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Not sure what is going on, but it seems like the podcasts are very sporadic. The trouble is I do like these guys. They are true Spurs fans and are fun to listen to, and are knowledgeable. Because the podcasts come so infrequently, timely commentary on games is impossible. I would give them a higher review if it was a weekly podcast. Monthly just doesn't cut it.
Thanks fellas for putting this out there. Along with another Spurs podcast (Balls Deep), I find your comments, banter, passion and spirit a lot of fun to listen to. I highly recommend any Spurs supporter to gives these lads a listen. I look forward to downloading this pod every week. The boys do not rip the players for the most part, and truly wear their heart on their sleave. Kepp up the excellent work, fomr across the Atlantic, in New Jersey. COYS!!!
Entertaining and informative way to get analysis about Spurs from this side of the Atlantic. COYS!
As a Spurs supporter from Charlotte, NC (via Portland, Oregon "SoccerCity, USA) I appreciate all the footy talk I can get. I am a former "soccer" hater, who grew up ignorant of the international professional game, like many in America. I got to study in England five years ago, and one visit to North London and a few games in the pub converted me for life. Haven't been through decades of lillywhite life yet, but I have seen a few years and read about our past to appreciate the amazing season (the whole Harry era) and the potential of our squad this year, and moving forward. A beautiful game that forces me to wake early on weekend mornings to support our boys. COYS!! Keep up the great work fellas!! Taylor
Keep up the good work. COYS!!
Tottenham Hotspur are the best team in English football and these guys give the best talk about the Spurs. As an American, I threw myself into the EPL back in August and decided the Spurs were my team. It took only a few games and these podcasts to get me totally invested in the Spurs. It has been quite a ride as they moved up the table to a Champions League spot. The future is Lilly White!