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I love the content and the fact that it exposes me to a lot of unexpected topics. Highly recommend, especially if you are in Seattle.
In depth compelling topics; take a listen.
Topics are consistently relevant and speakers are of good quality. Sometimes audio quality isn't the best.
Good content, but get rid of the breaks. Who cares what the weather was!
Very interesting topic of discussions. Just love the podcasts.
So great. (There aren't very many breaks, and they aren't a problem at all). I love this podcast.
I've listened to a few episodes and all of the speakers are very interesting, so the content is great. I'd give 5 stars for the content. Only problem is they break every few minutes to announce the station ID, give a weather update (??? this is a podcast / I don't care what the weather was like in Seattle last month !?!?) and other similarly useless info. So subract a star for that for the overall 4-star review. The content is really first rate though, highly recommended.