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After listening to a lot (I mean a LOT) of gaming podcasts, I have to say the Macklin is simply the best. If you enjoy game design, do yourself a favor and listen to him. When I have the option of listening to a new Master Plan or any other show, its Master Plan. Hell, sometimes, I will throw on an older episode just refresh the concepts in my memory. He has a great personable voice, superb pacing, and has the ability to break a concept down into digestable bits unladdened with the psychobabble intended on making the host look smart found in many other shows.
Ryan Macklin's Master Plan stands as a shinning example of what a gaming podcast can accomplish, bringing episodes tightly-packed with thought-provoking information on the area of game design. Even if you are not a game designer (and if you are a Game Master who has crafted stories for your players you already are), the information presented in each episode will stimulate ideas and ways of looking at your games from different angles. Whenever this show drops, it moves to the top of my to-play list, always.
Ryan Macklin has created a highly polished, very informative podcast about roleplaying design. He is very encouraging and always wants to know "What is your Master Plan?"
Thoughtful, personal, on point, and fits into your commute time. If you want to know more about Roleplaying game design, why aren't you already listening?
This podcast is getting better with every episode. It is worth listening to, even if you are not interested in Game Design. The way that interviews are conducted and edited, plus the pure quality of the podcast make this required listening in my iPod. Mr Macklin is creating a podcast drumbeat that others should learn to march to.


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