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Just a really dumb show
They were informative and very entertaining! i have not listen since they have been gone. i tried the new guys a couple times but just not the same... not it is CBS Fantasy show EVERYTIME!!
Already followed on Twitter. Great stuff.
I enjoy listening every week and think adding yahoo writers has been beneficial. However, I wish they would upgrade their audio quality.
I highly recommend this podcast because of the information, content, stats and discussion of fantasy baseball. Great hosts and always have great guest on to discuss today's fantasy baseball topics and players. Download and listen.


By BD2003
Was the gold standard for years with Cory and Mike, but has now been eclipsed by the other mainstream pods and analytics niche players. Still decent advice, I suppose, but nothing special and no longer any on-air chemistry. Rather spend time with others.
To the point and helpful. Thank you.
I've been listening to this podcast for years and have always enjoyed it. My only complaint is the audio. With technology today, and the backing of MLB, I would hope you guys can bring this podcast into this centrury.
Of course, anyone who experienced the initial incarnation miss it. Cory Schwartz essentially taught a generation how to play fantasy baseball. But Fred and Co. have done a nice job of carrying the tradition ahead.
Love the information this podcast provides but it is very hard to listen to because even with the volume turned all the way up it is very hard to hear.
It is a good show with entertaining and well informed hosts. Unfortunately, it sounds like you are listening to it through a 1990s drive-thru speaker.
New York baseball fan? Mets? Yankees? Take a listen to the J&J New York Baseball show for weekly updates on NY baseball.
Joyless, mechanical, flat, sounds like AM radio from the 80s. The content is okay but delivered with zero style or personality. Only weekly, so the content can get stale. I really enjoyed Siano and Schwartz before they transitioned out. The two current hosts have no broadcasting panache whatsoever. Sorry, barely worth a listen these days.
This used to be an awesome fantasy baseball podcast…. Over the past couple of years, it became very unreliable for episode updates, once a week if we were lucky, mostly once every 10 to 14 days….. Perhaps Cory and Mike just got too busy….. The 2016 edition so far has been a disaster, to me, unlistenable. While I appreciate Fred Zinkie’s expertise and insight, he gets totally smothered by the ever-present and annoying Matthew Leach. This is a deal-breaker. Leach’s role should be strictly to serve as an unobtrusive moderator, allowing Fred to shine, rather than attempting to prove that he should be the expert. But Leach would probably fail in that role as well because he is a terrible interviewer, unable to properly ask a question, I.e. unable to ask Fred a question without injecting what he feels should be the answer….. I began fast forwarding the question in hopes of just getting a Fred Zinkie solo podcast, but this became too much trouble. Now I generally slide over the episode to delete it….. Sorry MLB but you can do much better than this….. You’ve become the Pablo Sandoval of fantasy baseball podcasts…..
Two great baseball minds, no bs. I listen to many fantasy baseball podcasts and this is one of my favorites.
Podcast was one of the best with Siano and Schwartz, they dropped off the map and so did the show.
I am a casual fan with no real interest in the fantasy aspect. I did, however, download every week and have for years because I enjoyed listening Mike and Cory because they seem like really fun people and because there is a lot of baseball information presented. However, these new guys are completely unlistenable in my opinion. Their presentation is not unlike someone reading to you from a book of statistics. If Mike & co. comes back, I will continue to download. Otherwise I will just download Karabell and Cockroft.
Back to back episodes of actual analysis instead of 2 guys talking about their own teams and trades they made years ago.
I’ve been a fan for many years going back several “versions” of the show. Although I know Cory and Mike seem to be too busy to make the 411 the priority it once was in their heyday, I’ll take whatever I can get. Solid info, entertaining, good flow: it’s everything you want from a fantasy podcast.
I have been a listener for years and now that my favorite fantasy baseball podcast is on the fritz, shall we say, I find myself missing it terribly. Please have a regular podcast for 2015!!!
Apparently MLB does not pay enough money... Nobody wants to do the show. At one time it was a daily show, now I doubt there is ever a podcast. Not sure if any fantasy baseballers will ever come back now that the show is so spotty.
i love this podcast, i wish is was daily. i find Schwartz and Siano to be both informative and entertaining but im wondering what is going on. there was one preseason show on 3/24 and none since then. i hope that everthing is well with the 2 hosts and that we can listen to some 411 podcasts in the near future
Great podcast, but they did one show on 3/24 and disappeared… Let’s go fellas. It is 4/5...
Used to be the standard with Schwartz and Siano. Now: zero podcasts this spring. One lame one over a week ago…there are many others to listen to.
No one does it better than mike and Corey but they can't help if there are no shows. Come on guys
This used to be one of the best daily fantasy baseball shows that put ESPN's fantasy focus to shame, but it seems these guys have moved on to other things and it's now become a show they do when time permits. I miss the good old days.
Does anyone know what is going on with this podcast? Has slowly deteriorated over the past year, used to be one of the best. Now the last time they did a show was like a month ago and nothing since. Is it gone or will they be back for the season(which starts Sunday)
This used to be the best fantasy baseball podcast when it was aired on the MLB Network Mon-Fri. This season the show went to crap. Siano and Schwartz were very rarely ever on the same podcast together. Then they quit doing the video portion and made it strictly an audio podcast. Come on MLB Network bring back the old gang of Mike Siano, Cory Schwartz and JB as host. You had a great thing going there. Why change it?
They need to do it earlier in the day and be more consistent with having a show every Monday though Friday. Other than that it is a good show.
Very solid podcast and I download it daily. Whether you are an intense or casual roto/fantasy player you will enjoy the insights presented in this podcast. I'm a serious Roto player and this podcast, along with 411 blog, and Mike and Cory's tweets are valuable in drafting and managing my roster.
This podcast is always fun and full of useful information -- and has the feel of two guys ripping good-naturedly into each other throughout. I withhold the fifth star from my rating because it's become obvious the podcast is not the first priority in the lives of the hosts. (Good for them, i guess!) The podcasts have become shorter and it's tougher and tougher to find days when both guys are in the bar at the same time.
I listen to a number of fantasy baseball podcasts and I take their advice ahead of all others. Entertaining and informative, always, but best when they are both in studio.


The info hasn't been great and the podcasts have been short. Also it's 4:22est and todays isn't out yet. Ive stopped listening to the other podcasts as all they seem to do is good off. At least Mike and Cory stick to the game and don't treat it like open mic nite.
Truly a great podcast! There's no fillers like Idiots in gorilla suits. Or idiots fighting over who can run faster. Best podcast out there. Why isn't listed higher on the podcast list! Make it easier to find!
Been listening to mike and Cory for years as they're the best in the biz. Great chemistry and they know what they're talking about. If you want info quick and concise, sprinkled with humor this is the show.
Great advice in a reasonable amount of time
Mike and Cory are great, but the main host Jeremy Brisiel is brutal. Long winded and just not funny. He is annoying, can tell he doesn't know what he's talking about, and really kills all the good discussion from Mike and Cory. Not sure if its just him, or what he says is scripted by someone else, but either way is painful to listen to. Not a fan of JB as host or even on the all. I agree with the previous review that they go too fast sometimes. I would add that the discussion needs to be more conversational, not robotic/scripted like it often sounds like (esp. with JB). Topic selection isn't bad, but could be better. I'm sticking with ESPN's Fantasy Focus- best fantasy sports podcast, in my opinion. More conversational, funny, entertaining, and all-around better to listen to. I've tried CBS and now MLB 411 to see if anything better was out there- mainly because of negative reviews I saw on here about it- but am definitely staying with Fantasy Focus now. I guess I know its my favorite and the best (at least, for me) when I can't wait to download and listen to it every day. If they got someone else to compliment Mike and Cory, I would probably change my mind.
Information is good, but it's coming at the listener at 100MPH! Take minute to breath, and allow the listener to digest what you've said. Or as yall put it #relax
The best baseball podcast available!
All of the best fantasy info to lead you to a championship. The guys are always entertaining and they don't quit their podcast or lose interest just because fantasy football is starting up in a month (like another top podcast to remain nameless). Keep it up, fellas!
I have been listening to the 411 since back in the days when each episode was an hour to an hour and a half. All I can say is I miss those days when we got to listen to the arguments of Brian Bannister being compared to Johan Santana. The show is still great, and Friday's are a must listen on Sirus XM. I understand that they are becoming more commercial and trying to reach a broader audience. Personally I still think it was a better set-up for that when they had Casey Stern on last year but I still can't complain. They sound a lot like Baseball HQ but shorter, however the personality's of Siano and Schwartz make this hands down the best show. Ever since I started playing Fantasy Baseball I basically have taken everything Corey says as gospel and only deviate since I play head to head; but hey 3 titles in 4 years in my leagues says these guys got something right. Even if you don't play fantasy I still say you MUST listen to this because you will learn more in this 15 minute podcast than you would listening to anything on "other" networks. LIke I said best baseball podcast but I only gave it 4 stars because I miss the show I started with where Mike and Corey used to just ramble on about last nights Shield episodes and we all had to hear spoiler alert while they covered the latest news on television.
It's great because they get right to the content, unlike Matthew Berry who rambles about non baseball stuff for 80% of his show. That's unbearable . 411 guys...Don't change a thing - get in, give the info and analysis and get out.
When the show first started, this podcast used to be more interactive with fantasy baseball players by phone call and emails. The podcast has changed so much, there are occasional but little to no phone calls and instead of offering advice on teams, they stick to indivual storylines.
The sirius radio show is a must listen. Cory and Mike are at their best in this format. Much better than the produced video shows that they have gone to over the last year.
Great chemistry with the hosts! A must Listen!