Head Wound

Reviews For Head Wound

I stumbled across this podcast attracted by the name and was entranced by the charming and delightful co-hosts. Immediately they were discussing Bobby Goren and L&O Criminal Intent with such passion I was hooked. I will be recommending this to other like-minded friends (i.e., curious, literate, well read, TV watchers and pathology buffs). May they repartee for many cyber cycles!
Delightful, spirited discussions with random book reviews about books that have yet to be read by those who freely admit they can, occasionally, be foggy on the details. I unfailingly enjoy Head Wound. I want more!
I heard that it kills you in seven days you after you listen to it. I think it's totally worth it, though.
Who knew that crime drama would make such a powerful medium for cultural criticism and analysis? I need my regular fix of Jed Bell's critical concoction of criminology and psychopathology, stirred with the macabre musings of Wickie Stamps. These two have such fun together — it's a pleasure to listen to them. Their playful repartee delivers just what I need: news of the bizarre and insight into the usual. For even more fun, check out episodes 8 and 9 with guest Anastasia Kayiatos. Can't wait for the next ep! If it doesn't come out soon... "It's not going to be OK."