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Unfortunately- very little here. Certainly nothing new. When you finally get past the ads and listen to what’s actually said it hardly seems worth the effort.
Today’s episode is 10 minutes. There was idle chatter and nonsense for 4.5 minutes before the content began. One of the most annoying podcasts in life. I’ve never unsubbed so quickly.
He takes way too long to get to the point.
I love these podcasts and they help so much. BUT, for the first 2-3 minutes (sometimes even longer) all is talked about is sponsors and products. Just hearing that gives me anxiety..we are being sold everything all the time. Please make these podcasts more about the subject and not the revenue..I know ads are your way to make money but it’s too much. It is making me want to stop listening..:(
Half of the podcast seems like ads.
Tried listening. 11 minutes of a podcast. 8 of those seemed like ads. Meh.
I’ll give anything a chance or just once. In this case I listened to two different episodes approximately 12 minutes long each. The first four minutes are for ads and the last minute or two is for self-promotion. One star & unsubscribe.
Very motivational and wakes me up in the morning mentally and physically.
Love starting my week listening to this very motivating podcast ! Some episodes hit home harder than others but each episodes teaches me something !
Let me start by saying this is the first review I have ever made on a podcast. The Daily Boost is the very first podcast I had EVER listened to and it is the reason I even started listening to podcast in the first place. I used to love this podcast so much, he was like father you never had in the movies, the one that you randomly come across in the park one day and realize he has a vast amount of knowledge. So, you spend every Tuesday afternoon frantically racing to that green bench in the park so he can drop some insightful knowledge that will revamp your entire week, giving you the sense that life is going to be okay and it’s not as hard as you think because you have a fair amount of control over your hopes, flaws, dreams, and aspirations. About a year ago, I played an episode for my spouse and it was completely out of the norm (I.e. not so good), I gave a nervous laugh (😅) and started fast forwarding before eventually turning it off and saying “Um, don’t judge that one, maybe he is just having an off day.” I’ll play it again someday👀. Today however, I was completely embarrassed playing his “One Question Stops Procrastination” from November 12, 2018. What was said in this episode was completely unattractive, it was absolute NONSENSE. He should be ashamed of himself for finding amusement in this bad advice, bad approach, and his pompous (arrogant) behavior. I hope he listens to this podcast again and reevaluates his reasoning behind be putting this type of content out. I don’t mean to sound whiny or sensitive, that’s not my intention. People trust him, I trusted him (which is shocking), people confide in him about seriously debilitating mental health issues and more. He is losing credibility, a loyal fan base, and himself. It was mortifying to see how my spouse looked at me for recommending “an amazing podcast that could touch the soul of anyone who listened.” This is bad, really bad. It’s like there is a whole new person impersonating a man without that doesn’t have one arrogant bone in his body. A man you could literally confide in about anything. November 12, 2018-“On Question Stops Procrastination” is a 14 minute podcast. 7 out of those 14 minutes was dedicated to commercials and advertising. I remember hearing a podcast from long ago where he talked about not liking that advertisements were everywhere and that’s not how he operates. What is he doing? Why? 7 minutes of commercials/ads out of a 14 minute podcast is not only insane, but honestly in unacceptable. Read the reviews, everyone is saying the same thing! This change wasn’t for the better.
This man right here!!!! Helped me dig back out what I always knew was there! Broke out of my comfort zone, pushed myself, set goals, didn’t give up and accomplished a goal that has been 6 years in the making! Thank you
I decided to give this podcast a try so I listened to the August 21st episode. In a 9 minute podcast he spent the first 3:45 minutes talking about his other programs and advertising himself and the last 20 seconds doing the same. If you’re going to make a 9 minute podcast, don’t put in 4 minutes of self promotion, especially at the beginning. The actual content was ok. Definitely not worth waiting through all the self-advertising at the beginning though.


You talk too fast.


By ejnunez
Lots of ads, and he mostly just talks about himself the whole time.
5 minute long spiel on how this accounting software changes lives, no thanks.


Great podcast!
You have great insight and I enjoy listen to your advise. BUT I need you to stop rambling for 5 minutes about the sponsorships, let’s get to it! If you do enjoy advertising them, let’s make your podcast a little longer to make up for what went off tangent on :)
I’m four minutes in and I’ve heard two commercials and about His animals nothing that’s motivated me at all matter fact I’m turning it off.
I look forward to hearing Scott each morning. This boost works for me and I find myself much more hopeful in the morning. Plus, love being able to support another person from Florida!
There really isn't much going on in this podcast series. Very little actual self help content.
A good premise for the show, but as it is 50% advertising - this is not a productive way to self-motivate.
My one & only 9 minutes daily podcast for the past 4 years !
This guy sounds like he’s on crack, and has one of the most annoying voices. His podcasts are only 6 minutes long, (4mins are literally him promoting something).
I thought this would be right up my alley from reading other reviews. However, most of the episodes are half advertisements. Who wants to sit, or scroll, through 4 minutes of adds in an 8 minute podcast?
Just started listening to Scott today and after a few episodes I am hooked. Very simple approach. I am a small business owner and this is exactly what I need to start my day. Thanks.
I started listening to one of the episodes that is ~9 minutes long and I only made it to 3.5 mins then I had to turn it off. All I heard were ads! A third of your episode is ads!? Ridiculous. Way too greedy. I won’t listen to another episode.
4 minutes in and he’s still talking about his sponsor
The old content was better before he restructured it. It’s mostly just filler talk now, sadly.
I’ve only listened to a few. Wow. This podcast isn’t very long, but too many minutes are devoted to advertising at the beginning.
I'd like to judge this podcast based on its content , unfortunately i wasnt able to get muh of the actual podcast. I downloaded a 12 minute episode to find the first 4 minutes of the episode was taken up by two diferent commcerials for the same service. I undersand that this is a free podcast and they need to keep the lights on but when a third of the epsiode is spent selling the same item I just cant imagine how much substance will be worth the wait.
I’m a free spirited, laid back person who can sometimes be mistaken for lazy, which I am not. But my laid back personality can sometimes get in the way of getting things done. This podcast has helped me to get my day started on the right path so I can have the motivational push I need to stay on track with my goals. My favorite thing about the podcast is that it is only 3 minutes long. Advice is given in well-thought, succinct quips that pack a quick punch to your brain. Only slight irritation that I let pass because I can understand the why, is that it takes about 3 minutes to get through the ads to get the quick nuggets of advice. But I don’t mind, I’m sure it is his way of funding the podcast to make it happen.
First 3 minutes wasted talking about dog treats and the rest of the time very annoying background music 👎🏽👎🏽
The Daily Boost is nothing more than a boost to the host's own ego. Every episode is the same. He spends several minutes touting how long he's been doing podcasts, how many downloads he has, then he promotes his product (a tired, beaten down service that sends you fluffy reminders to do simple things for an exorbitant price), proceeds to admonish you for not buying his service, continues by reminding you the true "secrets of success" are behind his paywall, and then accuses you of being incompetent if you don't buy into his program. This guy gives the Scientologists a run for their money in terms of self aggrandizement and aggressive marketing. Give YOURSELF a "Boost" - don't waste 10 minutes of your life listening to this guy. You'll walk away feeling worse than you did before.
I listened to your shows for a full year when they were daily, and stopped when my boyfriend died. When I came back you did one episode a week and the first one I watched you were talking about how lazy and incompetent millennials are. I'm so sick of old people thinking we're stupid and unjustifiably bashing our generation.
Scott Smith is funny, genuine, and creative. God knows how many people he has helped over the 10++ years he's been doing the Daily Boost, but he has created a dynamite legacy and endlessly works to help you create yours.
This show was great before. Half of the shows now are sponsor ads and for his business. I know promotion for your product is important for growth but at least add more substance. I have found a new podcast called BREATHE Motivation that is daily and has been a lot more substance and doesn't have the sponsor feel and is geared towards daily success.
Too much advertising
I downloaded a few podcasts on meditation, positivity, and mindfulness. This has been the worst one I've listened to yet. I downloaded 3 episodes and listened to two and had to delete them. Guy comes across so smarmy. I can't listen to his voice and way of talking. It irritates me. The advice he gives too just seems like the most obvious, run-of-the-mill stuff you can see on any greeting card from hallmark.
I find the speaker pompous and arrogant, and it seems like he just likes to hear himself talk. I listened to a few of the podcasts and kept hoping it would get better but I didn't find it at all inspirational or motivational or even that interesting. Smith talks about himself like he's awesome ("I'm a really interesting guy") and it's kind of tedious and repetative. I get a lot more out of podcasts like Inspire Nation or Fire it Up with CJ Liu.
Wish the ads/promotions for companies that sponsor the podcast weren't so long - seems like a big advertising listen which you have to skip over to get to the title topic. But overall, very informative podcast and great topics that are covered.
This guy is promoting himself. He sounds like a used car lot commercial.
Thanks for all the great advice Scott
Spends way too much time advertising anything he can whenever he can and doesn't get to what the podcast is supposed to be about. Never disliked anything enough to rate it so low until now.
I understand they have to make a living of this, but is absurd to have a 13 min podcast where the first 6 minutes are about self promotion, sponsors and local jokes. If the creators read this: If you didn't realize you were doing this bad, review the episode called "Hope, Fear, Faith..." and you'll see what I'm talking about.
More than half of each podcast is advertising and self-promotion. It's hard to sift through all of the sales pitches and boasting to get to the real part of each podcast.
I look so forward to Mondays so I can get my daily dose of the daily boost!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and inspiration with the world!! We need more of what you've got!! A Jersey Girl
This podcast genuinely inspires me! The author is both eloquent and has a good prose! However the delivery is that of a nervous 7th grader giving a presentation! Too fast, is all I'm trying to say. It's hard to digest the rapid pace (albeit great) information without rewinding the content.
I wanted to simply know "How to Get What You Want" and out of a 11 minute podcast, it was pure advertisement for a premium podcast for at least 9 minutes... Terrible... I'll give no stars if I can