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Best sports talk show in game right now and of all time. Amazing chemistry which leads to amazing content each and every day
54 minutes on the first full show of super bowl setting week and Jeter HOF placing.
Greatest show ever
Love the show! I can’t download episodes. I’ve unsubscribed and then subscribed, but this doesn’t work!
This app is great , but about 2 months ago the episodes stopped loading in automatically. I have to search for the podcast and download every time now. PLEASE FIX.
Yoooo this joint aint working properly since the new yr fam. Get on it ASAP
Michael kay brings nothing to the table information wise unless it’s baseball season. Save yourself hearing his cranky self unless it’s baseball season.
No matter what I do episodes won’t load
If the episodes won’t load, delete the show from the library and then add the show back into the library.
If the non-interview podcasts are not loading for you: unsubscribe and resubscribe and it will fix the issue. Best show on the air! Five stars from Indianapolis.
There is no other in the country, let alone NYC. Thanks for the informative laughs guys. Keep up the perfect mix! Update: podcast is still the best, however, Apple podcast app is not. Seems to be giving you the interviews but not the whole podcast. ESPN has it all available with no hiccups.
Why aren’t the full hour long shows appearing. Only interviews are appearing. Ugh.
Maybe it’s not the show’s job to fix the episode update problem (ie it could be an Apple thing), but to not even acknowledge it for over a month here or on the show’s Twitter account suggests they just don’t care about anyone listening now that they’ve gotten rid of Francesa. Disappointing, especially given how quick Kay always is to accuse others of “arrogance.”
These guys are getting to be as arrogant as Francesa. One segment? Really?
This hasn’t been updated yesterday (12-9-19) or today (12-10-19). We have the single interviews uploaded but not the main show that gets put up. Along with ENN for 12-9 and 12-10-19.
Please FIX the date of the podcast. You obviously don’t do podcast on a Sunday. Also, the main hour portion isn’t being downloaded along with the guests. We have to go and search for the podcast to find the main hour portion. Look at today’s show, it’s marked As Sunday. Don’t make me get Kay to do it himself.
Michael, Don, and Peter are the best NY sports radio personalities period. I don’t go anywhere else for my sports radio needs.


By canoc1
Still not updating properly!
I have been listening to the podcasts for months without a problem and now there are no updates for the full show or ENN. Please fix ASAP!
The podcast is great but the last couple of weeks need to download manually. Intros/breaks are extremaly loud compared to the rest of the podcast Please add a date to the full name shows so they download again
1) As of 11/27/2019 the podcast feed is not updating/updates slowly, this happens when a podcast’s archives exceeds a certain number of episodes though obviously I have no way of knowing if that’s the case specifically with TMKS podcast. 2) Usually the daily radio show yields a few segments released in TMKS podcast feed: a segment with Michael/Don/Peter and commercials removed (approx. 1 hour), guests and interviews released as separate shorter podcast episodes (1-3/day), and ENN is released under Peter’s name. 3) Finally, my review: this is the perfect amount of NYC sports coverage across all the major pro sports (except NJ Devils lol) while still offering solid info and commentary about national and international sports. This is THE best sports show for locals due to the hosts’ breadth and depth of knowledge about New York sports history and sports media. Peter adds excellent info about music history and he’s funny so everyone else just calm down. Most importantly, Peter gave us “Windhorst at Sea.”
I can always listen to the app so I rely on the podcast to hear my boys consistently. I miss my show! What can we do to fix this?
This is by far the best sports show in NYC, but for some reason full episodes have disappeared on Apple podcasts. Please fix it.
In your library you won’t find the full show (or enn on its podcast) you’ll have to search the show on the app and it will be there. But apple pls fix this that I don’t have to search for it every time.
Where is the full episodes!!!???
This is one of the best podcast but as of lately The Apple Feed has not been uploading the full show. Only getting guest, Apple please fix this!!!
I love all 3 of you guys .
Somethings definitely up with the way apple is adding the shows. I found the full episodes on an app called OVERCAST...
Something’s up with the Apple feed. I found the missing episodes on other Podcast apps like Overcast. C’mon Apple fix this!
I’m only getting guest spots not the actual show
Only getting guest spots.
Is anyone else having issues with the subscription? I only see guests spots - and not the main show.
The most informative and entertaining sports podcast period!!!
Great team they’re so different
The best radio host in NYC some rich yankee guy and a people’s man with a indoor pool... doesn’t get any better
Love Micke and Don! Don is smart and insightful! Peter is a tool and really does not need to be on the show!
Take the word Knicks out your mouth and go to Alantic Ave!!!! You’ve been cancelled!!!!
Listen to the boys as often as I can live, and when I don’t I listen to the podcast before go to sleep. My one critique is the podcast about the main show should be longer, but other than that great listen
Best show in the nation. You don’t need to live in NY to enjoy the show. Rosenberg is MAJ!
But it turns out it good even on days without the maj one. Try out cheap heat if you like this. It’s the shoot arrow baby!
Don,Peter and Michael are the best in the business! They all bring distinctive insights with intelligence and humor. I
Fantastic show and they need to find that Ray dude from North Carolina. He was wild!
I have my own podcast on Apple Podcasts called “The Jospeh Lattaruli Show” and Micheal Kay is my inspiration!
Michael, Don, and Peter are great together! I love listening because I am a huge Yankees/Baseball fan, and the guys provide plenty of coverage on both! I am a college student and I try to listen to the guys whenever I can. If I’m home I’ll watch them on the Yes network, and I ALWAYS listen to the podcast every night, even if I heard the show during the day. I got to see them do their show live from Mohegan Sun back in February. It was a relatively small group of people there watching the show, and Michael, Don, and Peter were all so nice to everyone the entire time! True class acts. If I had to include a negative, it would be when Peter shows his political leanings. I really like Peter and I think he is very good at what he does, and I understand some sports topics may have some politics injected in them, but I just wish he would try to hide is political leanings ( and dislike for our president) a little more. Keep going strong and I hope for plenty more of continued success for this show!


Nothing but knowledgeable discussions on Tri-State sports, and 3 guys who aren’t afraid to roast each other. Plus Michael Kay is one of the greatest to do it! Legend
The best talk radio sports show PERIOD. Michael, Don, and Peter are tremendous together.
Too much Yankees coverage. Need to use Peter more by creating spots to use his talents more. Need more controversial topics that push the sport talk media to separate from the rest.
Dake face