Reviews For HappySlip

I loved this video cause it reminds me of my home in the Philippines and my pinoy family
You gotta get dis!!! 100% Pilipino Comedy!!
i started watching u when i saw u on nigahiga's video
I was so happy when I found this ;) You're awesome, Christine!
It's not even funny
I love Christine's sense of humor. It is awesome to find something that can make you bust a gut, but at the same time stay clean. Keep it up Christine!
She is kind of funny and the only reason I watched some of her vdeos is because she is friends with kevjumba and kevjumba is way more funny and I rate him 5 stars
Happyslip is the awesomest thing I ever seen
I luv her bideos!!!!! Very funny but my fave 1 Full of Gas isn't ther, so hope u put it and more!!!
This has no podcasts. Nothing shows up! I live in IL, somethings up... Itunes, you clever little potatoe. You're hiding stuff from me.. Meh...Meh. MEH!!!!!
If you're interested in comedy, this is the show for you! Christine takes you into her world and allows you to gain perspectives from the members of her family. The catch is that she plays each member! Follow Christine and the cast of characters as they expose a Filipino-American perspective of life. Great show! If you miss it, it's a "Dizazter!"
I wish you had Put it in Purse!! That's my favorite one.. Please put it on here.. even though it's Kevjumba's video.. it's a must have!!!
Hahaha! This reminds me of so many things in my filipino family that brings me so many laughs! My friends and I love watching the show and seeing how she does HappySlip. Its like being with a normal (well strange) filipino family at home! Its imitaion and acting at it's bery best! LOVE IT! SEE IT! LAUGH WITH IT! :)
If you can't get a good laugh out of this podcast you may be in trouble. This girl is cute, but she could probably wear a bag over her head and be the Unknown Fillipina and still make you laugh. She does virtually the entire podcast except for a few guests herself.
please update this often... Mabuhay ka!
This takes the cake! Amazing funny hilarious and clean! I love you Cristine, Mini, Mom, Mini, Auntie, Daddy, Tini, and Lola! You rock so keep on doing your thing! And have fun!
I really love this 'show' it is so FUNNY!!! try it, i bet you will like it.....enjoy
that was really awesome and i would like to add it to my ipod thank you so much


By lorodz
this podcast is great! thanks happy slip for the effort in making us laugh!
I started watching her on YouChoob and got hooked! NOW I HAVE ALL OF HER PODCASTS SO FAR! But I'm kinda disappointed that it takes a while to get the newer ones up. BUT STILL IT'S AWESOME! I wish all famous YouChoobers did this.
Wow! Let me say that I am very suprised to find HappySlip here, and for Free! With her comedy on the go! This is amazing!!!
After finding out that she had podcasts on iTunes as well, I couldn't wait to get all her videos "on-the-go". She's incredibly funny and I still think it's amazing that she plays all the characters in her videos. She portrays them each with such different, comical personailities, and they're so different it's hard to imagine she's playing every single one of them. This hilarious set of videos are a "must suscribe". Hey, it's free. What could be better?
Paris has nothing on you!
Christine Gambito is a very talented videomaker! Her videos are enjoyable by anybody. They don't need to resort to profanity to get a laugh! This is a MUST subscribe!!
I love this videocast. She is very talented and so adorable. You go girl!
One woman doing this all by herself is great =)
ahh!!! i LOVe happyslip its so funny boypren n contagious r hecka hiliarious!
Happy Slip is one of the funniest things I've seen ever, especially being a Filippina. However, even if you are not a Filippino, the videos in general are so funny that anyone can have a laugh. Happy Slip is so often watched around my house, my sister and I can do entire videos from memory. Totally a must suscribe! The most fun you can ever have for free. Thanks for the great times Christine!
Each and every one of the sketches, if you will, that Christine puts on about her family (Tita Baby, Ma, Da, Minnie...) are completely and totally a mirror of my life!! I'm pretty sure that all Filipinos who watch this will be able to laugh and relate in some, if not all, ways. I know that I certainly have. :]
I stumbled upon a Happy Slip video on YouTube and have been hooked ever since. So much talent is in these videos! My favorites are the soap opera videos and ones where she imitates her family members. Great comidic timing and creative!
I first saw HappySlip on YouTube and have loved her videos ever since! I am so glad to discover that she has come to iTunes. No pause before I click the [subscribe] button. :-)


I'm so happy HappySlip is on iTunes! Now I don't have to go on YouTube to watch it! Great job Christine!
I love her! She is not only funny but also cute. Very interesting video that you have to check it.
I wish there was like a 6 star or more cuz i would giv it 1000000...
ADD ME on youtube (nawanilakgaP) YOU ROCK!!!


By cmsoria
i absolutely love this podcast!
THE best, and funniest podcast I've EVER subscribed to.
She should be a Daily Show Correspondent, she can do the stone face delivery like a champ!


This is awesomeawesomeawesome!! I was just checking out podcast and when i saw HappySlip, I WAS GOING CRAAAZY! I've watched all but I don't get sick of it! She's very pretty and VERY talented!
OK, I'm hooked. I LOVE this pod. But I wait and I wait for the next one. Wutzup?? Great writing. and tongue in cheek humor that would choke a horse. Please keep it up til you get discovered so we can see you on a regular basis. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this pod, but...maybe a few more a little bit sooner??? Tom from Pittsburgh
Everything I've ever seen from this woman is genius! Thank you for sharing your talent and awesome sense of humor with the rest of us!
I can truly say, this is the best in HUMOR I've seen in ages. Happy doesn't need to use profane or lewd topics in order to keep her fans rolling with laughter, she uses Basic Pilipino Humor in very real cultural situations, which Fil-Am's like myself can really resonate with. Even FOB's don't fully get it. Keep up the GREAT work Happy Slip:)
she is hilarious and is really good at singing, acting, directing...etc my favories are: french fries boypren band aid mixed nuts
alright .. she is very funny ,warm , heartfelt. real.. and has an angelic voice !! WOW !! we are blessed to have her on Itunes !!!!
Make it stop! Don't waste your time!