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Have to say, I love this podcast and eagerly await each episode. Please don't stop!
I am so upset this is my favorite podcast ever and i can't beileive they are converting it to Twilight why i love everything Joss and now my one link to it is gone. SAY IT AINT SO! This podcast is like cookie dough it should never be fully done baking.
I love fanfic :) You provide it in aubible form... What's not to love! Keep up the great work Sincerely, Lorwen
I'm enjoying listening to what other fans of Angel and Firefly have written as extensions to shows that are loved and missed. Keep up the good work Tabz and company!
This is a great podcast with lots of fanfic from all areas of the Whedonverse. There's no focus on one ship or pairing. The variety is really great.
This is the the 3rd review I've written. Let's hope it stays posted. This girl's stories are nice, but she spends 90% of the podcast NATTERING ABOUT NOTHING before she gets to them. I'd like it if she put out GOOD and NEW info about something in the Whedon-verse, but it's neither of those things. I hope she reds this and takes it to heart: Simple (meaning short) intro about the podcast for any new listeners, an intro to the story, the ACTUAL story, a closing (to include whatand when the podcast is coming next), and then a farewell til next time. It's a can't miss recipe that thousands have understood and mastered. Get it together, Tabz!!!!
I love the idea of a fanfiction podcast. The selection of of stories are diverse and interesting. I do wish that more of the podcast was devoted to the stories. I have listened to the first 20 episodes, and often out of a 40 minute to one hour podcast, only 3 to 5 minutes are takien up by the fanfic. I have often gotten frustrated with the preamble and fast forwarded straight to the story. Perhaps if the host put the story at the beginnig I would have more paitience with listening to the rest of the content. As it is I find myself wishing she would just get on with it.
Yeah! Tabz is back on a regular basis. If you enjoy fanfic, this is a great podcast. Thanks for the hard work.
This show is awesome in that it includes terrific fanfic from talented writers, and read by familiar voices from other shows! The episodes are great for roadtrips, and are entertaining, since each is different and you never know quite what to expect.


By suziqb
This is a great place for fanfic!! I love them all! Can't get enough!! Give it a try.
It is awesome to hear Buffy/Angel/firefly fan fic. Thanks tabz for all you do for the joss fanbase.
Gotta say I love the show I miss it and really want it back just becuse I love hearing fanfic even if we now have the comic book I still love and need fanfiction So hopefually you will come back. Please :(
I'm brand new to listening to podcasts but I just spent the last week devouring this one from start to finish. Since I love reading and writing fanfic, I stumbled upon this podcast and am so glad I did. I watched Buffy, Angel, and Firefly after all three shows had ended, so it was nice to hear thoughts from someone in a similar situation who nonetheless adores the Jossverse. Naturally, the fanfiction is fantastic, but the variety was a welcome aspect. There’s: news about Joss and the actors, interviews and discussions, reviews of the comics, questions of the podcasts, and other podcast recommendations. My favorite podcasts are definitely the drabble blasts; I hope there will be more of those! Even though some of the info in the episodes is outdated, it’s still wonderful to listen to because Tabz and her friends & fans are so spirited and passionate about the fandom and what’s going on in it. In one podcast, Tabz asks listeners what we do to keep the fandom alive. My answer? I listen to this podcast!
I love the idea of a podcast dedicated to fanfic from all parts of the Whedonverse, and Tabz does a great job picking stories. But the 'cast is advertised as fanfic, and what you really get is about 30 minutes of rambling, unstructured drivel followed by 2-5 minutes of fic. I literally have to fastforward almost to the end of every podcast to hear what I came for. I also prefer the more recent episodes featuring various guest readers because Tabz' own reading style is unrehearsed and disjointed. I really want to like this podcast, but it has so much unfulfilled potential that I get frustrated every time I listen. As I said, the fic is good, so I do keep listening, but I'd recommend some of Tabz' other efforts over this one. Check out the amazing Buffy Between the Lines and Firefly Talk. Her new Joss'd 'cast also shows a lot of promise.
I found Strangely Literal on a fluke, and I'm so happy I did! SL has news, updates, and a wide variety of fanfic. If you enjoy fanfiction, you'll be glad you found this podcast. It has a little bit of everything, drama, romance, and just plain hilarious. There are plots and pairings from all across the board, and each episode brings something new to the table. SL also has a wonderful host in Tabz. She's funny, sweet, and completely endearing. You'll find yourself giggling right along with her in her geekiness. Subscribe and enjoy!
If I could describe this podcast in two words, it would be simply amazing. Strangely Literal is the first podcast I found that has fan fiction on all aspects of the Whedonverse (Buffy, Angel and Firefly/Serenity) and doesn't just focus on one show. The fan fiction that Tabz chooses to be on the podcast is witty (Hear: Dawn of the Dead), gut-wrenching (Hear: A Winter's Tale), and overall funny (Hear: The Examined Life of Mr. Gordo). All I can say is Tabz, keep the fan fic coming! XP Much love, ~Charly/Hinata (black_hearted1 on LiveJournal) PS, everytime I hear the Fall Out Boy song "Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?", I now think of you... :)
At first I avoided this podcast because I wasn't a fanfic fan, but after hearing Tabitha on a crossover with Upsidedown and Halfway to Happyland (also well worth the listen), I decided to check it out and found that I really enjoyed it. I even enjoyed some of the fanfic, and then I decided to check out more fanfic online and well, my Whedonverse is expanding which is always good.
I really love this podcast. I have always loved the Buffy/Angel fanfics that I have seen and read. But I find I just don't have time to read them. Having them read to me is great! You also get Whedonverse news and updates in addition to the stories. I really like Tabs style which is very friendly and relaxed, as if she was talking to you on the phone. She also has guest readers which is really nice to hear other people who love Buffy/Angel/Firefly. Keep up the great work Tabitha!
The best part about this podcast, which is a fabulous idea, is that I listen to fanfic I would never have read on my own, but are really good stories. Tabz is great about being diverse in the stories she chooses from episode to episode running the gamet of the Joss 'verse and various characters, romantic and non-romantic pairings. This is a really unique podcast that's a lot of fun.
I heard about this podcast through another one and decided to check it out. I am glad i did because now i have another new show to look forward to. This is a cool podcast because it's different from the others out there in that it showcases a new fanfiction story with every episode. I usually don't mess with fanfic because I'm afraid I'm going to stumble into some weird stuff, but the 3 stories I've heard on here have been really surprising in that they are good and interesting (the Mr. Gordo story was adorable). I wouldn't say I'm a convert per se but I have enjoyed those and I especially love the news blurbs and such. Fun all around.
I always enjoy listening to Strangely Literal. It's got everything a Whedon fan could want -- tidbits of news from the Jossverse, a little meta-discussion of fandom, plus a different fanfic story every week! Give it a listen; it's a lot of fun.
This is a great podcast, between the frequency and the content, this is one of the better Whedonverse podcasts out there. It is also a different look at the fandom, focusing instead on fanfiction rather than reviews or analysis of the shows. Great job!
I really enjoy this show. Sometimes the fanfiction stories aren't always for me....but i love the variety and if I don't care for a story one day...the next one is sure to please. A little something for all the Angel, Buffy, and Firefly/Serenity fans out there. Its a great bite-size podcast and currently the only whedon podcast devoted to fanfiction. Check a few out and you will be hooked for sure.