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It's Awsome and funny
Ur friggin funny, but I got offended when you said there's not Jesus , there is ......he is real But ya ur funny n stuff just don't say that kinda stuff u know ? -1 star for that
j bigga is the most awesomest person ever!!!!!!!
LOVE HIM!!! Totally love all of his songs especially the funny ones haha


I want the botdf blood on the dancefloor. Episode on my iPod but it won't download can someone please please fix this problem please
I LOVE YOU JBIGGA! SUPER FUNNY AND UBER TRUE! Don't stop being awesome!!!
Ok the blood on the dance floor one doesn't download to my iPod touch fix this issue please I would really like to have that episode


Because I don't like Justin bieber at all and a charzard 0_0 can you imagine how big that would be. And there has to be some hot girls on glee that and they could serenade you while there doing it.


A justin Bieber cause he reminds me of a girl so id rather be rapped by an almost girl instead of a pokemon or Glee!!


lol hillarious! i love this guy!
I love that video! I think it's so sweet how in the end jayy kisses dahvie's forehead :P I love j bigga and blood on the dance floor! <333


Because 1) Justin Bieber looks way too young and that would just be..wrong. 2) Glee? Yeahhh...no. 3) pokemon are just that awesome.
Okay, so I love J Bigga with all my heart, and he's the best thing since sliced bread. So I actually OWN an iPod Video, and half the stuff won't sync over because it's got the wrong settings or something. Fix it please? But anyway, this is the best video podcast ever(:
Because Justin biebers H O T and your N O T!!!!


Only because of the small cute little pokemon and the one with the vines I'm pretty sure they know how to use them to hold you still so that is my pick now eat about u world
j bigga is hilarious. i love you!!!


Pokémon, simply because a Bulbasaur probably knows how to use them vines, if, you catch my meaning.
I love your vids!!! They make me smile. And your song "Lost Highway" is the song I'm gonna play at my funeral :)
Wow I just randomly started watching these vids and they are hilarious and very entertaining (: I hope there are LOTS MORE!
does anyone know the namae of the song in the end of the (how much p***y) podcast
His podcasts are the best get it even if you dont know who he is! They make me laugh soooo much!! -mikayla<3
J bigga rocks mi socks he is so siq i totally love him he is mi idol and you haters out there just need to shut your face ya'll just madd cause ya'll aint got super fresh style like j -peace
This is by far the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
THis is ahmayzing! kinda almost like shane dawson (i said kinda). there should be more music podcasts like this.
I love this stuff.... Oh snap son! haaa <33333
I love J Bigga!!!!Download this podcast nowwww!! He's so funniii and so inspirational in the independent artist industry.I love that.i so no wut he means about them screwing over escape the fate!!i love them too.Just buy his album.he's awesome and a pimp fosho!!also tell me that song from emo stutman also!!!:S
how can you not like J Bigga???? this guy redefines amazing :)(:
heheh i love j bigga!
i dont like the language, but when you get past that, if you can, the videos are funny


By amySIXX
J ..i love your neww stuff! ^^ keep it up. ure amazingg,no matter what all the h8ters say xP lol. they waste their time,writing reviews....it must mean they secretly love you but wont admit it xD
SOMEBODY TELL ME THE SONG FROM EMO STUNTMAN THREE!!!!!!!!!and when u do call me paxton..
These songs are really good but the videos kinda scare me lol In the video for shadows shudder he looks like Davey Havok tho
holy S*&( this guy is like wut the hell. really u shouldnt waste ur time on this crap. click yes if u agree with the fact. and by the way itunes ppl, there should be a zero star like u HATE it
I LOVE J bigga! Hes so funny and truthful its amazing and his songs are beast!
J has gone really far as a single artist. And J bigga is not a "band" dumb a*s's...
Stop freaking Hating on J!!!! his music freaking roxxxxx i love it and he speaks the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love JBIGGA!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I absolutely love this music! And he's hilarious! But, I have a question....What happened to Precious Pierre?!?!
please, don't waste your time. these are pointless and just really stupid all together.
J Bigga is amazing. He's talanted and not afraid to speak his mind. His bid on Miley Cyrus: brillent. I hope that awful no-talent watched it and cried. J is most definently superior to her.
the poeple make me laugh...haters, they just think they r betah bc their life is by what there parents or politics always told them to do =] your nothing less than an insparation , ill cry if you quit making music and videos
this is simply amazing. i love j bigga and you should totally subscribe. :D
Hahahah I LOVE It When Haterz Like Everyone "Hate" Something But end up rating it and leave a dumb comment like oh this is stupid. But you guys are stupid for even wasting your time! If you don't like something then just move on. It's that simple. I Personally <3 jbigga. I think he's amazing and a great inspriation to all the small bands on myspace. And besides; He's great at his job!! So Like Fxck Off!!! <3
I THINK its pretty funny!?!>>>


By pectin
J Bigga is amazing, and if youre just randomly watching these without knowing anything about his music...then youre a tard. So, stop complaining.
who loves J Bigga? He makes me happy. Haha love how random and heartless he is.