "flow" for me in this practice. I also missed having music in the background to move to. I prefer a podcast that focuses on the practice itself and getting you the best yoga class possible, describing the moves in detail so that everyone can perform them to the best of their ability. I appreciate the talk about experiencing life and spirituality, but I think that sort of thing is better placed at the end of class or in a podcast dedicated to TALKING about yoga, not about actually DOING yoga.
Hillary gives step by step instructions that I find very useful when trying to correctly express my asana's to the best of my ability. I also take yoga classes locally and find that I often think about Hillary's instructions (keep the pinky side of your foot planted, etc.) during my class. I try to practice everyday and enjoy the variety of the classes and poses. Thank you for your wonderful gift Hillary!
What a gift!. Thank you Hillary.


By jodieYO
Hillary, Thank you for your love and light. I would like you to know that I quit smoking on 2-5-10. It really has been a beautiful journey ever since. Your pod cast have really been there for me, I don't always leave a message but I want you to know that YOU HAVE PLAYED A BIG PART in this process, change, and new life that I am walking. I come home from work, and almost ever day do yoga in my home with help of your voice, pod cast and love. Bless you for providing this outlet for people all over the world. Thank you- Thank you. Wonderful blessings your way!!! Be THe Change. Jodie dancer/cheerleader
I really, really love Hillary. I am a teacher in a remote area and do not get to see my teachers very often. Hillary inspires me. She is real. Her classes have a beginning, middle and end that support a concept. She is a "teacher" and deserves all the kudos that go with that title. You can beat yourself down with your practice or you can restore yourself.....I am going with Hillary on this, restore. Love you sister. Emily Smith, Longview, TX
I've tried others, but none seem to compare to Hillary's Yoga podcasts. She is a joy to listen to and her lessons are well taught, creative and great for yogis of all levels. I am throughly enjoying continuing my yoga practices (at home and on the road) with Hillary as my teacher. Thank you!
I love this podcast, Hillary! I've just discovered this, have done my 3rd one, and am officially a huge fan. Your peaceful, motivating voice says just enough guidance without too much gibber gabber of talk just for filler. I've just done #59, and I think this will be the yoga class to get me to finally be able to do a handstand! Thank you!!
Hillary clearly displays her knowledge of yoga and the body in her classes. Lots of good poses and flow in these podcasts!! I personally love the 30 min level 2+ classes because the time allotment is perfect for a morning yoga session. Get them coming Hillary! Thank you!
These podcasts are fabulous...not only do they include detailed instructions with subtle adjustments, Hillary also incorporates yogic values that make a person think. A total package.
I was looking forward to Hillary's podcast as I practice yoga at least three times per week. However it is really annoying when the teacher goes on and on and on right at the start. It would be better to separate all of the talking from the practice and limit any talking in the beginning.
just tried one of hillary's classes b/c i realized i can plug my ipod into my TV to listen... wow! i think i got more out of this class than any of the videos i have. i really appreciated being able to get so much out of a free podcast!! thank you!!! i downloaded many more classes today and can't wait to try them. :)
Hillary's heartfelt podcasts are truly gifts you give to yourself. Her podcasts have given me a deeper connection to my mind, body, and soul by the way she weaves yoga philosophies into my practice. Everytime I tune in, I feel like I am getting a private one-on-one yoga lesson from her. She is an example of the kind of teacher I hope to be someday!
I was having the hardest time trying to start a practice at home. I have used yoga podcasts in addition to regular class but was never motivated enough to use them exclusively. After taking a break from yoga for a year, I love waking up early each morning to Hillary's class. She has you look deep within yourself as you work through each pose. She is great and I am glad to see that she added a new podcast. Great job Hillary!
Hillary has a way of making you feel so connected. Her podcasts are challenging and thought provoking. It is the perfect part of my day!
I love doing Hillary's yoga classes at home. I always used to find it hard to motivate myself to practice on my own, but having Hillary's company makes it a lot easier. Thanks, Hillary!
Hillary's classes are fun, challenging, and very educational. Her alignment cues are spot-on and never fail to improve my practice. Her warmth, humor, and light shine through every class. I highly recommend these podcasts for everyone interested in yoga, spirituality, and life!
Hillary Rubin offers an excellent yoga practice for the new or the experienced yoga student. A yoga student for four years myself, Hillary offers a interesting perspective, pace, and style that adds new life to my 'at home' practice. I'd highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is exploring yoga!
Hillary's Yoga Practice is amazing. I come home for lunch break and do her class. She really guides the student while reflecting on everyday matters as they pertain to yoga. She is a teacher as well as a healer. ^^ Thanks, Hillary.
This yoga podcast is one of the best I have found out there. Hillary Rubin is a great teacher who not only is wonderful about explaining the poses she is also wise and introspective about life and it's lessons. We recieve a little bit of the philosophy of life with our yoga practice! I have been using this podcast to add to my yoga practice for about 2 years now. I am also a pretty flexible person and I know that if i move quickly without care I can injure myself. I like that she is mindful of the placement of our bodies in the poses. Because of this, I feel safe with her practice. This isn't one of those classes where you're just throwing your body into the pose. It is also a gift to be able to teach a class through a podcast. Because we can't see her demonstrate the poses, she has to be extra careful of how she explains it to us. This is one of the better podcasts in that sense because it's not too often I get lost and not understand her directions. Over all, I highly recommend everyone try at least one class and you'll see you will like it! Thanks Hillary!
Hillary's class is the one I use when I practice solo...on the beach, home etc. She is absolutely wonderful, I feel like I've been in a class with a very present teacher. her classes are inspiring, spiritual, challenging and each one is unique. Fill up your Ipod!
Hillary provides a great yoga class and reminds me of how yoga is always present in my life off the mat.
Learning to practice & stay on the mat takes a great teacher, Hillary offers that in spades. My practice is very personal and her classes/podcasts are able to support my yoga on and off the road. Her teachings are for the student who wants more than just a stretch always leaving you something to think about throughout the day. Looking forward to her upcoming DVD.
I just tried Hillary's podcast for the first time and I love it. She was very calming & easy to follow. In addition, I thought the information on her website definitely enhanced the practice. Great job Hillary! Thanks!
hillary really knows her stuff. She's helped me rehabilitate chronic pain that i had been suffering for over 6 months - and created a newfound awareness in me for my day-to-day activities which contributed to my problems. I cant recommend her programs enough!
Hilary is a wonderfully visceral teacher. Her detailed descriptions make yoga fun and challenging. You don't have to be an advanced practioner to do yoga from home. You can be a beginner and do Hilary's classes! She makes it easy. Give it a try! We are so blessed to have this podcast 'togo'.
I've been taking Hillary's podcast classes for just over a year now. She has been an ispiration to my personal practice, and has helped me find my voice as a new yoga teacher. Hillary teaches with wisdom and grace, relating to the listener on a personal level, sharing her own thoughts and daily experiencess...Not only has my yoga practice improved, but spiritually I feel up-lifted and motivated... She is truly a gift! Thanks Hillary~ Lisa
Hillary Rubin's yoga class podcasts are incredibly valuable for anyone who can not make it to a live yoga class. The closest certified Anusara yoga teacher to me is a three-hour drive away. Hillary's podcasts have inspired me to practice more frequently and more consistently than I would on my own. Hence, my understanding of Anusara yoga expands and my practice advances. I am eternally grateful to Hillary and her brilliant use of modern technology. Thanks Hillary!
I've been doing yoga for about 2 years and I find Hillary's yoga practice a great supplement for when I'm at home. She's very good about describing body position and also posts pictures of the poses (in order!) on her website. She also ties in a theme with each practice that helps deepen the practice from an exercise workout to something that's a little bit deeper.
I just finished my first Hillary class and I am hooked already. She has a wonderful voice, clear message and professional teaching techniques. I have been doing yoga for about ten years and I was thoroughly impressed with her class. I look forward to more!!!
I found Hillary's podcasts by pure accident and, am convinced, Divine intervention. I have fallen in love with Anusara yoga, and particularly Hillary's themes that beckon me back to my mat every day. From practicing peace during the 64 days spanning the period between Ghandi's and MLK's assassination anniversaries, to stepping into the flow of my own personal practice, Hillary teaches Tantric lessons from an everyday perspective. Her voice is the breath between the breath and the pose between the poses. Hillary's sweetness in this virtual connection really allows me to fully curl my heart open, ground my feet, and draw intuitively upon and into the Universal connection. Thank you Hillary!
Discovering this podcast has touched me very deeply. Hillary's teaching style is honest and heartfelt and after only one podcast class I am addicted. Today I followed the podcast on flow, and was so deeply moved by the idea behind it. The idea of re-connecting with the flow. The concept of being grateful for the opportunity to struggle, and feel pain. The concept of re-aligning yourself with the river of life, letting it wash over you, putting faith - and work - into finding your path in the world, letting it take you on your journey. Rather than fighting against it we must follow it, extend ourselves, let it flow through us. Have the intention just to exist. Forgive ourselves, those we love, those we lose, forgive the flow of the world and bloom in it Thank you Hillary for sharing your inner beauty and spirit with the global community this way, and for helping me on my own journey. I look forward to many, many more. Peace be with you!
These classes are wonderful!! I live in a rural area, so I have to do most of my yoga practice at home. I discovered Hillarys podcast at the beginning of the year, andI have learned a lot in the past couple of months. many great changes are happening in my body. So easy to follow and so inspiring! This is so much neater than just having a few yoga videos to follow because these classes never get static or stale....instead i feel as if i'm evolving with a community!
Hillary is so knowledgeable about Anusara. Enjoying her teaching whenever traveling and whenever I cannot get to a class.
Thanks so much Hillary for your extremely generous gift of yoga that's accessible to all. I moved to NY from LA a year ago and never found a studio that I connected with. Luckily I'm a subscriber to Hillary's Yoga Practice Podcasts and have stayed engaged in my practice and have found an online Kula. Namaste.
I have been listening to Hillary's podcasts for about a year now and love the insights and enthusiasm I get from them! I even find myself grabbing my headphones at the office and plugging in when I need a reminder of how to live my yoga "off the mat"! Hillary's clear language and the philosophical weaving of Anusara's principles throughout the classes constantly remind me why I love this practice! You've been with me to the Keys, in my car, on day trips and long trips. Thank you, Hillary! With gratitude and a warm heart. Lauren
It is amazing having these podcasts to do when You are ready, in your own space! I love how Hillary brings some of the philosophy of yoga into the practices, and find Anusara to be beautiful- with its emphasis on the Heart and the Spiraling of the body- and life.... I am in way better shape inside and out since finding and using these gifts of Hillary's Yoga Practice Podcast. Thank You Hillary!!!
Oh, wow! I have tried two of Hillary's yoga podcast and they are so wonderful. Thank you so much Hillary for bring this level of awareness into my life. I have been practicing at home and in groups for years, referencing books and videos, but your practice has opened a whole new world for me! You bring so much energy into my life and I really appreciate your time and committment. Try these podcasts and check out Hillary's website, they are absolutely fantastic and the best out there!
Thank you for all your doing,and I sincerely appreacite not only the themes, but your emphasis on alignment! Thanks for transforming my yoga journey and helpin me deepen my practice!
This podcast is a truly wonderful thing to have access to! Every time I can't make it to yoga class, or if I am traveling, I can use Hillary's yoga practice and have a wealth of wonderful classes to choose from. There's a class to suit every mood, and Hillary's teaching is incredibly informative, varied and inspiring. I would recommend this podcast (and I have done) to anyone looking for classes at any level. Tremendous.