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I listen to this podcast expecting surprise and I get it. The host doesn't shy away from portraying and discussing a brilliant and deeply flawed man.
no one at Monticello has done any original research on this paternity issue for some 15 years now. But they keep distortion of the truth
A travel back in time to get to know one of the founding fathers in a personal and entertaining way. Discussion from all angles on the struggles and joys of the day. Including what Jefferson got wrong from a 21st century perspective and the people of his day that got things right. Clay is the iron man of founding father podcasts. 1200+ and counting!!!
these guys bend Jefferson to fit their agenda which includes selling travel trips and unpublished books. read the Jefferson books for yourself, this podcast is a liberal bubble about to burst
I have been a TJH listener for years, first hearing it on NPR in California’s Central Valley. It is a balm to my need for intelligent conversation, high ideas and a rich vocabulary. As a humanities scholar myself I appreciate the “then vs now” approach to the show. The ideas under which our country was founded and how those ideas reverberate in our time, especially in a time so filled with the tumult transition, is particularly elucidating. As a person who is always asking “why we are as we are” and being an American who is proud of his country but has always questioned overt and simplistic patriotism the TJH really gives me a chance to reflect and consider ideas about who we are and who we’ll become. It is also a bastion of humanism in an ever more technocratic world. The place of humanism is an area of concern since I read Noah Yuval Harari’s book, Homo Deus suggested by Mr. Jenkinson. His idea of Humanism being on its way out troubled me for a while and I’m still parsing the repercussions. As a public school teacher I do see his predictions come true. Thanks to the Thomas Jefferson Hour, Clay Jenkinson, and David Swenson for their good work in keeping us connected and grounded to life in present day America.
Simply the best. We've been listening for a decade, and are thrilled it is now in easy podcast form. Thanks for everything.
The biggest criticism among very few that I could give to Clay Jenkinson, is that he makes you feel like you and he are in an engaging, entertaining, educational, and lively one on one conversation, until you arrive at the end of the episode and it dawns on you again that you are only one of tens of thousands of Jefferson Hour fans. You feel like Clay is your favorite dinner guest, but sadly, he doesn't even know you exist :o(. Kidding and melodrama aside, the Jefferson Hour is excellent. Let Clay convince you why Jefferson is America's Da Vinci, and why he is relevant in current events and always will be.
I've been listening for a few years and I've never been disappointed. The podcast never sidesteps the past, but embraces it. The intelligence, respect and civility this show displays gives me hope that we can become civil to all sides in our humanity. There is always great history that also helps explain how the United States survived and thrived in the early days of our country
This podcast gives me hope for America. Instead of the usual partisan bickering, you get insightful discussion of historical and contemporary issues. Well worth supporting!
I've listened for several years and have always enjoyed the learning exercise these folks bring. This is a factually based program with little to no personal bias intrusion. The themes and conversations are always relevant to current events.
I love it. Great in depth conversation about the America I love.
I heard this on my local NPR affiliate channel and became obsessed with the weird concept. That was years ago and now I've amassed a collection of US history books, taken some classes on history, and listen to a handful of history podcasts (this one still included of course.)
I am very disappointed that all of the podcasts before May 2016 have been deleted. At least I can't find them on iTunes.
I started listening to this show 10 years ago and am still a huge fan! This is my favorite podcast. I have been introduced to so many new interests in history, politics, books, philosophy and more throughout the years. I really found history to be a boring subject until I heard this show. Clay has a way of making Jefferson and so many other historical figures real and thought provoking. Love this show, can't recommend it enough!
This is one of the half-dozen Podcasts I recommend to everyone.
I have never known that much about Mr. Jefferson until I found this podcast. I am now a fan and am greatful to learn more about Thomas Jefferson and his views of the world
If you're into History, enjoy polite discussion, and are looking for something entertaining and educational, listen to this wonderful and valuable podcast.
I like this podcast. It an interesting and entertaining way to learn about history. But, please, promote your “semi-permanent” guest host to host status! How long does he need to be there before he is not called semi-permanent and guest?
You’re sure to learn something new, chuckle, and feel inspired to go read a book or plant a garden.
I’ve enjoyed this program for several years now. Though I disagree quite often with Mr. Jefferson, and only somewhat less often than with Mr. Jenkinson, the conversations are uniformly compelling and thought provoking.
This is my favorite thing on the internet! I have listened to the show for over two years and can say that it never bores me. Clay is an approachable and relatable scholar who brings history to light in a way that avoids pretensions. Listen to this show!
That's the best thing about Clay's performances: they're loaded with context. The beliefs of the Founding Fathers sound different through the filter of life in the 18th century. The TJ Hour is also patient, taking the necessary time to understand an issue or event. An invaluable podcast!
If only all podcasts could be as full of logic and reason as this one! The Thomas Jefferson Hour is the podcast that I wait all week to hear. It leaves me thoughtful and reflective. Who would have thought Thomas Jefferson's words and thoughts would still be relevant and important in 21st century America.
This has been my favorite podcast for the last four years. If there is one podcast on your device make it this one!
I enjoy the "first" person account Clay provides...the depth and richness of the content is wonderful
If you want to know how Jefferson would think if he were educated via the current public school, listen in and find out.
I'm a big fan of our founding fathers. I love these podcasts. I look forward to my new podcast each week.
Was skeptical at first when I saw this was an "in character" podcast. But it is awesome!
We have listened to this podcast for several years, and look forward to each week's episode. Mr. Jenkinson does an outstanding job portraying the president, and I think he does a fine job separating his personal opinions and beliefs from those of Mr. Jefferson. Our minor irritations: The intro can vary each week from one minute to over five minutes. It has gotten better over time, but occasionally it does slip back into a very, very long introduction. The need of former, and occasional guest host David Swenson to engage Mr. Jefferson about gardening every single podcast is getting quite tedious. We know Jefferson was an avid gardner, we know he kept detailed records of his gardening, and we know it was one of his great passions. We don't have to revisit this each time he hosts. The most recent podcast didn't get to the good stuff until 17 minutes in.
I am a big fan of the Jefferson Hour; it has been a source of very interesting information for the past year. Mr. Jenkinson is a wonderful Jeffersonian scholar. My only complaint pertains to the out-of-character segments. Mr. Jenkinson certainly shows his deep knowledge of Jefferson in these segments, but can be brazen and frankly obnoxious at times. He interrupts the guest hosts constantly, which makes the discussion sometimes seem awkward. That being said, I get endless enjoyment from this podcast, and such a small annoyance doesn't get in the way of that.
This has become my most anticipated podcast. Fortunately, so many back episodes are available that I’m never left hanging. Clay is amazing, his energy is infectious and his breadth of knowledge on the subject matter is astounding.
This gentleman portrays as Jefferson reflecting todays topics from Jefferson's perspective
Hi, I discovered your podcast back in November 2013 and haven't regretted listing to one episode. I have learned a lot of history in the process. Thanks for doing this, I know you work on donations. Clay is really GREAT! at be Mr. Jefferson.
A wonderful show
Still a very good show, listen weekly, but David Swenson's sabbatical has left a void in the show. David Borlaug is a nice fill in, but Swenson is perfect as Clay Jenkinson's second. He approaches the topic the way a listener might; we are learning these things right along with him. I heartily recommend the show to everyone, but hope that Mr. Swenson returns to the program and soon.
This is one of the best podcasts available. No matter the topic, President Jefferson will provoke thought and consideration. From week to week Clay Jenkinson lays it all out as President Jefferson or as himself.
A weekly necessity.
We are fortunate to have someone as intelligent and informed as Mr. Jenkinson give his heart and soul every week on this program. Our national discourse has become poisoned by the righteousness on all sides of the spectrum, and this show does its best to set a more constructive example. We are all looking forward to the return of David Swenson as permanent host, as he makes what is a good show truly great.
Informative, and entertaining. Thanks!
In an age of low information voters, rudeness and ridicule online (and in government) this podcast is a wonderful and refreshing reminder of the true meaning of public discourse. Mr. Jenkinson is absurdly smart, educated and a fantastic speaker, yet is quite humorous and easy going with a good dose of self deprecating humor. As if all this wasn't enough the honest and transparent exploration into the endless contradictions of one of history's most important figures is truly fascinating. My only criticism? With Mr. Swenson on sabbatical the show is not quite up to snuff. Swenson has become a critical component of what makes this podcast so wonderful. To have him, then have him taken away is bordering on cruel and unusual punishment!
Our country is starving for the ideas of Jefferson but this podcast is an unfortunate progressive view of a great man and a great mind. If you are truly interested in Jefferson and American history this is not the place. True liberty is timeless and essential, don’t let this podcast twist you to think otherwise.
Brilliant podcast very informative educational engaging and entertaining.
I first heard Clay Jenkinson in a National Consitution Center podcast several years. I was delighted at his compelling interpretation of Jefferson and his times. Kudos, Clay!
Don't be swayed by the minority of reviews bashing the host for his "center winged" ideals. It's a great show,very educational, alittle soap boxy, but all in all a good listen for the new enlightenment. And if writing reviews was like voting in a democracy then the majority has spoken! Keep up the good work!
You're telling me Jefferson would promote gun control after saying he would like to see society revolt every 20 or so years just to keep from becoming too complacent, and that the tree of liberty should be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike? What are you smoking? This is from a valid letter written by him, it's not some quote that's unfounded and there are many. Opinion can be found here and Sally Hemmings debate ended two weeks after Elis wrote his article when the scientist retracted his findings when the results had narrowed down someone in the Jefferson family and his brother being the closest culprit.
Though I doubt his accent is even remotely close to what I expect Jefferson's Old Dominion tongue might have sounded like, Clay Jenkinson does a fabulous job portraying the man and providing a glimpse into the mind of Jefferson and the world he inhabited.
I really liked this Podcast when I first started listening to it. Smart and insightful, but as time went by, it got pretty redundant. Slavery, Sally Hemmings debate, Governor of Virginia, debt ridden, a Hamiltonian Hater....etc, etc. I can almost look at the podcast topic and tell you what "Mr. Jeffeson" will say. While Clay talks about how we need to view Jefferson as a "whole man", there is only so much you can know about a person through writings, accounts and other historical documentation. It is hard to make Jefferson 3 dimensional when you can't access the person's thoughts, when so much of our lives are lived in ones head.
Sad to read in a couple previous reviews that one person completely in unsubscribed from the podcast after listening to half a show which didn't comport to his views. Is this the state of our mature, rational, enlightened thinking? That we stick our fingers in our ears when we hear something we don't like? This is exactly what the show was highlighting: with the gun issue, everyone falls into their well worn roles and disregard everything everyone with different perspectives say. Meanwhile, we have Columbine, Century Theater, Sandy Hook, etc. anyone listening to the show should know it wasn't about gun control so much as about how Jefferson, as an enlightened founding father, may have addressed the issue that regularly and too frequently rears its ugly head and leaves innocent lives in its wake. Whatever we are doing now isn't working--that's all the show was trying to say, and a country as great as ours should be able to work for better.