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Love this stuff - great for all coaches or parents of ball players. Keep 'em coming. The associated webcast for the kids is great also.
Superb podcasts support youth baseball coaches. Though pitched to "select" team coaches, any coach at any level interested in developing their skills should find it useful. Player focus is on both physical and mental skills of the game. Team focus is on mission, expectations, communication, and organization. Interesting guests provide valuable tips. Great core values--developing young ballplayers, importance of team, and lessons for life. Parallel podcasts for teenage players at Diamond Edge. Have a great 2007 season!
This is a great podcast. As a HS Softball coach and a parent/coach of a little league boy, I have found these podcasts entertaining and very helpful in creating practice plans for my kids, and for working with my son. Makes my nightly gym work-outs much easier too. Thanks Coach.