ETCH RADIO [Techno, Tech House, House Music]

Reviews For ETCH RADIO [Techno, Tech House, House Music]

It makes me want to Gajersh and then Vanersh!
Once I listened to one I had to get them all. Can't wait for the next. Very motivating yet soothing.
Really enjoyed the tone of this stuff. I'd been looking for a little variation for my ears and this really hit the spot. Energetic but not abrasive. Key. Very thoughtfully put together.
BY FAR, the best thing since the bat wing....I'd rather listen to DJ Etch than eat
with the insane beats to the sweet sothing cords there is no doubt that this is some of the greatest mixes ive ever listen to. keep up the awsome beats u dogg u
Great Mix! Fun, Energetic. I could listen to this all day. Can't wait for the next installment! :)
love the mix
What a fresh mix. I got 48 minutes into it before I pushed "find all" and lost my place. No matter...that was a sweet 48 minute ride. Good job!
Fairly new to the genre, but Etch has definitely made an impression and will keep me coming back for more. Great flow! Can wait for Ep. 2!
A "must have" download for all Progressive House fans. Etch has some mad skillz. Can't wait for his next podcast.