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I watched this before it was on itunes and i can spam ppl with it which makes it even better.
I came across this film by accident. The title alone sparked my curiosity. And as I viewed the first episode I realized how clever the title actually was. I was also compelled to watch each episode in order find out more about the main character. Each episode was just the right duration, and they ended at a good point in the storyline to keep me hooked and eager for the next. Like I said above, I was Drawn in.
This film, in its episode form for the internet, is amazing. The casting is superb, the actors performances are phenominal, and there are no words to describe the ingenious use of animation and film. This is a must see!
Jesse, keep it up. This series is too sweet!
The first couple of episodes drew me in. It is beautifully shot and the stylish animation works well. I hung in until episode seven when I realized that the story was going nowhere. Every episode is the main character just being overwhelmed and depressed. This series is more about mood than story and it eventually left me bored. However, one good thing I'd like to mention is that the lead actress Marissa Parness is smoking hot!!!
there is nothing else like this on the web. not really much like it on tv or in the theaters, either. this is dark and dangerous stuff and not to be missed.
I have been following your work since episode one of Jeskid Tv and all I can say is wow. Thanks for the great, quality content.
A girl with anger issues, developed from an abusive father, and then kills her father after he killed her mother (apparently, though how she dies would have just caused a concussion.) To kill she becomes an animated character wielding a sword. Somehow the animated sword kills the person she is attacking (which from a creative standpoint is a pretty good idea) by causing interior damage. ***** stars for the drawings in the girl's sketchbook and wall. ***1/2 stars for the animation during the fights (some color and sturdier lines would inprove the animation to 5 stars) ** stars for the acting, the acting is very predictable and the way the scenes transition fail to bring the person the true emotion of the shot. **** stars for the music very good choice of music, though it seems you took it from a soundtrack. *1/2 stars for camera angles + usage +lighting. The camera angles very often draw your attention away from the main action and the lack in using a tripod or stabilizing device make it feel almost like watching a Bourne ____ fight scene (where you don’t actually see the fighting, just random camera angles of blurry walls) [again that is just a dramatization, for a home movie the camera motion is just slightly distracting] No lighting effects were added, if any they were not noticeable Over all, a sturdy 3.2 point score. Which for a home movie is very good. -comments- improve the acting deliverance and it will do extremely well. Good Job, and keep up the good work. Also, if you did an animated cartoon with the character and drawing style you had in the hardback I believe it would sell very well. Especially the animation style that you use. It’s just enough of the anime style to pull in the people that like anime cartoons, and just enough American style to bring in people that are fans of Marvell and other American cartoons. Again, very well done, please peruse this further, with a little more antagonist and a deeper storyline a straight up 5 stars. Again, please conceder making this into a 100% cartoon/anime with your animated character you developed; though you may want to tone down the adult themes a little if you make it into a cartoon. Just to make it for a bigger crowd.
I couldn't wait to watch this after reading all the rave reviews, so after watching every episode in one sitting, I can't help but feel cheated. By Episode 3, it's highly predictable: Tormented by inner (and outer) demons of a traumatic childhool, girl thinks she's a superhero and seeks karmic retaliation on random "bad guys" she encounters. Cue the cartoon sword or other weapon she suddenly yields, kills the bad guys, and walks away unscathed. Witchblade influences are all too obvious, plot and storyline are all too absent until around Episode 6 where some consistency develops and alas! Suddenly we witness her descent into insanity. She's hallucinant from the beginning, but only later do her psychological problems blatantly manifest themselves to others. The series does have a great soundtrack, and though well-produced, the cinematic direction is a little too just-got-out-of-film-school 1990s-MTV. I would recommend this for teens in group therapy who come from abusive homes, but not for anybody who appreciates a well-written storyline.
Drawn By Pain shows that there is great undiscovered talent out there. Out of all the podcasts and mini-movies I've seen on iTunes posted by people this is the best thing I've come across. The power of the internet comes thru with this show, I would watch this over 95% of the crap found on network TV. Great work guys and gals.
this is a must subscribe. the people who made this should be proud great music and acting. the graphics are sick.you can feel her emotions by watching each part!!!
this is without a doubt the worst anything i have ever seen. it took away minutes of my life that i will never be able to get back. don't waste your time watching it.
This is great. Thanks for making this available, I hope further projects are as good.
Great mix of live action and animation that keeps me wanting more. Dunno what else to say.
This series has taken me by complete surprise. I'm impressed at the level of professionalism and how the director still keeps it humble and not "hollywood". One of the most amazing things about this series is how unique it is in mixing animation and real life together in a way that isn't cheesy nor overdone. The acting in this series is amazing and the I find it hard to tear my eyes away from the main actress. I would highly highly recommend this series to those interested in something a little different and not too hollywood.
While "Drawn By Pain" definitely deserves some points for originality and high production values, it is unfortunately hampered by suffocating levels of pretension and melodrama. The show takes itself way too seriously and the its frail plot is little more than an excuse to show the main character being sad all the time. I'm sure however it will find a large fanbase in its painfully obvious target audience of self-pitying anime nerds. However, in order to be entirely fair, I must admit that the art and animation is beautiful and the show is worth a watch, if just to check out the scenes which feature it.


If 6 stars could be given, that's my rating. Outstanding effort by Jess's staff !!
after only 5 seconds i couldnt stand it I had to see more i just cant wait until the rest of the episodes to come out!!!
It was an amazing display of creativity and talent, For both the director and his Cast. I will be sure to follow close to the development of this "project". 2 THUMBS UP TO JESKID!
its the best great acting.....great everything!
Jesse Cowell's "Drawn by Pain" combines gritty, guerilla-style filmmaking with slick anime to create a very stylish, very unique and very dark take on a fairy tale adventure. A young girl named Emily and her mother are brutally abused by her father, until her active imagination gives life to her drawings and offers Emily a new, dangerous power. As she grows into an adult, she hunts evil, until she realizes she has become as tormented and twisted as her prey. The series follows her on a desperate and dangerous journey toward redemption.
So i was one of the few people that was able to see a very special screening of what was to be known as Drawn By Pain a few months ago. It impressed me then and still impresses me now with how it was filmed and he animation added into it. It by far surpasses his last work in techinical ablbity and in writing. It shows the ablity of what Jesse Cowell can do.


By JeffSon
To say that this movie is refreshingly original is something of an understatement. The creators have discovered that ever elusive formula wherein a story is not only worth watching, but worth coming back to see again and again. Notably solid acting performances and original animation blend to form a series that's going to make people stand up and take notice of independent filmmakers again. Tell your friends, too...
This is a fabulous project done by Jesse Cowell. He's ingenuity and imagination is very evident in 'Pain'. Bravo, five stars!!
It's always good to find something new to watch; something different and captivating, both story wise and visually. Jesse Cowell has done a phanominal job with this project of his and the all the hard work, as well as blood, sweat and tears he put into this has not gone unnoticed or to waste. I know I have said it before, but each time, its honestly true; you're just amazingly talented Jesse Cowell, you truly are.
thats all i really have to say, its well worth your time
I'd been highly anticipating Drawn by Pain for many months prior to the release of the first episode. Once I had seen that launch of the series, I was immediately hooked. I did not hesitate when the next episode was released, because at the end of each episode, I yearn to learn what happens next in Emily's story. Watch Drawn by Pain, you have nothing to lose now, and so much to gain.
it is one thing to have a great idea, but to be able to see it through to actuality is a much different thing. the story line is a great idea, and the actress and animation make that idea come to life. i am very impressed with what one man, all on his own, and with no studio backing, can produce. i feel this series is as high a quality product as you may find on any of the networks. definitely worth taking the time to watch.
anyone and everyone who has iTunes whould check this out! It's just geetting better and better.


The DBPseries takes a popular genere(anime) and integrates it seamlessly into the real world. The amination is great for all the right reasons. It's supposed to be from the imagination of a girl, not a CG software application. The story may take a while too tell but if you know the creator he's not the kind of guy to show all his cards at once, hence a 12 part series. Watch the first episode and you'll know who and why she is, watch the rest and find out where she's going.
This is an amazing series! I think that it could go down as one of the best independt mini series made in a long time. Good job Jeskid and keep up the excellent work, your videos and movies are most excellent.
The mix of Anime style and live action is outstanding!!
Just amazing! I can't stop telling my friends about it. This is what Hollywood needs....keep them comin' jes!
Jessie is a master at his craft and we all need to help him continue making his films! Make sure you go make a donation at his website if you can. i know i will be.
It is definetly a style I had never seen before. They way they blend animation into this is definetly something that will be new to alot of people. It's going to be great to see this series unfold and see what happens. I too was fortunate enough to see a sneak peak of the first episode. The best part is, it's goin to be in pieces, so if you dont like it, you can stop and don't have to spend anymore than you want on it, go to www.drawnbypain to check it out, it is scheduled to release Feb 28 at 9pm EST
Drawn by Pain is one of the most original concepts I've ever seen. Great storyline and lots of action. This will go big. I guarantee it
Awesome to see people enjoying it.
Thus far I have been thoroughly impressed with the high quality of Jesse Cowell's "Drawn By Pain" web series. The camerawork blows me away, the editing is tight and the performances are captivating. The story and the art it revolves around are certainly a unique and bold concept and I'm excited everytime a new episode is released. (episode 4 has been my favorite so far) Truly a fantastic effort.
Can one really ask for more? Drawn By Pain is a refreshing escape from all the reprocessed ideas that flow through Hollywood. Emily is a scarred individual who can only seem to deal with her inner demons by causing pain to those who deserve it. The animation is fresh, not cgi, but creative figures that one would expect to see in the sketchbook of a little girl. All in all, Drawn by Pain is worth a watch, and amazingly enough we're fortunate enough that it costs nothing more than a moment of one's time.
Wow. All I can say is wow. I am amazed at what Jesse Cowell has made. As far as the series has gotten, I've really gotten into it. The animations for the story are amazing, and original. I have never seen effects quiet like that before! The acting is well done... the list goes on people! It's a great story which everyone should check out. My only complaint, and it's not a big one, is that it kind of starts out a little slow for my taste, but that's just me. Even though I found it somewhat slow, I still enjoyed every second of every episode! Everyone needs to see this amazing piece of artwork that Jesse Cowell has given to the world.
This movie blew me away when I saw the first episode. It is powerfully emotional and has an amazing story and mood to it. The music really captivated me as well. I was most impressed by the overall level of quality and the effort that went into making this movie. Very well acted and animated.
I'll try and keep this short and sweet. The idea is fresh, well executed and professional. The small but amazing cast should be proud of their efforts, and I encourage ANYONE who's got five minutes to watch at least episode one - you'll be hooked.
I enjoy these at home, and now I can enjoy them on the go for FREE! High quality video and animation! I love my silly videos and movies, however I'm grateful for this quality content!!!


I am very impressed with the production value of this series. It looks amazing, sounds great, and the acting is superb. The artwork is just amazing, WATCH IT! I COMMAND YOU!
An amazingly creative concept, with a story that pulls you in quickly and doesn't let go. Definitely something that should not be missed by ANYONE.
Its a Nice Mix of Live Action and Animation, Its like a live action Comic Book. It is well worth a watch and hope to see much more in the future.
Jesse Cowell brings something new and exiteing to the world with this series. It is great to see filmmakers try something creative and different for a change. This series has really captured me and leves me wanting the next episode right away. Great job Jesse!
One of the most unique and interesting series I've seen in a long time, combining two very different and complicated styles flawlessly and hypnotically into oneanother. the story and style of teh series draws, if you will forgive the pun, the veiwer further into the stranger, psychotic, but beautiful mind of Emily waters. It's deffinetly a journy I'm willing to watch to the bitter end.
A few months ago I was treated to a private showing of the first episode of what will become a twelve-part series forming the motion picture "Drawn by Pain." I must say I was blown away by the maturity and quality that director Jesse Cowell put into the project. The level of acting and beautiful music form the grand scope this very original action/adventure story conveys and the film serves as proof that low budget doesn't have to mean low quality. The first episode will be released free of charge in the coming months and I highly recommend people check this out. It's gonna be good.