Immanuel Bible Church

Reviews For Immanuel Bible Church

Finding a church that actually teaches the Bible & the real Gospel is something that every difficult nowadays. But Immanuel Bible Church always preaches the truth, I can always count on hearing the true Word of God preached when I listen to the sermons. I love Jesse’s style of teaching and since I started attending the church, i have seen so much spiritual growth in my walk! Thank you for allowing God to use you all to strengthen the body & thank you so much for boldly delivering uncompromising truth in a world where it can be so hard to find.
Jesse teaches from scripture with very real world applications. He always go back to scripture as the source. I haven’t found a good local teacher; this podcast complements my fellowship.
Our new pastor preaches the whole truth with boldness, encouragement, exhortation, guidance, warning. So often seems like he is speaking straight at me and others have shared the same. Worth listening to if you want to hear truth of God's word.
Dr. Ron Jones has such a great message! They need to update this Podcast more often!