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Anybody knows why Itunes is not updating Fastrax anymore????
This is a great podcast. I've enjoyed it for quite some time now, but what's up it? It no longer updates with new ones. :-p Where'd it go?!
This is an Awesome podcast and I recommend everyone check it out. This podcast is very well made and is very usefull in finding out what you want to know in the dance world.
I first ran into this short podcast series and I have to say that Pete Tong's should have his own show on MTV or something as such. Spot on Pete. I just love the format of your podcast and I will keep checking you out everyweek. Keep those tracks coming. It really is a great way of checking out the new dance music out there. Something else that caught my attention was the way they promote Graphic Artists. When the song being introduce don't have a music video, he'll use a computer generated video from one of these artists. Kudos Pete. Ok enough said. Again, hope you have great success and hope to see you more and more. Thanks Pete!! MrPooks