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I liked the SW talks of the past, but I love the new "current affairs" discussions then and of present. Keep up the great work Mike & Ed! Keep being ducks! (insert explosion here)
After the first 15 minutes of catching up on what is going on in the world, your podcast is funny, witty and enjoyable. You all add something to the discussion and ensure there are no lulls in the conversation. But Mike by far is the man. He needs to take over as the main talker, he sees to have good control and a good speaking voice. Keep up the good work! tdkme (AKA Ian S from DE)
It's a great podcast with honest discussions from true fans with at times rated "R" content. All the high praise that the other posted reviews mention is rightfully deserved. Keep up the great work guys.
Formulaic chatter and mundane fan banter in NOT a character of the Voice of The Republic. This podcast covers all realms of the SW universe with intelligent insight as well as dark humor that will make any Star Wars fan wanting more of this program. Voice of the Republic is created with a professional sounding trio of fans that do not disappoint their audience. The Voice of the Republic program is produced regularly to keep up with the ever changing SW universe. If you are looking for a fan based podcast with a little spice, become a fan of VOR. Check out their archive today.
Subscribe to this podcast! These guys are funny, original, and innovative. This podcast actually covers engaging topics. Most Star Wars podcasts just regurgitate the Star wars News found on fansites such as Rebelscum. These guys offer thought provoking topics about the Original Trilogy, Prequels, and the Expanded Universe. The people behind VOR actually value all of their listeners and respect differences in taste and opinion. This is truly the best Star Wars podcast out there!!!!!!
This podcast is for anyone who loves Star Wars.These guys look at the Star Wars universe in a way that not alot of people do but should and they do a dam good job!,They are smart,sarcastic and funny,every episode you will come away having a good laugh and a great time.Give this podcast a try and I promise you will enjoy every minute of it. Joe P....Baltimore,Md
I'm a Star Wars geek from way back, and I have to say that, this podcast brought me back to the fore of Star Wars fandom. The hosts, Joel, Mike, and Ed, are both knowledgable in all things, and firmly entrenched in the heart of the Republic. Like a fully-functional robotic hand to a rebel Jedi, this show is a cool drink of water to an interstellar traveler hoping for a drink of fandom. Keep them coming, boys!
This is the most concentrated bit of perfectness ever created by man or droid. Hilarious Star Wars commentary and editorial...you may not agree every episode, but you WILL laugh! It's the best little VORhouse in iTunes!!!
This is a damn fine podcast and the ONLY Star Wars podcast I listen to. What's awesome is that these guys are not only funny as hell but they voice their personal opinions without coming off as a bunch of close minded snobs. I look forward to the return later this month!
No really... It's nice to see a bunch of Star Wars fans that, like myself, can accept and talk about the fact that there are flaws with the world that is Star Wars. Always entertaining, I often also find myself thinking about parts of Star Wars in new ways after seeing this show. Very professional sound and very engaged with their audience. A weekly listen for me :)
You fellas still are the best of the Star Wars Podcast out there, and it's always fun to hear my good friends I haven't met. Damm cool bunch of guys.
This is not your average Star Wars podcasts. Interesting perspectives and always funny.
This is a fantastic show. Joel, Mike and Ed conduct a structured, but not too structured, discussion that gives the vibe of shooting the breeze with your pals on a Saturday night. Don't come to VOR expecting dry rundowns of Lucasfilm newsbites. Come to VOR expecting insightful analysis of all aspects of the Star Wars universe from collecting to deplorable Expanded Universe novels. This podcast is the business!
If you had a twelve inch, Kaminoan shaped, vibrating toy and stuck it in your ear, it still wouldn't come close to the pleasure that Voice of the Republic gives you on a weekly basis. The funniest and most clear eyed Star Wars known to man.
After just finding this podcast a couple of weeks ago, I'm hooked! I actually found a Star Wars podcast I can agree with on almost everything that gets discussed on the show. Good job guys!
Voice of the Republic is absolutely the best SW podcast out there. These guys are not a bunch of Lucas yes-men, nor are they compelled to buy everything under the sun that happens to have "Star Wars" stamped on it. They are just three regular guys talking about what we all love- Star Wars. A true fan can have a critical eye for their passion, and these guys bring it every week. Oh, and did mention, they're funny as hell! Their awesome imitations and observations will have you laughing out loud. Love the show, keep being dicks guys!
I have always liked the Star Wars movies and I always found it interesting, but it is because of this podcast that I now am a true fan. It's like if you were just sitting around with your buddies having a normal conversation about Star Wars. I recomend this podcast to anyone who likes the movies to any extent. VoR, Keep up the good work!
The best thing about this podcast is that it feels like you are actually talking to your friends about anything and everything Star Wars! This isn't a stilted kissass show, the hosts (Ed, Joel, & Mike) come off as very genuine while still not forgetting to bring the funny. Because let’s face it there is a lot of cringe worthy material that needs to be discussed as well as brilliant ESB type of awesomeness. You owe it to yourself to subscribe and listen to Voice of the Republic! I guarantee you the “VOR dicks” will grow on you like fungi. Hell I hate the Expanded Universe and they pursuaded my friend David and I to read Labyrinth of Evil! And that says a lot… Keep being dicks, -Deke Starkiller
These guys have the best Star Wars content around. I've listened to other Star Wars podcasts, and they simply do not compare to this show. The Voice of the Republic has humor, solid content, discussions, and an all around great show. If you like Star Wars, LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! Seriously.
this is the only star wars podcast i enjoy you guys know how to keep a show going good. I enjoy the humar and the debut topics. VOR rocks oh by the way can we get some better intermission music please? I liked the AC/DC! rock on VOR
I'm a new listener to this podcast and am loading up my ipod with previous shows and dig them all.
endless and empassionately opinionated star wars clatter!
not just another group of consumers that drool over anything that says star wars. True fans that aren't afraid to talk about the things they don't like while still loving the saga; and manage to be damn hilarious while doing it.
If you like Star wars you are really gonna love these dicks,they make some really great points and their really funny.Plus they dont just blindly agree with anything and everything Star wars;i used to,and they really opened my eyes.Thanks V.O.R. Keep up the good work.
These guys are the funniest dicks you'll ever listen to...Slick
Usually, I'm rather wary of choosing podcasts. Usually I stick with goofy Star Wars parodies. I can't say how glad I am I stuck with my gut instinct on this one...(or perhaps the force it was...hrm...yes). Maybe the icon looked particularly snazzy...or maybe it was the cool name...but SOMETHING drew me to this podcast and I'm glad it did. Since I've chosen Voice of the Republic, I've gotten a few other Star Wars podcasts, but whenever a new episode of this comes out, I set aside all the other podcasts I have yet to listen to, put it on my IPod and listen to it when I go to sleep. Apart from all the talk of how I came upon this podcast, it is probably my FAVORITE. I have nothing bad to say about this, even though my opinions tend to differ on a few issues commonly discussed. Well, If you guys are reading, good job, keep 'em coming and may the force be with you.
These guys truly do have a love of Star Wars, but not to the point that they don't question some aspects of the Star Wars mythos. The sound and production quality has really improved in a relatively short time and is quite good as I write this. The language does get PG-13 so small kids shouldn't be listening to it.
These guys have great discussions about everything concerning Star Wars, including it's Dark Sides. On top of that, they are really funny!