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Podcast starts in 2006, arguably, the greatest year for STS9. Artifact tour and just the right amount of trip-hop/dubstep influence. Then, Murph ruined it as he took this perfect balance (80%-Jam & 20%-trip-hop/dubstep) and mutated it into a lopsided amount of unnatural bass and incessant whomp. The fan base would mutate along with music - patch-pant wearing hippies and open-minded hipsters gave way to less-experienced Tree-Thuggers and intolerant Trustafarians. The vibe changed, something that is evident when listening to the crowd in the later recordings. But, there’s no need to despair - though it came after the conclusion of this podcast, STS9 parted ways with Murph. In 2016, it reacquainted itself with the original vibe, and STS9 has been killing it ever since.
Has been my favorite band since 2008. So happy these podcast are sick. Please put up more
... but where's the bass?
***STS9 make you feel the rhythm of the flow of time. STS9 show you how it flows so intertwined. STS9 take you where your soul meets mine. STS9 keep you jammin to the pulse of a universal mind.*** This band, this music will change your life. You haven't lived until you've been to a tribe show. Go. Right now. Find yourself a piece of their huge live collection. I guarantee you that you will want more. And then after you've seen them live... :-) good luck ever missing a show that's close enough to make it to again. And don't be surprised if you find yourself a 1000 miles from home with a 1000 best friends you never knew you had sharing an existence that runs so deep you feel it touch your soul. Please go see what I mean. Tribe is as close to religion as I get. The ultimate spiritual connection exists between everyone close enough to hear it. An eclipse of the ego and the reemergence of a collective consciousness that you will never forget. Makes me smile just thinking about the next person lucky enough to unknowingly stumble upon what these guys have made and continue to make each day. It opens a door to a part of yourself that you did not know existed. Thank you Hunter, Zach, David, Murph and Jefree. You opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart. See you real soon!
Absolutly amazing.. Lookn 4ward 2 seein them Live again at allgood!!
Can't wait for the new album. Hope they step it up another notch from Peaceblaster. Much love guys. Gotta Get Up To Get Down!!!


By phanks
Awesome!! This is what keeps me going through the work day
Listen to live STS9, nothing competes with them when it comes to Jamtronica. Sound Tribe Sector 9 throws down!


very awesome podcasts...alot of repetition through out the podcasts though.. I laugh at the hippy trends that go to these concerts!
Every second of this cast was pure goodness, if you enjoy inspirational, rockin tunes, download this, you'll thank me.
Doesn't matter which podcast you pick they all rock harder than anything you have! I first saw them by accident after the tool concert @ bonnaroo 2007. Ever since, they have been my favorite band and it will be very hard for someone else to take over that position!
sound tribe is way to intense for me there shows kinda scare me NOT they know how to keep tha vibe alive sts9 deeper than tha deeps of the universal mind
sound tribe is currently in the top 3 greatest bands you can see live (as far as i know) and these podcasts showcase the guys' skills very well. they are all good, i mean click on any one of these and you won't be dissapointed. best of summer pt. 1 is INSANE, and i bet pt. 2 will be as well. just you wait, half of it will be from red rocks, i'm positive.
what else can i say... sts9.....nuff said.. juss raw, emotional energy based of human life itself.. i started off back in the day 95ish dissin sts9 just following the pasing of the beloved one jerry garcia.. took me a year or two (unfortunately) to really what kind of positive energy sts9 could bring to my existance here on planet earth... now im just a total addict to the dmt affiliated affects there music brings to me.. all in all.. zach? hunter?? need i say more?? keep it comin guys and thank you for all the great times ive shared at yourshows..... much love
I have seen STS9 ever since I was 17 in high school. There shows are unbelievable and there music is awesome!!! I recommend anyone who enjoys good music to hit this up!!! This and the Grateful Dead Podcast is the best thing to EVER happen to my iPod. Rock on...


STS9 has the kind of sound you can play in the background while you do your thing, or you can sit and listen with rapt attention.
Yo, in all honesty... I have listened to my fair share of music. But I have to say, Sound Tribe does a great job in combing all of the musical experiences into one great groove. I really enjoy them, and I was at a few of these recorded shows myself. I hope only the best for STS9 and I hope that with our help, their music will help the greater good. God speed STS9... Edit: I appoligize if this got posted twice, I just want to make sure they get noticed...