The National Archives Podcast Series

Reviews For The National Archives Podcast Series

My favorite episode. I'll be honest history does put me to sleep, but I learn 10 to 15 minutes of history before I go. The next night I'll just forward about 10 mins to catch up until I finish. Thanks for doing all that you do.
I love this channel! There are always interesting lectures and programs available for download.
This are really smashing! And I'm surprised at how interesting these talks are! I'm an American with mainly British & American Indian Roots. Can't get much help for the latter in the British National Archives but listening is a rich experience in understanding my Brit Ancestors. These talks aren't just about where to find the information in the Archives. Although hints abound as to where to begin looking. Actually. these talks open mental doors of insight. I find almost each talk fascinating. Especially like Audrey ?? and Ms Carr but most speakers are quite good. Hearing about their times, the conditions, opportunities and troubles of their days adds great color and depth to my ancestors. Knowing their background makes them stand out in higher relief somehow. I thought these presentations would be boring but found them quite fascinating instead. Who'd of known!
I love the content of this podcast as well as other podcasts I have listened. However, the archives needs to learn to correctly mic its guest speakers. I tend to listen to the podcast with headphones, so the constant pops and distortions from poor mic-ing is MADDENING! Again content is brilliant but the sound quality disappointing
This podcast will be of particular interest to people researching ancestors who emigrated from Britain. Many of the podcasts present very detailed information on where genealogical information might be located including some very difficult records such as births, marriages, and deaths at sea. In addition, some podcasts are devoted to social history topics - the Workhouse episode was rather depressing, but extremely interesting and full of the sort of detail which makes it easy to imagine the desperate conditions which existed for certain members of society and allows us to place ancestors in the context of the times in which they lived.