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Great inside information
I read everything that Jim Butcher writes, and love the podcast. My problem is with the frequency. With an author who writes two major books a year (not to mention the great short stories) and a RPG that is supposed to hit the market soon, cant we get some more episodes. The Codex Alera is finished this month with sample chapters out on the web, something in the podcast would be nice. If the new podcasts were released more frequently this would be a 5 star review for sure.
I'm glad the Butcher Block is back, even if just in express format. However, I think that express should refer to the length of the shows, and perhaps the frequency, not the speed of the reading. In other words, Priscilla, light of our lives, SLOW DOWN. You sound like you've been mainlining Redbull and have your feet on fire at the same time. We'll stick around the extra minute or two if you just slow down and speak more deliberately. Watch, and listen, to a few news anchors and notice how they speak so very slowly, yet it's compelling and easy to listen to. Glad you're back, take care.
I am one of those folks who was attracted to Harry Dresden via the TV show, which is great. The TV series lead me to Jim Butcher's books which are even more addictive than the TV series. Harry comes alive in the books even more than he does on TV and his adventures in the books are so outrageous, intense and plot twisting that I can't put his books down. The two media support each other. TV introduces Harry to a wider audience and in its own right does a decent job in presenting him but the books are hard to beat. Even more than the small screen, Harry deserves the big screen and the big budgets necessary to pull off the special effects and explosions...plenty of explosions and fire! By the way, the podcasts are fun and informative. Please keep them up, especially as the series has completed its first season and White Night is in print.
Granted this podcast is aimed at all things Jim, Anyone who considers themselves a Dresden fan (Book or Show) needs to listen to this as much as possible. End of point
this great fan and friend of Jim Butcher is airing this podcast that talks about all topics of Jims work. theres a whole epsiode "all about the TV" because Jims popular seris The Dresden Files is currently on the scifi channel and Jim actually comes on explains little variations between the actual books and the tv show. its nice to know as a fan that Jim likes and approves the show. the show is Based on the Chracters, places and world of the books but the storys are new. i like this hearing this and hope more are coming!