Reviews For Airspeed

Steve has a good radio voice, but so far the podcasts I've heard are all about Steve. Even when he interviews someone else, he'll ask a question that is 3 minutes long and mostly about himself. Nevertheless it's a podcast you can listen to in the background. A big plus is no "ums", "aws", and "uhhs" which are so annoying in other podcasts. Steve is a real audio pro.
Stephen Force is a phenomenal storyteller. No one else I know is able to so completely immerse me in the moment and bring me along for the ride. Stephen continues to find more and more amazing aerial adventures, and then stuff the audience into his headset so that we can relive the adventure with him. If you have even a passing interest in aviation, Airspeed is a show you don't want to miss.
Very interesting - keep up the good work!
This is the best aviation podcast on iTunes. I love how much time and effort goes into each episode. When are you coming back to iTunes Stephen?
For a non-pilot like myself who has a passion for flying Airspeed gives a great insight into aviation.
Steve's production looks and sounds like it has a Hollywood studio backing him up. Great interviews. Great access beyond the fence.
The Airspeed podcast leads listeners deep into the world of general aviation as well as aviation in general. Airspeed is a frank and rich vantage on what it is to live the pilot lifestyle from private pilot to military aviator. Listeners have become accustomed to Steven Force's clear and exacting coverage of all things airworthy. All this is served up with engaging style and just a touch of poetic license. The Airspeed podcast is a 'must download' for any would be or umpteen hour pilot. MP Open EZ builder and future pilot
I look forward to each new podcast. It is a good show.
Steve´s Shows are always most enjoyable, educational and pure fun! Any Pilot or aviation enthusiast will have a blast to listen to this show! Lothar, SEP in Hamburg, Germany
I love that the podcast has great production values and is well written. Even more so, I love to live vicariously through Steve as brings us a wide gamut of aviation stories. From those scrumptious media rides to attending the CAP training in Indiana, there's a real feeling of being there. The interviews are always well researched so that Steve isn't asking inane questions; instead he illicits interesting answers that demonstrate his commitment to bringing something fresh to aviation world. Keep it up, Steve!
Airspeed is the type of podcast that will make you want to be a pilot if you are not a pilot, and make you want to do things that you have only dreamed about if you are a pilot. As a pilot myself, I hope to one day get my Second in command rating in a DC3. Thank you Steve Force Keep up the good work
All of the videos randomly go still halfway through the video
All I can say is listen to Fingers in the Airport Fence Entwined. I like the way you share the flying experience. Keep it up.
Steve is the man. Very informative episodes and always fun to listen to. We want more Steve!!!!!
Awesome. Period.
Most aviation podcasts are either student pilots taking you through their training or hanger flying where knowledgeable pilots and enthusiast s discuss aviation topics. Airspeed is unique in that Stephen Force is pushing the envelope on new media reporting. He has taken you through his training and has engaged in hanger flying but he has also discussed topics as far ranging as Civil Air Patrol, interviews with Astronauts and air show performers and has brought you along to Oshkosh, Sun ‘N Fun and museums. He has even thrown in some of the most inspirational poetry and outstanding music you will ever hear along the way. Oh, let's not forget his media ride with the USAF Thunderbirds. Anyone interested in aviation and aerospace should listen to this podcast. As well as anyone who wants to see where new media, such as podcasts is going. Stephen Force truly is shaping the future of podcasting and making it a legitimate form of reporting media. Steve keep up the great work Rob
Steven Force is the embodiment of aviators. After hanging up his aviation/technology lawyer hat at the end of the day, he takes us along on his adventures from flying classic planes like the Super Decathlon and the DC-3 to flying machines of the military like the T-6 Texan II and the F-16. The format of this podcast varies from scripted monologues, to inspiring poetry, to the most in depth coverage of aviation events available anywhere. Pilot or not, if you enjoy airplanes, click subscribe and come flying with Airspeed.
This is an excellent podcast. Traditional media doesn't cover aviation nearly enough and when it does, often gets it wrong. This guy knows what he's talking about 'cause he's actually doing it. An aviation George Plimpton, he walks the walk and lets us walk right there with him. And the fact that this great content comes in a podcast is all the better. My media of choice is now podcasting, and the depth of information I want and need is often only available through new media. Thankfully there are shows like Airspeed to give me my aviation fix, when I can't get it myself and when traditional media gets it wrong.
Stephen Force produces one of the most professional shows in any medium - period. Airspeed is informative and entertaining, with sharp production and excellent original music. Listeners interested in aviation will find their enthusiasm boosted by Steve's contagious energy, and those not already interested will be quickly!
U said to leave reviews, so I'm leaving one. Your podcast is very entertaining, and i've never flown a plane in my life! Keep it up. I listen all the time!
Airspeed is a great podcast with a fresh prospective on all things aviation. Well organized and produced with video segments that rally help the show "pop!"
Airspeed is the Best Aviation Podcast that I've heard. The content is great and really the most enjoyable fun podcast to listen to. It's is very professionally done and interesting. If you don't listen to aviation or any podcast listen to this one.
Using the fake name "Stephen Force" is idiotic beyond words, but often lawyers seem incabable of seeing how childish their antics truly are. Pretty good aviation podcast, "Mr. Force" is working that "DJ voice" slightly too hard, someone should tell him that "less is more". Listening to this guy is like nails on a chalkboard, but if you hang in there, there's some really good stuff here.
Thanks for sharing your aviation experience with us. You express in words what we pilots can only feel.
airspeed is the best aviation podcast in general
This is the best aviation podcast on the podsphere!
Steve is a multitalented individual that is not only a great pilot, but is an accomplished lawyer and muscian. He had the guts to produce several episodes on his training that included the good, bad and some ugly which we all realize is part of the process in becoming a pilot. His "Fingers in the Fence" episode is alone worth the time to listen to. If you are ever considering getting checked out in a DC3, Steve can tell you all about his experiences and fun times in the Herpa.
Steve does an amazing job of putting into words how great it is to be a pilot. It doesn't matter if the plane has 2 seats or 500 seats, your still a Pilot and the exhilaration of leaving the ground is the same. Steve is very articulate and has a great voice for radio that will bring a tear to your eye every now and then with his passionate monologues. A must listen in my book (iPod) and I enjoy all the voices in my head.
"Airspeed" is without doubt one of the best podcasts in the Aviation field. Stephen Force's thoughtful and entertaining episodes are filled with interviews, observations, and analysis about what it means to be a pilot... how to do it safely... and ways to make it more fun and fulfilling. If you haven't already clicked the Subscribe button, do it now.
Whether or not you are a fan of planes, flying or simply gazing into the sky and marvelling at the billiance of the the aviators soaring with the birds among the clouds, Stephen Force's pod cast is a tour de force (pun intended) that will keep you enthralled for hours whether or not you are flying in a plane or just high (pun intended. Steve, Flyboy69 is a true fan of your work.