The Shulamite Podcast

Reviews For The Shulamite Podcast


I have found rich spiritual nourishment and down to earth discussions from Shulamite podcasts and teachings that have brought a clarity to the path of life. I find a distinction from many streams of Christianity that is clean and alive.
This podcast is unlike any I've ever heard. Listening to Martha and John creates a hunger for more of God. Every time I finish listening I'm drawn into deeper communion with the Holy Spirit. It is truly prophetic in the way that Revelation 19 defines it: it glorifies Jesus and leaves you wanting more of Him.
Martha & john's dialogue is clear, wise, and humble, wrought with faith and promise of all that is in the heart of our Father and Lord. It is prophetic AND grounded. You will be blessed by the hearing of these Words.
I appreciate the spiritual honesty and candor offered in each and every issue I have heard. We continually cry our for reality in our churches, here I have found an ahh home feeling. The revelations and discussions often pierce me and my heart is challenged to seek more of Jesus.
This podcast is awesome! It realy gets into detail and talks about God and his word. You should definatly get this podcast!