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Reviews For No Gimmicks Needed Wrestling Podcast


what more can i say its the best podcast out they are right to the point they know their stuff its just the best over all that ive heard
This is a simply awesome podcast. If you want to hear plenty of wrestling discussion every week, this podcast is for you. This podcast is extremely handy because if you miss or forget to watch a wrestling show, Shane and Afton have it covered. They have an in depth discussion of every show and PPV. Great show to subscribe to if your a wrestling fan.
By far one of the greatest pro wrestling podcast the only thing to do is download now
Shane and Afton say everything you want to hear [all latest news,results etc on the world of wrestling]. Shane and Afton take no breaks for commercials. This podcast is soo good i might say it is better than Smart Wrestling Fan. I enjoy this podcast throughly. Shane and Afton care deeply about the quality of this podcast. SUBSCRIBE NOW!
I used to listen to about 2-4 wrestling podcasts a week, but after hearing this one, I dropped the others. Shane and Afton do a great job of delivering on every podcast. Download NOW! Shane and Afton will give you insight, opinions, humor and just great wrestling talk with every show.
This podcast really rox my sox off!!! Shane and Afton really love wrestling i can see.
There really is NO GIMMICKS NEEDED, this podcast is right on topic, if only they got more behind the scenes on the case of the Udertaker, Vito and more wrestlers that don't show up anymore. They should just be careful when they're saying I'm a he on the podcast, when I'm actually a she! anyways, NO GIMMICKS NEEDED, you ROCK. :) P.S. You should make more podcasts like this ;)