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I love Lindsay she makes the show so much better.
Greg Burgman came back to sub for Lindsey today, and the show got 10x better. Just sayin. And you can’t call me sexist because I loved Amanda (Fat Betty).
Not even close.. Toledo is under a cloud cover for most of the year, with nothing to do.. Finished my PhD in Toledo from 1987-89.. Live your show
But can John stop apologizing for everything? The show is getting close to unlistenable because of this.
Great Show!
I realized Mason and Ireland are missing a lot of culture in their show. With protests and NBA activism they can’t really keep up. I feel like Ireland can be a bit classist at times and the rest of the crew doesn’t keep him in check as often. Everyone is great as individuals but together you have a perspective that is too similar to another’s in today’s world. ESPN LA needs some flavor like when Max and Marcellus were still around. The morning show with LZ Key and Travis had a more diverse listen than you guys but they’re gone. Listened for at least a few years but recently their perspective became dry, exposed themselves as boring.
Best LA sports show period, fan for years.
Been listening since they were on the mighty 690 in San Diego along with Lee Hacksaw Hamilton (best self-proclaimed 15 minutes in radio). Back in those days John was very conservative and Steve was straight. I recently retired but I still enjoy listening to their show. Thanks guys! Tom Mueller
Bring back fast track or quick street
Leave it to Greg’s cold grip from the grave to strangle the best part of the show. You gotta keep Fast Track! That is the most entertaining segment, particularly with there being no sports right now. I listen to hour 3 from the previous day every while working out and getting my day started. It’s always funny and puts me in a good mood, and I doubt I’m alone in that sentiment. Unless Steve & John want to remove the segment, it should stay. I liked Greg—I even thought he was good on Fast Track—but this is absurd.


John Ireland and Steve Mason have repeatedly Mocked black Co-worker Mychal Thompson for his pronunciation of the word “Ask” for MANY Years (all documented in previous shows) and John Ireland had the AUDACITY, on the day these protests broke out, to repeat his racist assertion that Mychal Thompson is the “whitest black man” he knows? [Once Again all on your airwaves!]!!!! Why haven’t these Two Scumbags been IMMEDIATELY fired??!! How much longer will ESPN broadcast their Racist Vitriol??!!
I don’t know if he screams into the mic, needs better equipment or what, but his audio is awful.. at times, especially in fast track, the feedback is unlistenable
Please fix, love the show but cannot download
Everyone’s complaining about the new shows not downloading at the top of the year, but didn’t we just miss a couple episodes of the Kam bros? Big dealll! Jk I love you all! I choked on Sabado Gigante night, but I would love to write a song/rap for the show! I love you guys and have been listening for 8 years! -Jakobe A.K.A Jake Mike Takes Mikes
I love the show when I can listen to it. Lately podcasts aren’t downloading and it’s becoming frustrating.
Love John and Steve ! They are just pros at sports . New episodes aren’t loading .
New episode not being seen. I don’t know who can fix it.
Like the prior Review, new episodes are not loading up. I had to download the ESPN app, that is a terrible app in my opinion
Love the show but new episodes aren’t showing up on the podcast! Help!!
Not only am I not receiving new episodes, I can’t seem to find where to get them. This isn’t the only show that’s been happening with as of late
I love the show but due to time change I can only listen through podcasts. For some reason even though I am subscribed I am not getting new downloaded episodes. Please help!!
Mason’s a joke, He forgets things and can’t even form a coherent sentence half the time. Greg is annoying. Ireland is ok.
I have listened for 20 plus years...not really sure. Love the show, though I long for the days of the Steve Mason Show.


They are amazing. Been listening them for years ❤️❤️
Mason and Ireland are by far the best show in LA. Nobody in LA can compete! Hope the show is on for years to come!
Glad the show is going back to the 3:00 to 6:00 slot Wish you guys were on all day! Love the show. Thanks Mase and Ireland
if you have not noticed this is Los Angeles espn! they will take lakers! if you don’t like them go somewhere else!!!
Mason and Ireland = 10/10 Awesome content and perfect amount of sports and LA life. Podcast downloading = 0/10 Will not download. Items download a day later with the wrong dates/titles. I have listened to EVERY SINGLE HOUR for the past 3+ years and now I can’t get LA’s number one sports show Mason and Ireland for my drive to and from work. I’m going crazy.
Mason & Ireland are a Pro broadcasting team, the best two man weave in LA they sound so good and play off each other well they put on a radio clinic. If you want to learn from the best or just enjoy good talk radio these guys are a must listen whether you're a sports fan or not they don't disappoint
I rarely miss an episode! Love these guys!
Mason & Ireland are the best LA sports talk radio show. Sadly I moved away from LA, but I can’t imagine the pain without this podcast!!!
It’s gets me through the second half of work lol
This show has great content. Mason and Ireland make a great duo as they discuss sports. Great inside and analysis of sports related topics. Been a fan of them for many years.
Yo yo yo fellas Masón is thee friggin best sports talk radio host, he’s up there with Vince Scaly (😂) bros, I love fast track and when u guys have momma momo on keep up the work fellas Ireland’s cool too!Who’s house? Rams House!!!!!! Woot woot
Why does it take Forever for you fools to put the show on the podcast?
Great show nothing like those clowns in the morning Dan zampillow should fire travis Rodgers he’s garbage


By mtaei
Mason and Ireland is a go to option for podcasts if u want to hear about sports and enjoy conversation. Ireland’s and Masons undying love for the Los Angeles Lakers reflects the feelings of the majority of the fan base while still being accepting of detractors. Overall I can say I enjoy listening to this podcast enough to wait for it to be uploaded.
Semi-entertaining Good Dodger info from Mason and Greg Ireland doesnt know much about sports, makes UCLA grads look bad More guest appearances by Thompson and Trudell would be great
The best show
Best show on ESPN and would follow these two anywhere. However, they’re engineers and producers are sub par at best. They never shut up during the show. Let the stars talk that we tune in for! Also super disappointing when you go to listen to the podcast at 1:30pm (1.5 hours after show has started) and hour 1 isn’t even uploaded yet. Which is the only reason I have 4 stars. The hosts, the show, and content are 5 stars, but the low budget Espn first time producers sometimes steal the show in a very very bad way.
I love this show but I listen via podcast usually a few days behind. However, when I download the podcast, I keep getting shows with the wrong date. Recently, I listen to Thursday show and got Friday's content. Today, I listen to Friday show but got Monday's content. So please update the show properly. Sometimes I have to go the ESPN app but I hate how that app can't increase speed.
I don't know who's in charge of engineering but they need to be fired. Why is one mic on whisper mode? Do u not hear the show to test audio?


By LGrantU
My favorite LA sports radio show hosts. Thanks, guys.
Mason has been doing this for so long, it feels like he's over it. They use the same annoying shtick "I'll tell you next" (after the commercial) every goddamn time. It's just not good enough to have on for THREE hours a day.
With the cancellation of the ESPN Radio app, there is no place to download the hours of shows for offline listening. ESPN please fix this.