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While I enjoy the stories, this show continually recycles content, which discourages long-term listening. Occasionally they will preface the title with “revisited”, but sometimes they won’t. For instance, they aired “The Working Tapes” twice within six months and it wasn’t even the first time.
Just great content
I needed something different and this was the search result! I love short stories, history, old time radio and biographies. This is an awesome way to present and enjoy all of them! Such a great podcast I’m so glad I found. Thanks!!!


By AK0008
Great voices and stories.
This podcast is really great at getting a look into things I would have never really thought about before. I heavily enjoyed their Prison Guards episode. It felt real and raw, but the sound effects and transitions made it super entertaining and I didn’t feel like it dragged on too long. The information felt legitimate, and after looking into the subject after hearing the episode, everything matched up. This podcast definitely has a new listener, I’m really happy I was introduced to it!
This podcast is very educational and gives the view of what is like to a correctional officer, it also gives you an idea of what happens with a new correctional officer. It will also show you don’t need any other law enforcement past to become a correctional officer. It has shown it has given up to date information with new training course for officers. It was very entertaining and completely deserves five stars!
This podcast is very interesting and entertaining because it sheds light on the lives and experiences of correctional officers. This podcast is perfect for a group of people interested in the academics of correctional institutions or for anyone else who is interested in knowing more about the correctional system because it is very reliable and gives accurate information.
I listed to the prison guard diary podcast and it was extremely well made. Listening to the experiences that the prison officers and what they are thinking about as something happens is very creative and a great way to really know and learn about their jobs. This is definitely a good podcast to listen to if you want to be involved in anyway or work in a prison.
I absolutely love this podcast and all of the interesting stories you share I really wish though, that you would make more of an effort to make it clear in either the title or description that an episode is a reupload. I got so excited that the 4/2/19 upload was a NEW working tapes and was a little disappointed that it was not. All it would take is a “rebroadcast” I the title or description
Definitely could have been good if the hosts didn’t approach every topic with their SJW crap.
History and information nerds unite! Even if you aren’t someone who loves to muse over minutia, you will be awed at some of these fantastic tidbits. Nothing is long enough that you have to find time to fit it into your day. Just perfect!
Listen to the Nelson Mandela at 100 episode and that should be enough to convince you. I've listened to Radio Diaries for years and always found the episodes are illuminating and worth waiting for.
The best way to hear about life... from those living it. We’ve all got a story to tell.
Intriguing human interest stories from the voices of the actors of the event themselves. Fantastically edited and well told, this podcast is a must listen.
Delves deeply.
This is the best podcast. Period.
Never stop. Those teenage diary’s stole my heart!!
I’ve learned so much from listening to this podcast. It’s amazing.
Great story telling!!!
I’m a long-time subscriber to and fan of Radio Diaries But I want to single out the recent update to “Juan’s teenage diary” which was both heart warming and heart breaking. I only wish that anyone who feels threatened by immigration or rails against undocumented immigrants could hear this. Thank you Joe Richman for your great skill, your vision and your compassion.


I am hooked! Such a good podcast
Crushingly beautiful stories. I get excited every time a new episode shows up in my feed.
Amazing stories. Great research. So many different topics and people. I feel like I rediscover truths about humanity when I listen.
Terrific, very interesting podcast.
Just heard the last episode on Mexico 1968 and the students massacre. The world isn't fair. We are the only ones that can change it, though if the ones in power don't want to liberate the power, if the people are uneducated, you can create an emprie without pushing. Stories packed with history can teach us so much of our own failures and learn to change the future.
Radio Diaries is on a shortlist of shows that inspired me to become an audio producer with my own podcast a couple years ago. While so many podcasts are deeply effective, there are a few shows from Radio Diaries that I think about on a daily basis. Whenever I am frustrated making an epiosde or question whether what I'm doing could effect change, I have a note on my bulletin board that says "Listen to Radio Diaries." By it's nature, Radio Diaries is raw, unadulterated storytelling. In a world where NPR and big producers have reigned supreme, Radio Diaries is affirmation that we are all capable of being storytellers - everyone has a voice and everyone can be part of this weird radio world. The production is so simply good and the vision of the show shines through in every single episode, without fail. Intensely beautiful show that everyone should be listening to, especially in times when you need a reminder that your story matters. Thanks for all the inspiration. Much love - the Hungry podcast
Good podcast when dealing with issues other than politics. On political issue you are better off to delete that episode. Liberal crap.
This is one of the best podcasts. The hosts voice is so good and the way each episode is put together is excellent.
This show is a great way to see what's going on outside of your own version of reality. Check it out.
This podcast is jam packed with archival interviews, old radio and TV broadcasts, and little-known historical speeches. Each short episode is like an archeological dig in audio, bringing to light forgotten moments in history. It's extremely well researched and the narration does an excellent job of concisely presenting and framing the story while giving the archival footage plenty of air-time to speak for itself. An added bonus is the host who is the least self-centered host I have ever heard on radio or in podcasts. (And I've listened to a lot of both) He never makes the show about himself at all, and it is so refreshing.
I love this podcast because it allows me to connect with people I never would have gotten the chance to meet. Listening to people's stories makes me feel like the world is getting a little bit smaller as we actively seek to understand other people's life journeys.
I love this podcast. It's bite-sized tales of lost American history.
Love it.
Just a brilliant show. The best stuff out there!
One of the best podcasts…. always surprising and compelling
Honest, beautiful, thoughtful - the diaries episodes are gorgeously narrated, the archival episodes powerfully edited. This show is time capsules and affective oral histories. You will never be disappointed.
This is my favorite radiotopia podcast. I love the stories, love how it's produced, and appreciate the perspectives that are shared each episode. Keep 'em coming!
I'm never sure quite what to expect from this podcast, but it always delivers. One of my favorite things is personal stroies, and this does a ton of them. It's great, just like all the other Radiotopia podcasts.
I enjoy most of the RadioTopia podcasts but Radio Diaries is my favorite. Hearing recording made the prison guards talking about their job while on duty (for example), rather than being interviewed, gives a different perspective than you usually get.
Life affirming. Fantastical audio storytelling. Brilliantly produced. Often shines a light on under told historical stories. Often profound in it's simplicity. Radio Diaries is one of the greatest podcasts. If you like This American Life, Radiolab, Kitchen Sisters, if you like to listen to podcasts you'll love this.
...told first person without annoying commentary or analysis. Great listen!
This show lets me meet people whom I now really care about. Now that's enriching.
Love this podcast. It's beautiful work which has never disappointed. Just spent 3 hours listening to old episodes again and I'm reminded of how good this podcast is. Unlike a lot of things, they keep delivering on excellent work in every episode.
I find every time this podcast appears in my feed, which isn't very frequently, it's yet another recycled story from This American Life or another Radiotopia podcast. I can't remember the last time I heard something original and didn't just delete a "repeat" of something I'd heard a few days or weeks earlier. If this is the only podcast you listen to, this could work for you. But if you listen to any of the other popular podcasts you may be as disappointed as I.
I listen to 32 different podcasts. This is my absolute favorite. Absolutely riveting!
I like this podcast enough to rate and review it on iTunes, even though I don't use iTunes. That's how much I like it.
Radio Diaries is an interesting one. It’s definitely in my top five favorite podcasts and is consistently interesting, but sometimes it’s more than interesting, it’s captivating in a way that I’ve rarely been engaged by anything. The episode “The Education of Little Tree” was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Same with “Willie and the Traveling Electric Chair”.
Fantastic and unusual stories. However, there are so many repeats in the catalogue that it made for some annoying binge-listening upon discovering the podcast recently. I know some are edited slightly differently, but when listened to all in a row it gets repetitive. Hopefully that one issue will get better as the podcasts seem to be getting more professional as they come out so they won't need to be reworked and reissued.