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Ive been a fan for almost a year, and i just want to say "keep being awsome"! Also have more guest like Link and Luna.
Keep up the good work you guys! I enjoy listening to you (especially Locke).
I just recently discovered this podcast and I must admit, love i! (a lot!). They may not give the best reviews (usually they go from reviews to rants about their favorite moments in the game) like for example, Call of Duty 4, they started off talking about the single player but didn't go into too much detail and barely explained the multiplayer. Instead, they went on a rant (but hey, they wouldn't be called Gamer's rant for nothing right?) Although they could use some work on the review side of things, they're still entertaining and for that, I demand that you subcribe and download their podcast this instant! (and be entertained.)
I love this podcast! I am going to tell my friends to listen to it!


By Zylo
Well im not one to toot my own horn but hey I think were at the least a 4 star come on randomness, reviews sound know you love it.