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Yankee boi u not honest when it comes to them. U sugar coat everything. Im done.
Is Morris ok?


By nbakt
I love these guys all three bring a different element to the show. I listen to them everyday it’s a tradition!!


By Los0323
My favorite sports show out there, and the podcast makes it easy to listen any time of day
Listening to TMKS since 2002 as a teenager. I don’t miss life in NYC and listening to Michael, Don and Peter each day through the podcast makes me miss it less.


Good show
Love the show. I listen every day. I just wish they included the whole show as part of their podcast and broken up into hours, i.e. the DCR show.
Stop being lazy and make your podcast better. Have the entire show instead of partial.
Top listen. Michael, Don & Peter gives you all of the flavors you need.
Latest and greatest kings of NY sports radio


By mojha
Great show but RJ BELL is the worst “guest”. The station must be getting major dollars to put him on. I always turn it off when he’s on.
Period. End of story.
Love the show and listen everyday, but I tune out when RJ Bell comes on. Can’t stand him
I listen to the main show and the clipped out interviews every single day while I’m commuting/working! So great to be able to listen to the previous day’s episode the next morning!


By 25 IBme
He just cannot help himself too political
Micheal Kay and Don La Greca should be DISGUSTED with themselves for how they conducted today’s Sam Darnold interview! Obviously they’re not football guys but how about some common sense? The kid isn’t throwing the coach under the bus. Sorry you didn’t get your precious sound bite...
Peter has become a political lecturer and needs to be fact checked. It often gets overbearing to the point where I turn the show off.
1 hour of commercials
Months and months of being alone and seeking podcast stimulation I ran across Michael’s show and I am refreshed every day.. thank you Mr. Kay for keeping it interesting and fun... would appreciate more frequent rants....
I live in Dallas and for me listening to the Michael Kay Show Podcast is a never miss moment.
All the haters here say you’re too political 🙄 If supporting BLM and wearing a mask is political, then the complainers are horrible people. Great show. Great guys. Love the show!
Started listening to the show back in the 50’s, and it hasn’t changed a bit. Tremendous chemistry and a balanced knowledge of all your major sports makes this the best afternoon drive in the nation. I’m only 29 so the fact that I’ve listened for 60+ years really says it all. I’ll hang up and listen.
Unsubscribed no time to waste listening Don and Peter scold callers for having the “wrong” political views. Thanks clowns I’ll get my Yankees news elsewhere.
Way to political now. peter is the worst
Some days this show is a fantastic balance of sports, comedy and just a hint of real world events( even with the pandemic and riots). Other days it seems like a few hour long rant on if your views don’t 100% match then you are such a terrible person. Michael and don should take turns more often doing the tales from the crypt segment and top 5 list.
Your Last Man Standing is awesome, the whole family runs to the TV when it on. We wish there were two versions, the same one as you have with Peter as host and then, a second version with Peter vs Don answering the questions.
So much wokeness...
The best team in the biz, bar none. DROP MADNESS AND THE DON SHOW >>>
Don is the 🐐
Greatest show ever it is great
Would’ve given you 5 but Peter is horrible.
Love all you guys and yes peter is the reason. That phone call with Al tho 😂
Michael Kay you are a hack. Bring nothing to the table information wise unless it’s baseball season. Save yourself hearing his cranky self unless it’s baseball season


By vxnzb
Just need more episodes (like joe and Evan)
Best sports talk show in game right now and of all time. Amazing chemistry which leads to amazing content each and every day
54 minutes on the first full show of super bowl setting week and Jeter HOF placing.
Love the show! I can’t download episodes. I’ve unsubscribed and then subscribed, but this doesn’t work!
This app is great , but about 2 months ago the episodes stopped loading in automatically. I have to search for the podcast and download every time now. PLEASE FIX.
Yoooo this joint aint working properly since the new yr fam. Get on it ASAP
No matter what I do episodes won’t load
If the episodes won’t load, delete the show from the library and then add the show back into the library.
If the non-interview podcasts are not loading for you: unsubscribe and resubscribe and it will fix the issue. Best show on the air! Five stars from Indianapolis.
There is no other in the country, let alone NYC. Thanks for the informative laughs guys. Keep up the perfect mix! Update: podcast is still the best, however, Apple podcast app is not. Seems to be giving you the interviews but not the whole podcast. ESPN has it all available with no hiccups.
Why aren’t the full hour long shows appearing. Only interviews are appearing. Ugh.
Maybe it’s not the show’s job to fix the episode update problem (ie it could be an Apple thing), but to not even acknowledge it for over a month here or on the show’s Twitter account suggests they just don’t care about anyone listening now that they’ve gotten rid of Francesa. Disappointing, especially given how quick Kay always is to accuse others of “arrogance.”
These guys are getting to be as arrogant as Francesa. One segment? Really?
This hasn’t been updated yesterday (12-9-19) or today (12-10-19). We have the single interviews uploaded but not the main show that gets put up. Along with ENN for 12-9 and 12-10-19.