Reviews For RockStartUp - Web 2.0 Reality TV

Love the show, wish we could get more insighht into the personal lives of all the employees and see what they are like outside of the office. But still a great idea and great show, very well produced and edited.
it is a nicely produced video cast - i'd like to see longer episodes however. 6 minute episodes are good as a teaser. longer episodes will truly help people understand what you guys are thinking for your company. i think that lots of people are confused regarding your charter and although i understand you might not have time to go out in a crusade to change people's minds you should take some time in the podcast to explain what PPP is about..... my view - is that folks don't like it because it is a way to get free money for irrelevant content. unless that is your business model you truly should explain what are the future plans .... unless there are no plans.