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Auto is uneven at best, some speakers are impossible to hear, please improve.
Fantastic content. Audio needs to be louder.
Yes. More quality discourse you don't get from MSM.
I think the content is excellent, but can't you improve the sound quality???
Sounds like it is being recorded through a tin can & string.
While the Federalist Society is certainly a conservative/libertarian group, the level of the discussions it offers are assuredly not idealogical diatribes. Where else could you hear 2 Supreme Court justices of widely divergent views have an intelligent and reasoned discussion about important current issues? It's a great service.
The Student Symposium was fantastic and the audio will surely not disappoint. Everything the Fed-Soc does is always top-notch. The “Religion in Public Square” debate from the Student Symposium is a must listen to. I look forward to all the future offerings from the many debates and speech the society offers.
Production quality is ok, with minor issues. Content is the problem. If you are looking for a scholarly discourse on the content or influence of Madison and Hamilton's papers, you will be disappointed. This is a group of ultra conservatives that just keep repeating the mantra of Hamilton to justify their political positions. It does not live up to the lofty expectations the title evokes. This podcast is a series of speeches best left to Conservative Talk Radio, and about as useful.