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How to describe the glory of Raptor Quest? It will be difficult, but here goes...Imagine if Bill and Ted were both named Bill, and instead of their movie being about time travel, it was about making a movie, and instead of our heroes simply starring in this movie about making a movie (about a dinosaur), they opted to shoot it themselves, in character. Sound absurd? Confusing? Fascinating? Brilliant, maybe? All of the above? Check it out and decide for yourself. (note...start from Blog 1 and watch them in order or you may get lost).
Every moment in the Raptor Quest Production Blogs is carefully constructed to come off like an absolute mess. The pacing is frenetically fast, so you might have to watch each episode a few times to catch all the jokes (not that you won't want to). Truly original in its execution, this series might be the smartest "dumb" comedy on the internet.
...can't wait to see the feature film. It's the ultimate journey, one that I hope has a raptor at the end (and, along the way, at key moments.)
Bill & Bill keep the laughs pouring in, everytime they let us see a new behind the scenes look at their movie "Raptor Quest"
This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. PURE BRILLIANCE!!!!