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This show has all the elements for a great podcast. The hosts are sharp, well spoken, and are effective in concisely arguing their opinions on gaming matters. Unforunately, most of these talents are lost in a show that is sometimes confusingly and unnecessarily tangential at best. The hosts seem well aware of this, and often are amused by their ability to get off-topic multiple times. While this can make for some fun occassional banter, most of the time I find myself frustrated by their inability to focus on the topics they advertise at the beginning of their show. Other times they don't even get around to discussing a topic because they instead spend 10 minutes at a time doing annoying impersonations of Bobby Kotick (that stopped being funny after the 100th time btw). I really want to enjoy this podcast. As mentioned before, all the ingredients for something special is there. They just need to spend less time reading "shout out" emails and doing the same impersonation shtick, and more time putting together a focused and polished product. One of the hosts often boasts this show's professional qualities (avoiding foul language and other principles of "good radio"), but they are missing the most important element of a professional show: focus.
This podcast is an amazing mix of satire, comedy, factual information, opinion, more satire, and general genuine commentary about the current state of the gaming world. Focus on Blizz-Actavision monarchy and how it is damaging the gaming market is the flavor of the year. Fantastic.
I've returned and listend since March 2010. Show's are greatly improved from the old days. Why? Octale doesn't seem to angry anymore, just talks a good, smart show. Hordack is a great talker too. I have only heard Doc Dead once in four shows, not sure how he is. Overall if you haven't listened to this show in a while it is well worth your time. My work no longer allows earbuds, but I am allow'd to listen on my Bose. Its a show I don't have to be worried about.
Three good friends, videogames and "Haterade." A sublime combination that supplies more fun and laughs than any other podcast available. The show can be difficult to get into, but if you stick around, you'll start to understand the inside jokes and appreciate the trios ability to actually back up what they claim. O&H are often hilarious, odd and always informative. Octale is the bombastic, "hate-spewing" loud-mouth that you'll either love, or love-to-hate. Hordak is the calmer of the two, the "clarifyer"; the one who keeps Octale's tyraids in check. P**s Hordak off, EA? People who don't use their turn signals? You'll find yourself in a whirlwind tag-team hate-storm. Recently added co-host Doc Dead is that friend in the circle that is constantly and lovingly ragged on. Doc Dead facilitates pants-wetting joking, and provides well thought out opinion. Together, the three form an unstoppable podcast trio of doom. They'll disect your game, and than eviscerate your stupid design decisions into a myriad scrap pile of fail. As charged with "Haterade" as they are, they always back up their charged statements with solid logic. Have a listen or two, and find yourself becoming one of the gang.
A loyal listener from before show one at wcradio. This morning I sent in an e-mail to the wcradio site saying that the itunes feed for O&H was not working. The afternoon of the same day, i went and checked the feed. Ta daaa, it is magicly working again. Thank you for the super fast fix. Now i can continue to enjoy the god like banter of O&H+D.
Not much game info. Mostly angry nerd rants.
+1! to grow on!
I've been a listener now for about six months? Yeah..that's about right, and each show I've devoured has been better than the last. My week just isn't right unless I hear the Lords of Hatred spew their viscous magma of spite! The rants are amazing, the drop-ins are stellar, and the fact that the show BEGINS with the Nature Boy? I was hooked the moment I heard that. Best WoW podcast barnone and I agree with TB, you guys are what makes WoW Radio awesome. 5 stars all the way! Mega-fives shall be distributed accordingly. (Parrak 80 Orc Hunter Tichondrius-US)
I'll keep this one short, your show is awesome! You guys f'in crack me up! Don't change anyting, keep up the good work. Tomaxx of Kilrogg


There are many other WoW podcasts more deserving of your time. One of the hosts seems to monopolize most of the show with pontifications worthy of Rush Limbaugh, but without the charm. He sounds like a twenty-something "professional" who likes to pretend he's important and successful he in RL to compensate for adolescent inadequacies. Self-important gamers are the saddest kind.
Love the show guys. A great mix of games that actual GAMERS would play. Not for the Wii of heart. Keep it up! Go short leg go :P
I thought the show was good untill Octale started ranting every week about casual players and players who have a life. Hey guys...WoW is just a game....take a chill pill.
Your guys show is hilarious. Octales hating, Hordaks loving and Docdeads healing makes it a perfect show. 5/5 guys ;D
Okay so this podcast is pure [GOLD].... seriously this is a hillariously clever podcast and is something everyone can enjoy.
The first podcast I ever listened to and I haven't stopped listening for over a year. Entertaining, always making good points, and seriously these guys know their way around a controller/keyboard/joystick/calculator.


I used to enjoy listening to this show, but find it rather annoying lately. Inside jokes are enjoyable with a group of friends who all know what's going on, broadcasting them is an amateur practice. It's boring for everyone else (your audience) who's not in on the joke. I'm not offended, just bored. Sorry guys, like I said, I really did used to enjoy the show. But then again, if your #'s are up, props to you and I'm the one that's wrong here, peace.
These guys have been around for a long time and they never seem to get old. For anyone that plays video games, listen to this!
This show is definately one of the best gaming shows ever! These guys are hillarious. This is a combination of every type of gamer. Octale is the cynical jerk gamer, Hordak is the open minded gamer, and DocDead is the casual and laid back gamer. This combination creates some extremely hillarious discussions about games.


By Nanitas
Great show! These boys know what they are talking about.
and Octale, i bet you're really just a big teddy bear!
Great show, and the hosts are hilarious.
love this podcast if only it got updated at some point ..... whats up itunes ?
Everyone needs to check this Podcast out 5/5 Stars
Octale and Hordak vs The World pulled me into WoW Radio and I was hooked. Their witty banter and amusing conversations are (almost) award winning, and it there is no questions as to why. Octale and Hordak usually seem very educated about speaking points and the subjects that they talk about even if they sometimes deny it. I loved the show so much... The d following love is no typo my friends. The show has transformed into a podcast that seems to be more for their guild then the good people of WoW Radio and the gaming community. I can only imagine how the constant references to their guild (Versus the World) and inside jokes between the co-hosts could ostracize and baffle new listeners or those uninterested in the guild Versus the World. For those that can stand the constant inside jokes and guild bias, the show is very enjoyable. I wish I could still love it... I would recommend that everyone gives the show a try however or atleast listen to the archives. The show contains things worth listening to, but my patience wanes. From Euphoria the Long Time Listener, Former Lover, Current One Who Dislikes, Soon Hater If The Show Continues In This Fashion


Great podcast and i don't even play WOW. Found out about you guys from SWF need more wrestling jokes
This show has grown to be one of my absolute favorites. The witty banter between the hosts and professionalism are what make this podcast great. They are informed about their topics and have years of experience to back up their words. They have sound arguments and a large realm of knowledge. These guys are also hilarious, I can't remember having laughed so much. I highly recommend this show to everyone as it is one of the best created podcast I have ever listened to. It is very well done, thank you Octale, Hordak, and Dr. Dead for all your hard work.
these guys talk about wow some but get very distracted by tangents but they r hilarious so check them out
I have listened to these guys for almost two years. They are good. At their best when they're not trying to be comedians. Hit a definite lull when they both stopped playing WoW and would to often tend go on the same old rant about stupid gamers. Seem to be on the path towards returning to their former glory. At times one of the best gaming/WoW podacasts around.

By KJPod
It's a show about WoW, but these two have an opinion about everything, and will share it (even if it takes twelve hours). If you need to blow off some steam and you play WoW, there are few people you'd do better to spend time with.


By Ozien
Uninformed and slightly funny. If these guys would take the time to research their topics it would be a much better listen. They are mildly knowledgable about WoW, but since it's not just a WoW podcast, there are other more informed and entertaining podcasts out there.
Octale and Hordak make everything interesting. This was the first podcast that i listened to out of wow radio and every time i hear something i laugh. They bring up topics that need to be addressed and all in a very humorous way. Even though i don't agree with everything they say, i love hearing about different views and Octale and Hordak offer that by the boat loads.
Very high quality and very professional, the podcast witty and entertaining at all times.
Octale and Hordak are the supreme overlords of hate, of rants, and of... pee? Hm, that didn't come out right. At any rate, a brilliant show, with varied and smart opinions, great humor, and an overall great feel. One of the things I look forward to every week. Keep the hate flowing, comrades.
Often funny but way too many drop-ins that get replayed every week. I'd say about 20% of the shows content is waiting for the no drop-in to finish.
Rant filled, opinionated, and full of highlarious sidetracks, this is defently worth the download.
Octale and Hordak do a very professional, highly entertaining and insightful podcast. They have no fear of speaking their opinions, and backing them up with facts and reasonable arguments. Their diatribes are best described as epic, and the witty banter between the hosts, good friends IRL apparently, keep the atmosphere light and amusing at all times, even when discussing moderatly technical topics of game mechanics, or the immaturity or irresposability of development houses and individual gamers alike. Only a 4/5 however as Octale is the dominant host and "gushes hate" more often, it would be nice to hear from Hordak more. His preformance is less sensational, but if he gets going on a topic, it can lead to the best rants I've ever heard.
I love this podcast the most, not because it will leave a smile on your face for the entire show, but for the fact that it's informative, outlandish, and totally awesome. I hope these guys keep up with the good work and continue to upload great shows.
This podcast is the greatest podcast i have ever listened to. I love it and i don't even play wow, octale and hordak are so awesome i almost want to play wow because of them. This is the Best Podcast Ever!x27
Now I generally don't write reviews on Itunes, in fact this would be the first. But Octale and Hordak is by far the best that WoW radio has to offer, wowinsider is a close second in my opinion. Octale is opinionated and convincing with many of his arguments. I don't always agree but I value the opinions of the show. I personally am in a 4 night a week 4 hour a night raiding guild as we are 1 boss from Illidan currently and as far as concept and topic discussion this is the show that relates most to the stuff I am interested in listening too, game concept overall and guild structure seem to be common and well discussed concepts. Overall a great show! Would like a little more discussion regarding WoW in general but they don't play anymore so I understand in that regard.
Been a listener for a long time now, The show is great. Always laughing at the rants these guys come up with, not because they are laughable opinions but how they present them is great. Keep Squeezing out the hateraide!
love it or hate it Octale and Hordak vs the world rocks. these guys talk smack on just about everything! be prepared for hatex27 on everything you hold dear
This podcast is one of the best out there right now. Octale and Hordak both have great chemistry together in the podcast and it shows. Both offer differentiating opinions on topics but do it in a manner that is intelligent and interesting. If you wanted a podcast that gives both hilarity and seriousness when needed, then this is the podcast for you.
The host are smart and very well informed. Yes there opinions are strong and sometimes i dont agree with them (lolhellgate?) but when they i hear the jethro voice start talking about the arcane missle spam i feel happy inside :3. The drop-ins are alright and dont really get that old, take it deep and the "nos" seem to be slightly overplayed, but hey OVER 9000!!!!!!!!! The show has some flaws like everything else, but they are all throughly mitigated by the overwhelming win that seeps through these tubes.. which may be Hordak's pee D:. Keep on hating fellers -<3 and what not, loveboat 70 orc rogue mal'ganis us(new 70 dont judge >:O)
Octale and Hordak do a 2 hour show full of drop ins, and very definate opinions on quite a few subjects gaming, including, of course, World of Warcraft. While, I might not always aggree with thier opinions on matter, they are well thought out and informative enough that even, in the few cases where I do disaggree, I can see were they are coming from. They cover a lot of things, including, in large part, how to make your experience in an MMO better for you and those around you. With things such as responsiblity to your guild or friends, it allows those of us running up against similar problems to enjoy them ranting against it. The rants, however, are informative and give the new gamer into WOW or just MMOs in general information they need to make informed choices about thier time in WOW and what they could reasonable be expected time wise and intelligence wise to commit to any given activity. Great, funny, and very informative show. Dazerla


By Chizzad
This show is double chocolate good!
Octale and Hordak are probably the greatest general gaming show you'll find anywhere. The produtcion quality alone raises the bar for other shows. You will really start to notice how badly other shows, not on wcradio of course, are. Together O&H make a fantastic team, that will (I hope) entertain us for decades to come.... yeah i said it DECADES! They are the reason I have donated to this station and together with TB are the reason I listen every week.
Octale and Hordak deliver an entertaining view of the gaming world, including but not limited to WoW.