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Ads take biggest part of this!
Tooooo Manyyyyyy ADS! My gosh! 4 minutes of ads on a 9 minute podcast! That’s just ridiculous!
One episode in, I see the purpose of the podcast isn't too entertain or to help, but to pad his pockets with agenda in building his business.
It chases the dog from now on.
12 minutes episode filled with 6 minutes ads .
Who is 1 star’ing this?? This podcast is incredible. Thank you!
Thanks for your content!!❤️
I love his wise words and strong positive message but the first five minutes draggg with ads ..
Scott’s speech pattern is incredibly fast. I had to double check my settings to make sure it wasn’t me. Nope. It’s how he speaks. I then adjusted the speed to 1/2x but, it’s too distorted.
Opens with ads then a segue into more ads and then an ad break. It’s a seven minute podcast and six are commercials.
A 9-minute podcast and the first 5 are ads. It might be great, but it doesn’t seem to care about listeners. *unsubscribe*
okay i first subscribed because the podcast looked like it would be good helpful. his voice made me feel like i was listening to a disney character. the ads were really annoying also


By 5R5
I enjoy listening to these podcasts. The content is on point and thought provoking.
Yes, he talks fast. Yes, he repeats himself a lot. Yes, there isn’t much content. But, I personally find his speed quite helpful and I love fast speakers. I usually have to put everything on x1.5 speed and with Scott I don’t have the need to do that. Also, repetition of content is KEY in learning. It may seem like little content, but I find that when I apply his advice a little content translates to huge behavioral improvements. All in all, I love his techniques, I love his speed, I love his content, I love his language. Perhaps I’m alone here because I majored in psychology and minored in linguistics. Subscribing was one of my best decisions !!
More than 1/3 times goes for promotions and in the remaining time beats around the bush without no actual value
Multiple episodes don’t have any actual content until 5 minutes in, and the little content that is there is presented so quickly you can’t even understand what he’s saying.
So I originally subscribed a while back but ended up deleting it and unsubscribing because I find this guy annoying but also helpful.. Then a couple months back I fired it back up and I usually listen to most episodes. The amount of ads don’t bother me much but I understand people saying he talks fast and when that happens I start zoning out until he does that loud exhaling that brings me back in. I like the abstract content and it does kind of permeate the brain slowly but effectively. I have recommended it to others but don’t usually get responses. Still worth the time to me.
When you are being motivational you are just that. Otherwise all I hear is advertisement. Which is more annoying than motivational. I understand we all get paid differently. I just skip all the ads. But there’s a lot.
This podcast seems like the perfect thing for my short daily commute to work. The content is good but there are just too many advertisements. The ads for the sponsor and his own website ads sum up to around 5mins! For a podcast that’s under 10mins that’s insane, it genuinely feels like more than 50% of an episode is all ads.


By Sedbit
It’s a no from me. The cheesy 80s DJ voice along with the SUPER fast talking grated my nerves so badly that I had to turn it off 60 seconds in. The podcast does have a general rating of four stars, so apparently some people enjoy it, therefore, it might just be me 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dude you talk way too fast.
The host speaks WAY too fast. I was honestly taken aback by how he was running through everything he was saying. I know it’s only a 10 minute podcast, but dang. Speaking of 10 minutes: 0:00-4:30 ads 4:30-7:30 anecdote/how you shouldn’t do things 7:30-8:30 advice that you should turn your “to do” list into a “did I do it” list. Pretty useless. 8:30-9:30 advice on how to only try and accomplish 3 things a day. I actually liked this a lot and wished the episode was more focused on it. 9:30-end “commercial” for upcoming episode There was basically 1 minute of actual advice in the entire episode. This was my first listen and now I know to delete all the other ones I downloaded.
I am loving this podcast and listening everyday. The only down fall and dislike I have is that there are times that he gets to talking so fast I feel like I am listening to auctioneer and I can not keep up and it’s annoying so I will end up just turning it off. This is disappointing because I actually love listening and getting all the tips from him
The concept is good. The execution is a awful. This podcast is literally 95% commercial. Let me save you 15 minutes: “Use Grammarly because they pay me. Go to motivation to move and buy stuff because that pays me too.”
This podcast game highly recommended to me after experiencing some pitfalls at work and I’m so glad I listened! Super motivating and positive way to start the day :)
First time clicking on the podcast and didn’t hear any substance until 5 mins in. 5 mins. Think about how long that is when I’m listening to a podcast about “getting things done”. I passed.
Not the way I want to start my morning
Wayyyy too many sponsor plugs (more than half the episode) and little to no actual beneficial information. Very disappointed with the episode I listened to.
Unfortunately seems like he makes episodes to push ads instead of getting ads to make content.
Here's the thing, I'm sure it's good. But he talks incohearlty fast. Sounds like the speed is set to 2x (I checked a number of times, it isn't). In the end i found this distracting, especially when combined with the fact that his stories can ramble on without hitting the point, and his conclusions are often far fetched. I'm sure it's for someone, just not me.


By KL1313
I was really excited at the descriptions to the episodes. The first one said it was 11-mins...but the content was really only at most 5:00. The rest was all ads and sponsorships. I know you’ve got to mention those...but more than half the episode? After 2 similar experiences, I deleted the rest of the episodes I had downloaded without even listening. Disappointing.
For over 6 years, I have loved starting my day listening to this podcast as I pull out of my driveway. The perfect jolt of humor, clarity and orientation to get me in the zone. Sadly, it is only Monday now. The premium subscription comes with way more than I am looking for and you have to pay accordingly. It would be perfect if there was a way to just get the podcast without paying for everything else.
Half of an entire episode can be dedicated to advertisements. When an episode is typically only about 11 or 12 minutes long, that’s not really a substantial amount of useful information.
I understand needing quick advertisements at the beginning, middle, and end of a podcast - but more than half of it was a commercial! Waste of time if you want real content
I have been listening to this podcast daily for 6 months now. I’m enjoying hearing positive encouragement which has helped me keep going daily & believe in myself as I am making my new life.
Complete waste of time unless Apple podcast makes a “skip forward 7 minutes” button to get through the majority of these episodes that are completely filled with ads.
Half the podcast is a ad.
This is such an abhorrent podcast. Not only is half of the podcast trivial underwriter promotions, but it also contains 0% useful knowledge. I come here to be motivated; hackneyed bromides don’t get the job done whatsover! Fix it or leave it bro
Seems like a 10min advertisement


Thanks for the boost!
I’m sorry, I usually don’t write reviews at all but all we as listeners have to go on is your voice. The baby talk she did in this one episode I tried listening too made me cringe. Consider it constructive criticism!


By ryent2
Literally a waste of my time listening to this full of ads and very little useful information
60% of the podcasts are unsubtle ads!
I enjoy this podcast series. He gives me motivation and new ideas on how to take care of my life and be positive.
Unfortunately- very little here. Certainly nothing new. When you finally get past the ads and listen to what’s actually said it hardly seems worth the effort.
Today’s episode is 10 minutes. There was idle chatter and nonsense for 4.5 minutes before the content began. One of the most annoying podcasts in life. I’ve never unsubbed so quickly.