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Love the podcast wait for this every week
Keep them coming!
You had a a cappella song on your podcast about a prayer for Jerusalem and it's no longer there??????
I disagree with you noah's ark. Just the opposite. we should try to fill up this place with as much Jewishness as possible. Thanks so much Ari. I love you so much!
Loved "Sheves Achim" Looking forward to "Sheves Chaverim" Keep doing what you do! -a fellow composer
The acapella was awesome! Post some more - special request Ad
vote this review as most helpful if you want itunes to start selling more popular current jewish music on i-tunes
itunes is not a place for this (frum music)
It has breath taking music. If Ari ever reads this, I say hello. You may not remember me, but I met you at the Seattle Kollel, and you signed my copy of Lishuascha Kivinu. Your singing is GREAT!!!!
This is absolutely gr8!! i hope more will be posted soon