Reviews For THE OPINION ZONE : A Sonic The Hedgehog Podcast

I love it! I listened to it while I played sonic
Super ๐Ÿ’จ
Even though I canโ€™t watch the show on video, itโ€™s still amazing! I want more PLLZZZZ!

By Shp25
Can you put more theme songs on? Without the ads? The one you did was amazing! I want more!
This podcast never gets going itโ€™s like sonic swimming through quicksand... the hosts sound so loaded on god knows what.. waste of time donโ€™t listen.
I am a new listener but I am already in love with this podcast. Good humor, informative news and fun extras makes this one of my favorite's. Highly recommend and always remember Gotta Go Fast and Join the Resistance Holiday 2017! (Along with Sonic Mania! Don't think that I forgot about that!
I listened to an entire episode just because I was so intrigued by the large amount of cringe in this podcast. I will never do it again. I will have nightmares about this podcast.
A pretty nice podcast, but I'm not so into the random song intervals. Besides that I'm way into this podcast.
Very cool I am a fan of sonic and video games
It's so awsome
do sonic cd sonic cd sonic cd please
Superrrrrr awesome
Looooool hehe
There is ALOT of episodes with curse words that should take it out because I'm only 11 and I downloaded 22episodes and I'm asking apple to delete those from my purchased list because my dad is mad at me 4 this I o and I think this podcast is๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ
I wonder what happened that I see some episodes missing. I just feel so worried what happened to the videos and songs. Does anyone know what happened? I heard rumors that someone hacked into the website or something like that, but I am not so sure if I should believe that rumor.
Nice make me of a season I like it I have videos in the video app make my show
Where did all the speedy hedgehog shows go hope u guys make more soon
I've definitely enjoyed the Sonic 2 play through and the Christmas episodes, but I'd like to see some more Top 5's and play throughs, way past cool podcast!
I love this show! If more episodes worked, i would give it 5 stars.
Love it! AMAZING!! Can't wait for more episodes! :)
Love the Shadow the Hedgehog 2 trailer! Sonic and Amy are just sitting there and a nuke hits ๎’๎•๎•๎•๎•
Love dis!
I fugin luv the Sonic show!!!! Ya know, I think u guys should make a tv show :D peace out yo hedgehogs! Xp
I think these people who make these things are awsome
everytime i preview this, it says " cannot connect to thesonicshow". do not waste your time watching this. if you are folding up soon, then fold up
More Gameplay Not Stupid S***y Videos I Mean Like Most Of Them Wont Even Play And Why Is That?! X( I Say More Gamplay Like Maybe From: Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Color, Sonic Generations, Or Maybe Older Games I Mean Seriously If Its Call The Sonic Show Then Show Me Some Mother******* High Speed Gameplay Instead Of All Of These S***y Videos
Post this song! Plez!
geez really YOU ARE MESSING WITH THE WRONG HEDGEHOG (did I forget that you shouldn't mess around with shadow and silver). oh and one more thing some things you post creep me out especially in my dreams so stop that too (I get scared of fake things for sonic,Kirby,legend of Zelda,Mario etc.). so that wraps it up. P.S. the etc. refers to everything made by nintendo. P.S.S. I hope you listen to me I hate people who ignore me.
This is awesome especially downloading music off of this....... Only if they had the classic radical highway music
It wouldn't play so I tried downloading it and since then, I can't get to my music or videos without it crashing in less than 2 seconds. Thank you for ruining my iPod. :,( >:(


By Knux08
This Podcast Is Way Past Cool !
Love it I really like the top 5'ves you should make more


I would rate it more but most the videos can't be viewed. I was able to watch some like the red hedgehog relationship one, the hour long live action movie and the top 5 sonic a holes but the rest does not work
NYAN Sonic (#68) and return to little planet (especially the part when Shadow and Knuckles train) are my absolute favorites!!!๎ท P.S. To any Tails doll haters:๎ก๎‘!!!


This podcast us great to keep unto date sonic games


By AveryD
I luv this Show!!!!I have been watching it for 6 months.........................and I'm not gonna stop 'till my ipod explodes!!!!
need I explain it's right above me
Like the title saids do more top 5 those are the best if u do more alot more ppl will watch it and I'll start giving more stars than 3
There videos are funny it's cool because every episode they do something different
Great! I'd like more slingerland's corner and hellfire commentaries, but still great jay.
Ahha I love them all they are so funny ;P the first one was a classic tho ;)
Awesome, but I would like more Evildoc cartoons. Love ya, Alex!
i loved the sonic and the black knight game commentary but when i heard him say he got the sountracks for the game i went looking for them but all i could find where the bad versions and incomplete songs. doubt i would get an answer but could you tell me where you got yours?
Love how u came back wit da sonic colors trailer!!!!!!!!
I love these shows. xD In SATAM, I totally recognized Psyguy's voice as Sonic. It made me smile. C: He is cool. Do lots more stuff with him, please. Cx
Best show ever I am a big fan of tails!!!! Any of you are I love that sonic show ya