Reviews For Zion Messianic Congregation

Don't be fooled by the loftly language, this is in no way jewish. These people are a bunch of Gentiles parading around in kippot and taleism. I HIGHLY reccomend this podcast to any christian. If you're Jewish, don't even bother.
The enmity is destroyed when we as believers, both Jew and non-Jew, realize that "the ground is level, that is, equal at the foot of the cross". In other words, both are equal when it comes to the need for HaShem’s loving grace! This type of loving grace, provided in full measure through Messiah Yeshua, melts away the envy, pride, resentment, and cultural differences that all of HaShem’s children have for each other. To be sure, the verse in John 13:34,35 is fulfilled when we (Jew and non-Jew) have true LOVE for one another!