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I found this a few weeks ago and am now about half way through the backlog. Has this been discontinued? No new posts for about 9 months.
I think this is better than Science's webcast, but I generally prefer the Nature magazine webcast.
Totally enjoy the interviews. When you enjoy your work and talk about it with enthusiasm it is a joy to listen to! Great job making mouse models interesting! .Length is perfect.
Thanks for not trying to be 'hip'. I've been searching for something with (dare i say it?) a 'rational' tone (my benchmark for this tone is BBC Discovery -- which, alas, is not yet being podcast). You've got it. Listening to your interviews with the Scientists published in Cell (Nobel Laureates, no less) puts a personal touch on their research; it's the next best thing to being there. This added dimension encourages me to read what they've published in Cell. I think this will be a useful 'augment' to the print. It is interesting, informative, and very listenable.