Creative Photoshop with John Reuter

Reviews For Creative Photoshop with John Reuter

Hey, This podcast just rocks. Period. It is much more artsy than other photoshop podcasts out there. I really looked forward to these. I am sad every few days I come back to see if he uploaded a new issue or not. Hope he is just busy with real work than quitting this podcast. If you are working, work, but let us know so we know your alive and well. Props, Robert
John's Photoshop podcasts show how to do compositing with layers using very advanced techniques. This is a gold mine for fine arts photographers. If you like this, another good reference is the Katrin Eismann books. The only suggestion I would make to John or to any artist is to make sure that the learner understands the goal of each podcast at the start and to slow the delivery a bit for the learner to see what keystrokes are being used and also to help absorb the content. There is nothing wrong with making the podcast a bit longer if it helps learners absorb the content better.
I've gone through 8 different PhotoShop tutorial podcasts with varying levels of appreciation, disappointment and annoyance but this one is different and is my clear favourite. John Reuter has a clear, concise approach and instead of concentrating on gimmicks he gives you the real goods–-how to master PhotoShop! No wasting your time with endless opening music and credits, either, though the production is very fine! He gets right to work and I don't get my time wasted. Thanks, John. Keep up the good work!
Anyone can show "tricks", but that's not the juice. You need to know what Photoshop is capable of and how it works. An expert photoshop user doesn't memorize anything, they lean and know. This podcast serves this purpose.
I am a podcast junkie for anything photography and post-processing. This podcast will takes you a few steps beyond. If you are looking for something that is more advanced and creative, then this is for you. Also it is more than a demo, you will work on entire creative project that will easily inspire you to go out and create.
These episodes are better than the expensive DVD tutorial I recently purchased. Revealing techniques that I find extremely useful. I look forward to each episode.
John presents his techniques with a classroom, but personal style. Every bit of the relatively long content is on point with no fluff and self promotion or boasting. John's capabilities and confidence make watching a perfectly informative and productive experience. Thank you, John, for your quality contribution to to podcasting universe!
innovative, intuitive, transformative. an absolute gem. very original and seamlessly executed. i'm kicking myself that i didn't discover this podcast sooner. great voice! can't wait for new episodes.
Beautiful visual work and very helpful instruction