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Reviews For The JogTunes Indie Podcast

So great! Thanks for adding my band Chaser Eight to the mix!


By Shamu55
Love this podcast. Eclectic tunes to get moving to! Nice work Dr B..
I've been a fan for years! no boring electronic bit here! only great music and very well paced for all levels of fitness! just amazing!
When I look for podcasts for my work out, I don't want someone talking through it. You get into your work zone and then the DJ talks. Also I was using iTunes but when I didn't like a song (found the first one boring), I couldn't forward past the song. Sorry, but if your music is killing my work out, I want to move to the next song. Not for me.


First of all, this isn't the indie music you're expecting when you seen indie podcast. This was comprised of awful jazz and reggae and some of the most annoying auto tune I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. This guys voice is unpleasant and distracting! You talk waaaaayyy too much. He definitely does not have a voice for radio either. I was struggling to find some joy in the music and then he would begin to speak and I couldn't decide what was worse. This made for a miserable run. Delete!
Really interesting mix to keep you on your feet. Thanks JogTunes.
This is cool! Dr Bob paces it out and features a variety of Indy music. What a great way to inspire, motivate and introduce new artists to exercise enthusiasts! Thanks so much Jog Tunes for supporting Independent artists while keeping folks in shape!! :0) Patty Mattson
Nice variety and convenient for me to just download and go run. Great way to discover new artists, too.
i like this station. I think I prefer the Choplogic Radio podcast, which has entire shows and often better music. if you haven't heard it, i highly recommend it.
Very great, well thought out and quality every time.
Thanks Dr Bob for this excelente musical selection, the graduate change on pace and the great tunes makes working out really enjoyable!!
Jog Tunes rocks. It works for my bike and run training,
Thanks for putting together this music for our enjoyment! Nice mix and appropriate tempo.
This is my new favorite podcast. It is so nice to have music to run to that is interesting and entertaining. The variety makes my runs more enjoyable and I have found a few artists that I really like along the way
Dr. Bob hosts a radio-style mix for runners that can't be beat. Compared to Podrunner (to which I also subscribe and love), JogTunesIndie has a much wider variation in tempo, starting at a comfortable trot then peaking at around 180 bpm, then cooling off. Also, he provides intros to the music every few songs, and the songs are more alt-rock than DJ Steveboy's electronica. Again, love them both -- you will too. Download these episodes and hit the road!