Reviews For RetroMacCast

Recently discovered this podcast. It is well done with great info. I'm working through the entire series and loving it.
Enjoy listening to them (especially the eBay finds!). Really enjoy some of the interviews & stories of their travel to mac events too.
James and John do an awesome job on this podcast! Thanks and keep them coming.
I love the podcast the images and topics are informative and entertaining. It is a shame I can't see the images in the NEW iTunes.APP. I listen to the cast on my iPod Nano and sometimes wold like to se the pictures larger. So I play it on my MacMini. Guess what??? iTunes no longer shows mr the pictures. Keep up the good cast guys please keep the pictures in and I'll look somewhere else to view them larger!!!
They talk a lot about all things APPLE, though the podcasts focus is Macintosh. They spend a lot of time talking about non Mac computers, but they rag on members that state their favorite computers are not Macs. Its a great podcast but I don't think they realize their contradiction.


This is an awesome podcast!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!!!
I started listening to podcasts, listening to a Harry Potter one. Then I looked for photography, because I want to be a photographer. Then I started thinking there maybe some about Macintosh computers? After listening to a few others, I started listening to RetroMacCast!! James & John have a great thing going here!! I find their episodes not only informative, but very entertaining!! I'm up to episode 80 now, downloaded all of them the first night. Soon I was wanting to see these computers that they were talking about, so I decided to start my own Apple computer collection! Now I own a Mid 2007 24" iMac (My very first Mac ever!), a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, and soon an Apple IIe w/ hard drives, monitor, and Printer!! I can't put RetroMacCast down!! I work in a package pick-up/warehouse environment for most of the evening. I take RetroMacCast to work with me on my 160GB iPod Classic. RetroMacCast keeps me from being bored out of my mind from night to night. If I could only have one thing on my iPod, it would be RetroMacCast!! I was in band class from 5th grade through High School, and been a lover of music for many years before then. I would chose this podcast over my favorite piece of Classical music if I had to make that choice. I have joined James & John on their website as a member of the RetroMacCast community, and love it. If you want to learn about the history of Apple, Computing, and the Macintosh, with great commentary in between, then subscribe to RetroMacCast!! You wont be sorry that you did, I know I'm not!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
I have a tradition, which involves RetroMacCast when I'm playing around or fixing retro Macs. You guys put me in this special retro groove required to enjoy our Precious. Sometimes, it's even synchronized. For instance, when I bought my Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, I replayed Episode 2 "TAM I am". So, you were chatting out about it this amazing Mac while I was unboxing it, and setting it up. I also joined recently the Ning RetroMacCast network (your first and only member from Andorra). I found some very interesting discussions, great pics, and cool people. Maybe you should animate it a bit more to make it a real thrill. Next, my donation will come your way. Thank you very much for keeping me company during my Retro Mac Moments.
If I could understand a word they're speaking, I would really subscribe.


This is a wonderful and very entertaining podcast. Every week James and John explore eBay auctions involving retro Mac stuff, read listener emails, and discuss Macs in general. If it was possible, I'd give this podcast 6 stars.
Nicely produced, knowledgeable and full of love. ( 8^D
Keep up the good work guys!!!
Great radio show! A couple of old school mac fans who are genuinely in love with their hobby of collecting obsolete apple hardware. There's alot of knowledge to be gained by listening to these guys, and their guests who they interview from time to time!
great show guys. just ound you guys today and already fell in love. keep up the great work
I have really enjoyed these podcasts. If you like old Mac's you will be a fan. These two guys do a great job. They have been having trouble with the audio for the last several shows, but don't let that get in the way of the content. I am sure they will have that resolved very soon. The earlier shows audio is great.
fabulous source for retromac info and the format
If you're old enough to remember monochrome screens, command line, and booting from a floppy, try this podcast. If you're fed up with the elitist attitudes of TWits, engadgets, diggs, and the rest of the Tech TV rejects - try this podcast. If you just want a nostalgic half hour with two down to earth guys who clearly love their hobby - try this podcast. As a broadcaster with nearly 30 years in the business, I appreciate quaiity writing, careful preparation, eloquence, and production values. Retro MacCast brings all four to the table. Even though I'm not a rabid collector of vintage Macs, this is the podcast I look forward to every week!
WOW!, if you love ol- excuse me RETRO macs then you will LOVE this podcast. They have very intresting topics all the time and it is just AWESOME!!!!
This and Retrobits are the 2 best computer history shows.
wow... I totally forgot how much I loved macs until I stumbled upon this podcast. James and John are very pleasant and incredibly knowledgeable. Great news, mac history, ebay finds, and company... If you ever owned a mac, you will appreciate this podcast...
Very entertaining and informative podcast for all vintage Apple Mac fans. There are many Apple related podcasts out there, but this is one of the best. Keep up the good work John and James... thanks again --> kevin from connecticut
Excellent podcast on older Macs. James and John never cease to amaze with their arcane knowledge of Apple products and trivia.
I am eagerly listening my way from the start of the RetroMacCast to the current RetroMacCast podcasts and it is great! Since the RetroMacCast is about retro Macs it rarely contains outdated material like other computing podcasts. The moderators are true Mac geeks and their enthusiasm and expertise shines through in every episode. A great podcast on an equally great subject. Thanks to James and John and all their guests for a fantastic way to find out more of the interesting history around the people and computers who 'Think Different' like we do! Mike Pettengill Animation Professional


SIMPLY THE BEST! Very Interesting and helpful..Thanks:)
This is a great podcast. Very interesting an informative on both the history of Apple and their computers. Keep it up!
An awesome podcast that covers info on classic macs and naything related to Macintosh. I listen every week, and you should too.
If you like Macintosh Folklore Radio, you will love this podcast. If you have never heard of Macintosh Folklore Radio, be sure to check it out.
If you own an old Mac.. This will be great for you.
Because of James and John I have (happily) lost an entire room in my house to vintage Macs! Listening to their podcast started it all: I brought my old SE up from the basement after many years in storage - and after hearing that startup chime I was hooked! Sure, I love my modern Mac, but the old Macs are are a pretty special part of the Apple story. James and John tell the story very well. Give them a listen!
This podcast is great. It brings me back to those first experiences I had with the Mac, as well as the Apple II. It makes me wish I had kept all of my old machines. Great tips on how to start your own retro mac collection. I'm glad I found it.
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this weekly podcast. As a retro Macintosh LC/68k enthusiast I constantly learn new things. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there that enjoys playing with retro Macs.
If you are a fan of Apple Computer history or Macs in general, this podcast is a must download. In the two years I've been listening to podcasts, I think this is the best podcast I've ever come across. It provides the perfect model for this medium in terms of presentation, content and technology. This podcast isn't too lengthy, is entertaining -- especially if you're fond of Macs -- and utilizes technologies such as bookmarks and embedded images (which are great when you want to see what the hosts are talking about).
These guys give me the warm retro Mac fuzzies. They give lots of information on Macs of the past. I will be adding to my retro mac collection after listening to this podcast.
Let me be the first to reassure James and John that there are many long time Mac users that are interested in thinking about, talking about and looking at Macs and the history of retro Macs (I think the pictures that accompany the audio on a video ipod are fantastic). I look forward to each new podcast (5 stars).
These guys are knowledgable and fun to listen to.
If your a fan of old mac's you owe it to yourself to grab everyone of these. That in turn makes you want to buy every vintage apple they talk about, which makes you want to listen to it more. Its a vicious cycle :)
I would love this podcast just based on the subject matter, but as the hosts gain more experience and technical bugs get worked out it's continuing to improve. Most guest speakers please!
As other listeners have mentioned, this is a great show for anyone who's fascinated with 'antique' Apple products. Having grown up with Apple II's and early Macs, this show is really bringing back the memories, along with providing a lot of really useful information. Well worth subscribing too! :-)
Great show guys! First listened to it yesterday, really awesome stuff. I've learned a ton... you even inspired me to buy a MacTV! Thanks. -Ted
I love your podcast, especially the enhanced features. I have listened to every single of your podcasts so far and love it. It is very good for people to brush up on there Apple history and for me to learn all about it. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I do! Keep up the good work!!!
If you, like me, are into vintage Macs and old Mac accessories, I highly recommend this excellent podcast. The two hosts, James and John, are both very knowlegable about Macs from the past, as well as general Apple Inc. history, and I find their discussions to be informational and fun. The general format of the podcast works very well. J & J begin with the retro Mac pick of the day, then move to eBay Mac related items of interest, and finally a discussion of current Apple news. eBay Mac collectors will surely love this podcast, but I think other Mac folk will find interest in the Apple history content and current Apple news discussion.
I sat next to James on the flight out to MacWorld 2007. I have enjoyed listening to the podcast and have learned a lot about vintage Macs.
Ok, I'm a little biased, but I had to post one comment to start the ball rolling. We work hard each week, but we have a lot of fun doing it. I hope you have fun listening to a couple of old Mac guys talk about our out-of-control hobby.