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Shamus you gotta make more! These were saving me money.LOL but seriously you have some good info just when you say you done don't hang around and ramble.
Hey dude, you got a good thing going with your voice really freakin soothing that makes me sleep. Not being mean, really thank you. But half the time I think you don't know what the hell you're talking about. So just read up a little more.
Wow, this is really bad. No one wants to hear a kid ramble on in a monotonous voice about how he likes to play videogames. Try something, writing, so that way people can read your stuff without getting turned off by waiting for you.


Your podcasts are good, but you need to be alittle more enthusiastic.[prob spelled wrong]. And in your first cast you made a mistake saying that call of duty 2 had 16 players, it actually only had 8 which was a very significant change. Besides that it was good! :)
I see that some of the people who subscribe to my podcast also do to yours. Ive been listening. You have a lot of growing to do, but don't listen to this #!$#@!#% that just gave you 1 star. He gave me 1 too. O well. Cant make everyone happy. Let me know if you want to cover anything gears of war related and I will come on your show.


I feel a sleep listing to this i can learn all of this stufff by reading the describtion on the back of the game box the host on here is also boring.
these are great podcast and are very helpful. keep up the good work man.
sience i have a 360 i love theese podcasts because they help out with games