Reviews For MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen Evans Video Podcast

this podcast is exactly what i was looking for!
Great Bible resource for a happy and enduring family life!
Awesome .Every topic addresses most ALL the problems married couples have and gives spirit filled solutions that do work. May God continue to Bless and Strengthen you both so that you can continue to promote His values and intent regarding this covenant.
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This video has been such an encouragement to me as I fight for marriage. Incredibly validating information.
I happen to stumble on these videos and I thank God for leading me to their ministry.I recently got engaged and me and my fiancé have seen so many changes that is making our relationship better. alot of married couples find out during the marriage that their relationship has issues.but with these videos they are saving us alot of troubles.we are getting closer and closer due to this ministry.thanks (if your reading this support them)
Hands down the best biblical teachings on Marriage I've ever watched.
I have only been married a little over a year. Having a sound teaching like this us such a blessing! I didn't have the best examples growing up of how to be a good wife but watching this ministry has taught me the tools I need to do my part in my marriage. I work as a legal secretary for a divorce firm, and I see the devastation divorce does to people. If u are thinking of divorce don't! It's too expensive! Keep the covenant promise and listen to the podcasts!
A number of marriage sites are geared to women. Jimmy and Karen Evans speak to both parties in the marriage in a clear pratical manner. They are very open about their marriage struggles and how they work through them. Marriage Today's online teaching taught me enough to get a better nderstanding of my role in marriage and how to relate to my wife. They were a huge blessing in saving my marriage. Now I retweet all of their Twitter messages to everyone. Please keep up the excellent work.
We have been watching Jimmy and Karen for years. My wife and I are coming up on our 15th anniversary. Up to the time we started watching the Evans, this 2nd marriage for both of us was heading for divorce after the 2nd year. We tried outside help and counseling, even Pastoral, but we still had serious problems. I think it was approx 5 or 6 years ago we started watching the Evans and with their weekly show, we can say going into our 15th anniversary, this is one of the best marriages in the country. We could not be happier. As Jimmy says "average counseling today is approx $100.00 per hour". We then, we our the Evans and their Ministry thousands of $$$. Our entire family always learns something new each show even if it is a repeat. We are Rock Solid Members and receive the CD's each month which is like having a family counselor at home 24/7. Now it is going to DVD/CD. Thank you Jimmy and Karen for making our marriage what it is today. Thank you for your Ministry and we hope everyone single or married are watching your show weekly. Bless both of your on your 33rd (?) anniversary. Thank you for sharing both of your daily lives from when you first met and the struggles you went through. Sorry for the long email but I hope ITunes will post it as this meens so much to us. Hopefully someday we can meet you at one of your semonairs of Southern California. We live 30 minutes from Jack Hayford's Minisrty and know your were here awhile back. Thank you again, Steve and Candace Pritikin of Simi Valley, CA
I first caught the show by accident and was so impressed that I hunted in down on the net. All the podcasts are great. The advice is very practical and even more than that IT WORKS. Great for anyone who really want to make a better marriage or save the one they're in. Just remember that the advice given is like medicine, it only works if you take it! ... it doesn't always taste good, but in the end you will have a healthy marriage, and you'll feel a lot better TOO.
Jimmy and Karen talk about their own mistakes, their own joys and teach from their experience as a married couple. They give practical advice and it's always Biblical. They are easy to listen to and they're not CHEESY. If you have a great marriage...listen to this b/c it will get better. If your marriage needs help then listen to this b/c it will get better. You can watch any of their shows by visiting their website at My wife and I watch them all the time.
You have given me so much hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you for what you are doing. p.s.- I am so glad that I found you.