B-Sides For X-Mas

Reviews For B-Sides For X-Mas

Though it's advertised as kind of weird songs, it's really just a mix of (mostly) overlooked ones. I mean, Ringo Starr doing the Little Drummer Boy is just destiny meeting with fate. I love contemporary Christmas songs and this is a great sampling.
I love it! I love Christmas alltogether and this just makes it that much more enjoyable! Many of these songs are obscure and weird, but, hey, it's all good Christmas music! THANKS!
last season this podcast brought excellent choices for your xmas list. often obscure, but totally playable, they made a great addition to all my holiday party mixes. i hope it comes back this season with new songs!!
I love this podcast. It has the most obscure, weird, and wonderful holiday music you can't find ANYWHERE else. And for free.
whoever put this together...THANK YOU !! you made my christmas...
I came across this podcast this year and my only regret is not knowing about it in years past. This is and will be my new Christmas tradition!!!
I was looking for off the wall songs for a party. This is perfect. Funny, crazy songs for the holidays. My favorite is dominic the donkey!