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After about 5 episodes of hype on his personal websites, with no info about seo.... I ditched this ad cast.
Two words "TOTAL GARBAGE "


By Mitdrx
Dreadful. Don't wast your time. Shameless plug with an offensive host.
Is this a joke? Why is this called Seo advisor?
One star rating since zero stars is not an option. I was looking for an SEO Podcast to increase my knowledge and assuming I would learn something in regards to SEO from this Podcast since it's titled SEO with all the search engines as part of his marketing, this podcast has nothing to do with SEO. The podcast host is only concerned and focused on you buying his products at his websites to earn fast money and establish the same pattern where you sell at another level, his products. When the thought of unethical comes to mind, this podcast is misleading and designed to promote the podcast host's products by insulting everyone who fails to buy his product as lazy. I believe he has confused the term "Lazy" with "Wise." Those that don't buy are wise!
This is not a Podcast about SEO instead it is a hiiden comercial for him, his websites nad his affiliate programs. I have heard other respected SEO podcasts laugh about what this guy is dishing out as advice. Don't waste your time here!!!
At first it was the basics of SEO... good, simple (easy to Google) advice... then right when I thought we should be ramping up to intermediate, WHAM!! Phone calls. Phone calls? Why do I need to pick up the phone for S.E.Oooohhh.... you want me to join Amway... or whatever. Same system, different crap.
Paul Stanton does these podcasts. He started out with lots of good SEO tips. Now the podcasts are totally consumed with promoting his money-making MLM program. If you are looking for SEO tips, look somewhere else.
Tried to hang in there to wait through the self serving infomercial but it went on and on and on. Gave up. Better options elsewhere.


By Normcat
Worse than an infomercial. Not even about seo.
It's unfortunate that someone with a voice that great doesn't find a better way to use it.
Paul starts off doing a pretty good job of giving some basics to SEO, but after a that the podcast is nothing more than a sales job on his various multi level marketing deals (MLM). The title of this show should be geared toward MLM not SEO. Too bad Paul. You were off to a good start.
Paul was very good early on with his SEO tips however for last several months all his podcasts consist of are advertisements for his home networking businesses. He ought to relable the title to Tips for Home Business network marketing. I will be unsubscribing for the lack of helpful contents.
This is nothing but a long ad for Paul's customers. A total dude not worth even a click to download much less listening to it.
Little content except all kinds of efforts to make listeners buy products by Paul. Reminds me of those commercials on TV selling vacuum cleaners at 2 am.
Have to say the earlier ones are better and to the point. I have given it a chance (think I listened to them all) now every one is an advertisement to visit his site to join what sounds like a MLM program. I listen to allot of podcast, not listining to this one anymore.
Just found this podcast. Been able to listen to 5 so far. I'm able to practice what Paul is saying on the internet as he says it to test its relavancy. I'm leary about all the podcast and internet information in general that I've deamed not relavant and that can be frustrating. So far I am happy with his information and will continue to listen.
There are a lot of great SEO resources on the web in print, and in audio/podcast form. This is not one of them. This is simply a commercial to visit this guy's website and listen to his own commercials. His voice is perfect for broadcast though :)
All this podcast does is get you to go to his website. I listened to 4 episodes and didn't learn anything except his web address and some low cost liquid vitamin he keeps talking about. Wow, even with a negative review he got me to mention his snake oil. Too bad there isn't a 0 star rating, this podcast deserves one. He's using this to promote his site. If you are looking for real information, save your time and keep looking.
Listened to a few podcasts and not one bit of information on SEO. Only thing that I have heard are tricks to get to a vitamin scam pages and other MLM schemes. Not ONE tip was given at all. Plenty of free resources out there that would be much more informative than this guys podcasts.
A great SEO podcast-each lesson is short: less than 10 minutes, to the point and relevant. If you're just getting interested in search engine optimization, I would HIGHLY recommend this podcast as most all the basics are covered. Having applied most if not all these techniques in the real world, I can guarantee nothing Paul says will get your site banned off of the search engines. It's all about content and relevance.
Thank you Paul Stanton for the escellent SEO podcasts. Clear, concise, accurate- highly recommended.
Simple, and informative. Wish it ws a bit longer so more could be covered, but I listen to every episode. Keep it up, Gavin.. Pro Photography Show