Liam Clancy

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Mr Clancy died yesterday.


Simply amazing. I grew up listening to the Clancy brothers and this took me way back. Thanks hope for more!
Sir Liam, thank you sincerely for your stories and perspectives. More please, we need you and your history of the folk/Celtic developments over your 50+ years. BRAVO!
Wow one of the if not the greatest of all folk singers of this or any other time. How blessed we are that he is here telling his stories and playing his music I can only hope that many many more follow this one. Most of the great music legends are long gone to have one here is beyond words. Liam keep up the great work until its time for the great dirt nap. Hopefully several decades from now. Thanks


this guy is horrible i is sooo boring to listen to!!!!
I would love to hear more from Liam and I can't wait to have my father, who has been enjoying Irish music for 40 years, listen when he returns home.