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This station got me hooked on dubstep, keep up the hard work
i like the raw & organic dubstep , not like the commercial shiettt !!! in holy bass i trust πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ”₯😎


By Deneb56
Loving it!! Please make more!
Nice stuff :)
How do I access Dubstep.FM Archives old podcast from 2010 through 2012?
I live in Miami and I always look out for Earthquake weather so I can download and look cool in my car, thanks JVIZ! Dubstep.fm is the real deal bruh.,
i've been listening for over two years now and this continues to be my favorite podcast for actual dubstep (not the hyped mainstream crap), as well as other types of edm. The host(s) are funny and occasionally chime in during a transition (thanks Jviz!) so it gives this podcast a more personal feel. Great sound quality, genre choice, and mixing. If you are into industrial-electro, then this is you. Heavy, heavy business.
Just what I needed for my runs on the trail.. Please play::: "Saxon - Chase N Status" and "Mt Eden Dubstep (HD) Sierra Lionel"..... Thanks! Rene, VoF
It was catchy but I had to stop once lyrics came in. Gross. Woman hating machismo never improves music.
If you don't like what u hear, just wait for the next tune. By far the best dubstep podcast. Better than iclub:dub


By Ppr cut
You already know ;)
I've been listening for a while. The thing that really convinced me to post a review was the BWOMP New Years Extravaganza for 2011/2012. This 7 hour beauty of an episode blew my mind. Another strong contender was the 2011 Thanksgiving special. The regular episodes are good in their own rights. The extended (who does a 7 hour podcast these days?) episodes are in an arena all their own. Whenever it's time to listen to Dubstep.fm, I break out a pair of headphones kept just for this purpose. Other podcasts can have the regular, everyday headphones. These guys get their own special pair to make the most of the music.
I'm a little bit addicted I must say


By P Fuss
Just flat out didn't like it.....listener at the gym and was not satisfied


How do u listen to it
Great dub all the time and free! I want to donate ASAP!
This will take forever to download


Plzzzz come out wit new podcasts alreaddyyy meanninngg jviz,dankdealz,rougedub,biofunk and of course construct!!!


By !Ferus!
Well done my friend. Well done.
I've been into dubstep for a while and when I was introduced to Dubstep.FM I was instantly hooked. The first podcast I ever heard by them, and still my personal favorite, is the 2011-01-09 podcast. The bass never stops in these podcasts! Keep it up!
Dubattack's set lists are the best :)
100% dope mixes
Without getting to detailed. I travel a lot. Now I smile while I do it. Thanks.
Grimey tracks and heavy sub... Big ups!


By anetoiu
+1 fan here


Idk how I livedmy life before I got this.
Especially the sets by mister tminus. His sets make me want to dance naked in the rain... On mars. <3 Moxie
This podcast is where I got my dubstep start! It is amazing give it a try!
Man I gotta say.....I stumbled on this podcast by accident. Nothin gets me through my workouts at the gym quite the same. Was always a house/trance/tech fan but this is like the Autobots of Transformers fame decided to be a DJ. Good sh*+ no doubt. Keep em' coming!
This podcast is Great! But i was wondering if you could tell us what songs you mixed together so i can buy the orginal song ;) thanks
I have been listening to this podcast since October of last year and I love every minute of it and it's great listening to the podcast with my DJ headphones cuz the bass is so sick my only problem is that the dj's never say the title of any of the songs
Get you fix of sub bass.
Big ups 2 all Dubstep leaderz n followers! Tunes that make loud systems a whole lot louder... Mos def Catchy & Inspiring Keep it flowing. Highly recommend to All music Listeners everywhere But, beware, this music is so addicting
Dont forget to checkout Mixshow with Donnie Brasco for more dub delights!
Dubstep.fm is the siccest podcast out if you like dubstep! If you haven't heard dubstep subscribe now!!! It'll floor you with the illest drop on the scene, from LA to Chicago to NYC to London! peeps get Hyphy!!!!! Hyphy Life every day All Day!!! Holla!!!


This is amazingly sick... Sooooo great
I absoultly love this podcast, it plays all sorts of dubstep from slow and mellow, to absolute grime and filth! Mostly underground tracks but plays some big hits!! If anyone knows where i can get a tracklist for any of these podcasts please let me know! i am dying not knowing the songs of these filthy drops!!!!!!!!!!!
I love reading all the reviews that say this is music people have been looking for all their life, and thinking the exact same thing. Yeah, words do not even describe the epicness you guys unleash
Has that slightly stoopid song at the beginning I del on accident


By JHerina
Great mixes to stream or download for free. How can you beat that?
I'm not able to download the podcast anymore... Fix it please!!!


Podcast doesnt download anymore...
Hook this awsome stuff up to a mega amp!!! Holy @$!?
Keep the Libansky household rocking. Cool beats and great mixes keeps Denver the Mile High. Smoke it up


La dubstep familia
great tunes. you guys gotta stop trying so hard with the uk slang though. it sounds ridiculous.
DUBSTEP.FM...This podcast is on another level of music. If you need to break the cycle of copycat formula rappers or lame electronic sounds and unoriginal beats... you need to subscribe. There is a lot of content, so get ready to be engulfed in this non-contemporary genre. You can try the others, but this one is top notch! I would refer you to The Rush Dubstep Show. Rap hybrid dubstep is my personal favorite. Subwoofers are def a plus!