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I've been listening to Soulgood for years from day one I've never ever missed an episode starting round 200+ or so even after getting back from my travels my iPhone been with me and Soulgood to I'm home wherever I've been Thanks for being home.


listen for yourself!
I cannot believe how consistently good this music is. Hundreds of broadcasts and the latest one (July 21 2012) is one of the best yet. This music improves my life. radio show ever... Every week awesome mix with special guest.
I originally got introduced to SoulGood (in 2007) by DJ Exacta while cutting his hair in NYC and have been listening ever since. It's a must for house music lovers, all the top DJs dropping the hottest beats! Now I play the pod casts in the salon, customers and cutters loving it. Keep it up!
If you love house at all this is a must to get every week. Fragos is always slammin'.
SoulGood with Bill Fragos is the best. An hour of the smoothest and vibing sounds.
Ive been a fan of soulgood for some time now, and i gota say, it satisfies my weekly craving of house music, simply the BEST...
Souls good is easily in my top 3 for house music podcasts love it and listen to every episode bill is great and have some phenomina guests on the show