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I’ll make this a 5 star review (and listen thru all of the ads) if you get the ad bot service, or whatever is used by your podcast service, to take out the false and misleading anti-Biden / Democratic ads, even if it means no political ads.
One of the best comic book podcasts out there! John has great rapport with the creators and gets some WONDERFUL content from them. I especially appreciate how many shows he’s put out during the 2020 pandemic. Listen and enjoy!
Was a decent podcast until the the colors were shown by introducing a bunch of communist propaganda.
Very enjoyable. Excellent host who has his head in the right place in creating great content. Surprised he was not on Wikipedia. It would be a great idea if he created a page there. People like to look up the history of the person who is providing the interviews and content.
This is THE podcast if you like comic books and graphic novels. The host is very knowledgeable and gets the most out of the people he is interviewing. It always feels like a fun, relaxed conversation among friends.
I can easily say Word Balloon is the finest, most accurate, nonsense and drama free podcast on comics. It only gets better with the occasional tweaks to its format. John is the master of interviews, asking solid questions and allowing the conversation to flow where it will yet keeping it on an interesting track. John is a helluva guy and deserves your attention. The cast is bias free and covers from the mighty Big Two to the smallest of indie creators. His passion for the medium is only rivaled by his knowledge of comics. John has a powerful radio voice that is both professional and casual. Why are you still reading this? Go listen to Word Balloon!!
Cannot say enough about what John does on this show. Absolutely phenomenal and a must listen. Great host with a better personality and an all star lineup of guests. Thank you so much for the hours and hours upon content.
Thoroughly addicted to this podcast. Some of the most entertaining interview I have ever heard. Love all the book and movie recommendations too.
John is a great podcast host and an even nicer person. I really enjoy listening to this podcast on a weekly basis. Deep dive interviews are super cool.
In depth interviews with the best of the best in comics and entertainment. If you are a comics fan or a process nerd, this is an absolute must. Remarkable insights and stories from legends of the industry. Been listening to Word Balloon for over 10 years and there’s nothing else like it!
John’s interviews are both highly informative and highly entertaining. He quickly has a natural rapport with each guest. He also understands his audience’s need for lots of good content and he is delivering in high gear. The trivia episodes are especially fun! And if you haven’t listened to “the Bendis tapes” you are missing out!
Love these chats with creators of all eras!
In the first 7 minutes I think I counted 5 ads, all at different points in the 7 minute span. One AT&T ad literally interrupted the host mid-sentence. I had to double check to make sure I didn’t somehow accidentally skip ahead. I’ve never seen that on a podcast before. The podcast is fine I’m sure, but integrating ads actually requires a little restraint and effort.


I am hooked on this show. We don’t get enough interviews that are so relaxed and informative anymore. This is in my week rotation all the time now!
If you have ever wanted to get into the mind of a creator you love, really understand their thought process and their own personal views about the comic industry, I cannot think of a better podcast than WordBalloon. With appearances from some of the top writers in the industry to lesser known, up and coming creators, John provides a platform for them to speak, and gives them a chance to express themselves freely, which I find wonderful. John himself is amiable, knowledgeable, and just a genuinely great host, and seems genuinely excited to be talking each and every creator, no matter how well known they might be. It doesn’t matter how many projects they have done or have coming up, John engages with each creator like a friend, and let’s them speak as openly as they like. Would I recommend? Absolutely. Hell, I’d recommend listening to some old episodes of WordBalloon if you have the time as the conversations are truly fascinating. I always look forward to hearing the next Word Balloon podcast.
If Chris Farley was alive, liked comics, and had a podcast, this would be it. "Hey Bendis! Remember when you made all the people Skrulls?!? That was cool, man!"
Such a great comics show with awesome interviews. The occasional political screed is annoying and his shyness from controversial comics subject matter is apparent (Ex: conservative comic creators), but it’s the best place for audible comic creator interviews.
Great stuff. Keep it up, John. Still waiting on that Brian Vaughan interview.
Best pop culture interview show you’ll find on any platform.
Not only is John a fantastic host and interviewer, but I feel that with every episode I listen to, I gain more and more valuable insight into the world of comics by those who are there now. They serve as an inspiration to me whether I choose to pursue writing or just in my everyday life. And I have that in my life because of John’s fantastic podcast. Thank you for what you do John!
John is a masterful interviewer who talks to so many legendary creators about everything you'd want to hear. You'll get so many behind the scenes stories, reflections of characters, writing insights, and more that make this show a must listen for anyone with just a mild interest in comics. John keeps things extremely casual which reflects in the interviews which are more open conversations where the guests just show their true selves and talk like friends hanging out.
John your show is consistently good but I feel your show opens are a bit too long maybe you could script your opens in order to be more concise. Otherwise your spontaneity and enthusiasm are great.
John brings it consistently - been a listener for years and it’s never been better!
John has connections with all of the top comics talent and the interviews are fantastic. The format is long enough to go into a lot of depth, while also venturing off topic a bit sometimes in a way to help you get to know the guests better. Tom King was also recommending this podcast at his WonderCon panel.
My only real complaint is one interview they went off topic talking about boxing and UFC
John’s podcast is a classic podcast that runs the gamut of comics and pop-culture. He is truly a fan of the medium and has extensive knowledge of each guest and asks really interesting questions and breathes new life into the comics talk week after week. This podcast deserves so much more recognition and is definitely worth a listen. Great work, John!
Longtime listener of Wordballoon. John Siuntres has the best comic book podcast out there! Always a treat to listen to the episodes.
This podcast is one of the most important pieces of modern comic history. A treasure trove of interviews. John Siuntres brings great interviewing every time and talks with some of the biggest and best creators in comic history and today. Check it out true believer.
John is a true pro! Asks great questions and has all the guests I want to hear from.
Love the conversations. But please address the sound levels.
If you enjoy comics and the people who create them John's conversations with creators provide awesome insights into the artists and their process. Word Balloon is the Fresh Air of comic book conversation. :-)
Siuntres seems like a good interviewer on the surface, but he is actually far more interested in sucking up to A-list comics creators. He is awed by their fame and rarely if ever challenges them on any key issues. For over a decade he has had access to all the big industry names, and during this time we have seen the industry collapse at near freefall speed, but you wouldn't know this by listening to Word Balloon. Everything is fine, it seems. Siuntres is also extremely close-minded and intollerant when it comes to people whose opinions differ from his own, and he lacks the self-control to keep irrelevant political topics to himself. So get ready to have interview after interview ruined by angry political ranting. Sad.
My new favorite podcast. Knowledgeable host and guests, good discussion and none of the self importance that plagues comic books and pop culture. I love how the host brings together the worlds of comics and boxing.

By Zac G
Word Balloon is in a class by itself when it comes to comic book/pop culture podcasts. It’s more than an interview show, it’s a conversation, which runs both ways. Because of that, the conversation goes to interesting places organically. It sounds like friends talking more than someone being interviewed. As a result you get some very open, honest conversations that go to real places and are not the standard interview. He’s also able to gain access to record panels at conventions. The guests are A List all the way whether he’s speaking Brian Bendis, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction, Joe Quesada, Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb, Scott Snyder, or any number of other amazing creators. It’s truly a unique experience that I could not recommend more to anyone interested.
Make no doubt about it John is great at what he does. Great guests, great interviewer but I wish he would keep his political views out of it. I want to listen to his pod to hear about comics, tv, etc not how much he hates Trump. I’ve had to stop listening several times because of this. I keep going back because he’s so good but don’t know how much more I can take. Please John at least tone it down a little, you’re alienating half your audience.
I’m a long time listener, and thoroughly enjoy hearing from A-list creators. However, Word Balloon can be frustrating, as the host has a habit of talking over and interrupting his guests. A good example is the March 8th 2018 interview with Tom King. At times you can hear Tom struggling to get a word in edgewise, and I’d really like to have known what Tom was going to say, but he was interrupted or cut off, so I’ll never know. Regardless, the guests are great, and I regularly recommend the podcast to others. However, while I understand the format is dubbed a “conversation”, I really wish the interviewer would let the guest do the lions share of the talking. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
Listened off and on for while, and then became a regular listener. What I enjoyed in my comics escape was now gone. Became political and I'm not interested in that.
I only recently subscribed to this podcast but am steadily going through a bevy of older episodes. John Siuntres has got himself a truly awesome show here. I've been looking for a show like this for quite some time. Absolutely love the one on one conversations with industry proffesionals specifically of the comic book persuation. A lot of comic book podcast's consist of fans sitting around giving their two cents on latest titles, movies, etc. which is fine but eventually get's pretty tiresome. So far some of my favorite episodes have been Mike Mignola, Alex Ross, Mark Waid, Kelly Jones, Rags Morales & Dan Jurgens. Word Balloon has top notch production quality too.
John paved the way for a generation of podcasters and comic geeks alike. When I first started listening to Word Balloon, I was barely 16 years old. This show got me back into comics, and helped propell me down the road that would eventually lead to making my own comic book podcast, and making my own comics. The knowledge stored within the episodes of this podcast couldn't even be contained in some of the largest libraries in the world. If you're even curious about comics, this show is well worth your time. John, thank you for connecting myself and so many others with the worlds of both podcasts and comic books. You deserve all the gratitude and recognition in the world. Cheers, Jason Hammons - The Savage Land Podcast
For over ten years, John Siuntres has been applying his veteren radio skills to podcasting about comics. His professionalism is what makes this podcast really stand out. He's an experienced interviewer who produces in-depth discussions with a variety of Comic Book Pros. Future generations will benefit greatly from John's efforts to provide such quality interviews with the Comic Book Creators of this era.
Best comic pod period
Nobody does it better than John Siuntres. Now, get your head out of the gutter! Siuntres easily delivers the best podcast covering comics and pop culture. He's basically the Charlie Rose of this medium. He is articulate, has a great sense of humor, and knows his stuff. Every interview he does is prepared for and has great questions and insights. He's not afraid to voice his opinion and oftentimes leads his guests down interesting and informative avenues and even tangents. Also, and I feel this is very important to the excellence of the podcast, John gets the best talents in the biz to come on the show. You'll get to hear Bendis ramble, listen to Greg Rucka complain, and best of all get to feel the sensation of Siuntres's velvety voice. If you read and love comics, enjoy film, 70's TV shows (John is getting long in the tooth), and even boxing, Siuntres is your man.
If you love comics, pop culture, classic TV and good movies; you have to listen to John and his cavalcade of incredible guests!!!
John - your podcast is always such a good time, and you get the best guests. Keep up the good work!
If you're into comics, this is without question the very best podcast on the subject. Required listening.
Endlessly informative and entertaining, John Siuntres brings professional broadcast skills to this superlative interview show. An outstanding showcase of current pop culture, geek culture, comic books and the reach of the source material's influence throughout entertainment. The guests are luminaries, the host is mellifluous, the podcast is indispensable.
As a comics pro and creator, like so many others in my line, I consider John Siuntres’ Word Balloon to be the greatest comics podcast ever. John knows everyone in comics and has interviewed all the living greats. He’s earned our respect with his unmatched knowledge of comics, his easygoing manner, his radio pro audio engineer skills, and his incisive mind. Also, he’s a big old nerd and he’s got some of the best stories. If you ever get to hang out and drink with him in a bar, do it. It’s the only way you’ll top this show.
This is the one where you get REAL interveiws and causual converstions from the creators in the Industry , John is a real comic fan/historian and a extremely talntened interviewer. I could say so much more but its not necessary, pick an episode that has a topic or individual your interested in and then be prepared to be hooked.
Even when John compiles clips from past episodes to address recent events, there are new nuggets of gold to be found. The recent reminiscences about Muhammad Ali are a great example - John framed an earlier discussion with Neal Adams with some memories of his own encounters with "The Greatest." I almost always enjoy this show, and sometimes I have to visit my local comic shop to pick up something one of the guests mentions or is hawking. Thanks for your hard work, John!