Reviews For Galactica Quorum - a Battlestar Galactica fan podcast

Brian, Michele, Dimitry and Jason are all Galactica fans (yes even Brian even if he doesn't act like it all the time). Their weekly podcast is always fun, informative and insightful. Listening to them makes it clear that they love the show and if the nit pick it, it's only out of love! I hope they continue the podcast because I will greatly miss the weekly visit if they decide to stop. Well worth any BSG fan's time!
I enjoy each episode and the dedication even during the off season. Will there be a Caprica show??? Keep it up..good podcasting.
Hi, here is Julia from Brazil, and I just wanted to say that I really like your podcast guys! Although you promised some Firefly re-watch on the hiatus, I started watching Firefly just because of it, and till now...
Love the Podcast! The members who host it are funny and just plain awesome!
This is an excellent BSG podcast. Thoughtful analysis, packed with lots of information and insights. And they're entertaining.
Brian seems a little whiny sometimes. It would be nice if Michele was naked also. But then again I guess I couldn't see her so my point is moot. Seriously a great listen.
A highly entertaining podcast done by a freindly thought provoking cast. Everybody is having a good time and this translates well to its listening audience.
If you are a critically thinking BSG fan - then this is the podcast you have been waiting for. It is excellently moderated, focused and on topic, has the perfect mix of community generated content and round table discussions, and most of all: its fun. I have listened to them all, and this one, time and time again comes out on top.
Wow. I listened to three different episodes, and I'm not impressed. The hosts are rather whiney and don't seem to actually enjoy the show. They complain about being sick of the discussion about the Final Five. They complain about Starbuck's character. They complain about the relationship between Starbuck and Apollo. Season 4 might be kind of disappointing for them, as I'm pretty sure the final five and Starbuck are going to be kind of the main themes.
The Quorum struck me as being on the lower end of IQ scale -- basically immature, superficial, and generally negative toward BSG (after complaining about various aspects of season 4's opener they gave it a B rating). The female voices on the show demonstrated some insight, but were usually drowned out by the two hypermasculine men. Still, any podcast about BSG deserves an extra star.
They spend most of the show, complaining about the show, then in the end, they give it a high grade. So basically it's like every other fan podcast out there. enjoy
I found this podcast from BSG Watercooler. Good info and worth checking out. This is a Great podcast and they did a Video podcast which was awesome and Got an Interview with the Chief!
A podcast with no pretense or subtext. These are people you would want to invite over to your home to talk about Science Fiction with. They are funny, insightful, honest and clearly a good group of friends. This is a great podcast for anyone who enjoys science fiction. Don't let the title fool you, they discuss all areas of science fiction with an interesting perspective and insightful analysis. This is a must have podcast!


By JD8302
This show is my favorite BSG podcast. The thing I like most about them is that they will tell you if they thought an episode was crappy(and all shows have crappy filler episodes) and not just praise every single one like fanboys. They sound like true fans of sci-fi and know what they are talking about. They are very informative and also have a great message board that isnt overcrowded or anything(i post there as startswithaj). I would definately recommend listening to this outstanding podcast.
Being a huge fan of Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica, I was really happy to come across this podcast. One of my friends pointed me to it and I was at first skeptical. But, then I listened to it and now I download it on my iPod regularly. I love the chemistry among the guys (and gal)! And their commentaries are interesting, even if I don't agree with all of them. What counts is that they're well-spoken, have a deep knowledge of all things sci-fi, and have a well-produced podcast. BTW, wait to the end of the 'cast after some silence for a brief (accidental?) snippet.
These guys know how to have fun! And as far as I can tell that’s exactly what they’re having. Fun! I anticipate my Galactica Quorum fix every week and am really glad they continued over the hiatus. I especially enjoy the surprise at the end of every podcast. ;^) If you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to the end.

: )

The best and only fan based podcast worth listening to aside from TvGuide Talk.
I love this podcast. I am a fan of the Watercooler and was excited to find another BSG podcast to listen to. Galactica Quorum is great. They make me laugh and have good opinions about the show. I would recommend listening to this one.
all in all, this podcast didnt have anything realy nice to say about the series...
I am a fan of the Galactica Watercooler podcast and have just discovered this podcast. Yeah! Another great source for getting your Galactica fix! Good job.