The Vineyard Church: Weekend Messages

Reviews For The Vineyard Church: Weekend Messages

I absolutely love the vineyard church. March of 2014, I moved to Louisiana and I have been missing the vineyard. Now that I have my iPhone I can enjoy at least the sermons. I still miss the worship though. But I am so blessed to have this! It is wonderful
They stick to the word and away from opinion. This is important today.
I love being able to listen to the messages when I am unable to attend, which for me happens every other weekend. I have one complaint and that is that the podcasts are not very timely. I lead a small group and would like to be able to listen to the week's message to prepare for it. Please consider making the podcast of the message as soon as possible, hopefully the same day. Thank you. Also, I realize that the sound is mixed for the house, but it would be nice to have it mixed for the recording as well, but this is not necessarily a deal breaker. Thank you again.
I really appreciate having opportunity to have sermons for year online. Besides having some great leaders who really speak Gods truth this is a good way for me to catch up when I am on road, like this summer when I was away for 6 weeks I did not miss out on our teachings. This is an excellent resource and I suspect others outside of local congregation may also find these teachings of interest. Check them out, I know I am blessed by these teachings. Russ Jacobson