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Better than College
I tried to listen but he’s insufferable. Just an absolute piece of garbage. Listen in if you’re interested in never getting invited to a party or getting laid again.
Rush introduced me to Levin as he previously introduce me to William F. Buckley, Jr, and while noone could literally fill Buckley's shoes, Levin is a monster. Very literate and well studied. He harvests the dreamful insanity of the left (which, being an academic, surrounds me daily) and spits it right back into their faces. I highly recommend his work, his writings are genius!
What I love about Mark and what separates him from other hosts is he’s a teacher of history, of our constitution and its origins of thought from the enlightenment. He shows how to think like a free man/woman!
"That's right, I said it!" 🎓🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love Love Love Mark Levin! I NEVER miss a show! Especially enjoy listening with earbuds as I'm mowing my front yard. Very empowering! I ALWAYS learn something, and without fail Mark Levin makes me laugh! (Those barking dogs we sometimes hear in the distance crack me up! His matter-of-fact steak requests, ditto! All the nicknames he bestows upon the insufferable left! PURE GOLD! 🤣) If you're reading this, Mr. Levin, please know- you just absolutely make my day. Thank you! God gifted this guy with a brilliant, beautiful brain paired with a kind & generous heart. Who can match The Great One's love for liberty? Who's got his passion for the constitutional purity upon which America was founded? How about his fierce devotion to Israel, and as eyewitness champion of Reagan, or his real respect for veterans, for law enforcement, and finally, it's a lovely thing, how we can share in the candid pride he holds for his parents and their legacy- you feel it, right through the air waves. I love that! God bless. Heather Klueppel 🇺🇸 KTBB listener in Tyler, TX (home of Congressman Louie Gohmert!)
I don’t understand why this guy gets so much attention? ... much better out there
He is the great one!


By Bohnzo
Learn about history, our true history as a nation and learn the Constitutional truth. I'm thankful in this day and age to have this truth spoken with conviction and heart.
This guy is great
Can you please stop pushing your book I understand it needs to get out there but you are pushing it like you need the money how about a levin surge to get 100 thousand people at the border to show we need to stop the demographic change of our country not once have you in courage people to show force at the border civic nationalism will destroy your kids and grandchildren also
I listen to this podcast regularly
Mark Levin is, in my opinion, the most important voice among citizens in our country. The way he advocates for Liberty, sovereignty, private property, and really, all inalienable rights laid out in our Bill of Rights. He breaks down current events with precision and separates fact from propaganda no matter which side of the aisle it comes from. That’s why I love Mark Levin - He’s not an ideologue - He’s a principled, consistent student and professor of Americanism, Conservatism and Constitutionalism. With such a long history and storied life full of advocacy for Liberty - Mark Levin is indispensable and irreplaceable. I highly recommend anything and everything that Mark Levin has ever done. Do yourself a favor and listen to his podcast, read his books and watch his shows. The man is a pure genius and I couldn’t imagine a life without his intellectual influence. God bless Mark Levin and the entire Levin family!
Weak ones hate the Great One! Mark’s knowledge of history, his experience in the Reagan administration, and his parents guidance makes him unequivocally the best at educating liberty!
Many, many, thanks for your wisdom. Your love and belief in God are at the center of all you do and say. Keep on “trucking”. Ann Brizzee 1150 Darlene Lane Apt. 378 Eugene, Oregon 97401 541-525-6317
I’ve followed the news almost daily for decades. I’ve literally watched, listened to and read articles from every source of news and information there is to get a complete take on all the important issues that impact our world. I’ve also fact checked many of these sources and found repeatedly and consistently that Mark Levin is the only source I can fully trust for honest and accurate news and information. Mark clearly cares about our nation and reports the truth, without the bias or spin you see with many other sources because he truly cares about our country, constitution, rights and liberties. His knowledge and experience with constitutional law and the inner workings of our government are unmatched. Each of Mark’s books have had more facts and data in them than I’ve ever seen and should be required reading in our colleges. His thorough research and complete knowledge of our country is why other journalists, or “backbenchers” as he affectionately refers to them as, listen and turn to Mark for talking points because Mark is often the first and only one who fully understands and knows what is really going on in our government. Mark was also the first to break and expose the FISA court abuses with the Russian Collusion scandal for the hoax and biggest scandal it ended up being in our country’s history that it really was. Mark had reported on this story for nearly two years before all the other journalists really understood it or even had a clue. Mark also fully educates his listeners in every show by providing a complete, in depth and comprehensive analysis of all the important issues effecting our country today and explains how this effects us and our country also. Mark doesn’t waste your time on any news that is not important, or trending, which I appreciate also. The Pulitzer Prize really belongs to Mark Levin for his outstanding excellence in journalism for breaking this Russian Collusion hoax and exposing the liberal mainstream media for the frauds they really are in my view.
I have been listening to Mark Levin for over 10 years, and I will not be stopping anytime soon!
Took Levin a while to get on the Trump Train but he’s now on board...a well rounded talker who knows his game and The Constitution...wish in a way he didn’t link up with Glenn Beck....who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw him
Love you Mark!!!
Mark “The Great One” Levin, Thank you!!! You provide the direct truth with no fluff.


By tehcid
Mark Levin is a hack! He knows nothing! And is a fascist thug!
So brilliant, honest, ethical, passionate and all around attractive Mensch! What a stimulating, interesting, humorous friend he must be to those in his life! God bless him and his beloved family. Sincerely, Claudia D Cohen NYC
Excellent podcast! Love the history lessons; I have learned more from this man than any college professor. His knowledge of the consitution is unmatched by most. This podcast is definately not for the snowflakes as he WILL NOT hold back. Oh, and his rants are epic!!!
I’ve been a long time listener, but I unsubscribed today because I am so tired of listening to him yell all the time. Also liked him more than Sean Hannity and Rush because he’s much more intelligent and doesn’t constantly repeat his opening monologue. I pretty much listen to Ben Shapiro exclusively now because he’s very level headed while he makes his points. Still giving 5 stars to Mark out of respect.
Mark always entertains and informs the listener. He concisely summarizes the Constitutional position of many of today’s major issues.


By arnth01
If you only listen to one podcast, this is the one.
By far the best, authentic, least biased news source. Warning, you need to bring some intelligence to this podcast. Mark will force you to use your noggin. He will not feed you BS and expect to take it like other news sources. You must think for yourself.
Love listening to Levin!!!
Beautiful tribute to President George H W Bush. Mark Levin radio is the best. No matter how confused I may feel about the daily news, I know that listening to Mr. Levin, will provide the clarity that I need at the end of the day. 3/25/19 Best radio, best podcast, and best host I have ever heard.
The first time I ever saw you was two years ago when you were exposing the flies of warrant discrepancies and you have changed my perspective on paying attention to what’s going on in our country and watching who’s really running the circus. Thank you for guiding me in teaching me I’m a slow learner but I’m starting to understand.
Unlike Ben Shapiro, Glenn beck, Michael medved who talk conservative yet didn’t vote for Trump. Support Levin cause the answer for America is never to let the libtards win.
Mark is very informative and intelligent. Love listening to him here in Texas! Keep it up Mr. Levin! 👍
Like Mark a lot. Do not want to offend him because it’s clear he loves his dogs. I wish he would realize that to hear what he has to say is very important to we the listeners to have to hear dogs Barking in the background is extremely distracting. Please someone give Mark a noise canceling mike!
This guy claims to be willing to debate anyone but actually debates no one. When he gets a caller that disputes his moronic theories he just hangs up on them when he gets cornered, but aside from that I find his anger about everything completely hilarious. He pushes every racist xenophobic thought you can think of under the guise that he is jewish. But you have to realize his overall scheme is telling his callers who are mainly middle class hard working people that cutting taxes on the rich will some how have a positive effect on them. His main goal is to make as much money as possible and at the same time pay as least taxes on that money. To simply summarize, he is a grifter making money from enraging his audience by spewing falsehoods. The #2 grifter on the airwaves who’s #1 life achievement was being a glorified coffee boy in the Reagan administration
Great source of info and analysis.
I am a Rush baby and now also a Levinight! It is chilling to me how knowledgeable Mark is and his work is amazing. Mark is a very well informed constitutionalist that worked in Secret Service for the Reagan admin and was also a Lawyer. His knows conservatism in and out and is very passionate. I cannot get enough!
Thank you “The great one.” For the hard work, long hours, very accurate delivery of current events with a twist of humor . Your knowledge, personality is hands down the best program out there. Thanks for being above sharp on issues of the constitution with the ability to explain in ways the listener can grasp. You work so hard even after suffering the loss of your parents your dedicated above and beyond. Words can’t express how important your daily podcast means to so many. God bless you, You’re the best!
He knows the constitution top to bottom and will do everything in his power to defend it.
Mark Levin educating people about our constitution, rights,history ,liberty ,freedom and more. A true American patriot..the best of the best. I've listened to Mark since I first heard him on the radio while working a second shift job many many years ago..I was hooked and still listen as a retiree. Mark does an excelent job of pointing out liars leakers and the faults of socialism along with the greatness of capitalism and American values. Nothing escapes his eagle eye and sharp wit. Quick to point out the phony politicians and their eroneous talking points. He can pretty much tell you what they will do ahead of time and why. If you have kids start them listening to Mark and they will learn a lot. Thank you Mr. Levin for all the great entertaining educating shows though the years. Your words will ring thru the ages long after you're gone. Scholars will be using your books to educate their students. Your contrubution to our democracy is unprecidented.
Best conservative talk show in the country! But..........holly cow we realize that Hillsdale Collage is a sponsor of the show. I’d recommend not doing so many commercials for them. If any of the listeners are like me than we all fast forward anyway and it would be a much better listening experience without having to constantly fast forwarding every 7 minutes. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
If you want to understand how things in the USA have worked since 1776, how these principles apply to 2019 and be entertained all at the same time then this podcast is for you!
Not only is he smarter than just about anyone on the planet, but he also makes me laugh. He is our indispensable leader and modern day freedom fighter.
I see from the podcast score of 4.5 stars that the Left has piled on. I've listened for I think 3 months on the podcast as I can't get his radio show. With that said, Mark is a 5 star solid. You may disagree with his views, but his information and thoughts are 100% correct on his Constitutional Knowledge! His insight is far and away top notch. Thank you, Mark, for bringing the truth to the masses!
He is incredibly entertaining and insightful. Since he was a constitutional lawyer, his insights hold a lot of weight for me. He has the background to have a knowledgeable opinion on many matters and current events. He isn’t just a pundit from off the street.
When it comes to the Constitution Mark is the voice I listen to figure out what is correct. Keep speaking and keep writing because America needs your voice and your thoughts.


By JV2023
I cannot stand Glenn beck. Mark merging with him turns me off so much I am done with marks podcast.
This podcast is actually a much needed public service message! I can’t thank Mark enough for arming me with FACTS. I wish the ignorant would listen and pass on their daily dose of progressive propaganda, they’d be shocked to learn the TRUTH!!! Thank you Mark, as a middle aged American I am learning more about history than ever.